Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 106

Jiang Yan and Feng Yunhui were not on good terms when they were young, at this time it was not easy to catch a chance to mock the other party and immediately snorted:

  "Hehe, Feng Yunhui your daughter is in such a hurry to find a man, is she worried about not being able to get married?!"

  Feng Yunhui didn't fall behind in her needling:

  "My daughter that is attractive! It's not like you, who can't give birth to your own daughter, but can only adopt a daughter! Unfortunately, adopted daughters are no good either!"

  "You ......" Jiang Yan was so angry that her face turned blue, "My daughter will soon be matched with Mr. Yang of Yang Group! Your daughter is afraid she'll just have to find a random smelly hangman!"

  Feng Yunhui hugged her arms and smiled smugly, "Oh, I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint you! My daughter has found a golden son-in-law with a super background!"

  "Super ...... super background?"

  Upon hearing this, Jiang Yan's temper instantly dropped.

  Seeing his wife losing the battle, Wen Quansheng quickly came out to round off the situation:

  "The daughters of our two families are good friends, you two as mothers also get along better ......"

  Jiang Yan skimmed her mouth and said resentfully, "Hmph, I would like to see how much background the golden son-in-law she said can have! Don't think it's a bullsh*t blown for the sake of puffing up your face!"

  Although Wen Guangyi and Wen Kangsheng and the others didn't say anything, they all had a disdainful look on their faces.

  In their hearts, a woman who had been withdrawn from her marriage, no matter what, would definitely not be able to find a better man than the Wei family's great young man!

  Right at this moment, the door to the banquet hall was slowly pushed open, and Ning Tian Lang and Gu Ning Yu walked in side by side.

  Feng Yunhui hurriedly jogged over and pulled Ning Tianlang in front of the crowd, showing off, "Look, this is my son-in-law!"

  The others were unsure, while the Wen family all had strange expressions on their faces.

  "Hahahahaha ......"

  Finally, Wen Kangsheng was the first one who couldn't help but burst out laughing.

  He pointed at Ning Tianlang and said to Feng Yunhui, "He...... he the golden son-in-law with a super powerful background you said?!"

  Wen Guangyi also couldn't help but say, "Gu Family Master, you're not being tricked by someone making a game of it, are you?"

  Gu Xingguo and Feng Yunhui both looked puzzled, "What do you guys mean by that?"

  "Hahahahaha, laughing my ass off ......," Jiang Yan laughed her ass off.

  "Feng Yunhui, aren't you usually quite shrewd? How come you're still being tricked into slipping around by this little yakuza who eats soft rice?!"

  "A soft eater?" Gu Xingguo and Feng Yunhui exchanged a glance, "Jiang Yan, you know him?"

  Jiang Yan laughed two more times with intent before she said to Feng Yunhui:

  "He's a little white boy who relies on women! He's been pestering our family Ru Yun before, and now it seems that he's eyeing Gu Ningyu again!" Upon hearing this, Feng Yunhui's heart trembled as she turned around and asked Gu Ningyu in a low voice: "What's going on here?"

  "Mom, don't listen to her nonsense, Tian Lang and Ru Yun are siblings from an orphanage, it's not at all some soft eating relationship as she said!"

  Feng Yunhui was just about to ask again when Gu Xingguo suppressed his voice and chided:

  "How can you listen to that Jiang's nonsense? Didn't you see everything with your own eyes yesterday?!"

  Only after hearing Gu Xingguo's words did Feng Yunhui snap out of it!


  Yesterday, Shangguan Daoshao personally came to deliver the invitation, and then the military gave Gu Tianyu a big demerit, all of these were Ning Tianlang's handiwork!

  What did she have to suspect?

  Feng Yunhui angrily blanked Jiang Yan, ''Damn! Surname Jiang you are simply too sinister! How dare you make up falsehoods to alienate me from my son-in-law! I almost fell for your poisonous plan!"

  "Feng Yunhui, you're not going senile, are you? I've already told you that this kid is a soft eating piece of trash and you're still defending him?"

  Jiang Yan gave Ning Tianlang a thumbs up with a derisive look on her face.

  "What kind of mesmerizing soup did you pour into Feng Yunhui, that you were able to make her believe in you so wholeheartedly?"

  The surrounding crowd couldn't help but whisper as they listened to their conversation:

  "What kind of person is this brat in the end?"

  "Didn't the Second Lady of the Wen Family say it all! This is a soft eating little white boy who tricked the Gu family!"

  "Now the Gu family can't save face, they know they've been duped, but they can only stick their necks out!"

  "Alas, the Gu family's daughter is also quite pitiful, having just been withdrawn from marriage by the Shangguan family, and then being played by a little white boy ......"

  Listening to the crowd's comments, Gu Xingguo was so angry that his face was blue!

  He coldly rebuked Jiang Yan, "Surname Jiang! If you dare to spread rumors about my son-in-law again, do you believe I'll skin you!"

  "Hey how are you talking to our Wen family?!"

  Wen Kangsheng stepped forward and stopped in front of Jiang Yan.

  Although he usually didn't deal with Wen Quansheng's family, when it came to being unanimous, he could distinguish between close and distant relatives.

  Wen Quansheng pointed at Ning Tianlang and sneered:

  "Family Master Gu, we kindly told you the true face of this brat, and you're still mad at us? It's really a damn dog biting Lü Dongbin and not knowing what's good for you!"

  "Wen Kangsheng!" Gu Xingguo was so angry that his temples were bulging.

  "Don't think that just because you've climbed in-laws with the Wei family, you can clamor in front of me! I'll tell you! He Wei Yingzhou can't even compare to my son-in-law's toes!"


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