Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 107

"Hahahahaha ......"

  This statement immediately drew a burst of laughter.

  Everyone was looking at Gu Xingguo like a monkey, thinking that he was a dog jumping over the wall and starting to talk nonsense.

  Wen Kangsheng also laughed so hard that he couldn't catch his breath, "Hahahahaha...... you say that the Wei family's great young man is no match for a little white boy? You're out of your fucking mind!"

  Wei Yingzhou also had a look of utter contempt and snorted coldly:

  "Family Master Gu, I advise you to watch what you say! For you to even compare me with this orphan is simply an insult to this young master!"

  "That's right, how can you compare Young Master Wei with this brat, Family Master Gu?"

  Yuan Wenyao, the head of the Yuan family, hurriedly helped out from the side, "Young Master Wei he is a true pride of the heavens!"

  "Yuan Wenyao why are you jumping the gun so much?" Gu Xingguo gave him a cold look.

  "This is a matter between our Wen and Gu families, what does it have to do with you? It's hard to believe that you also want to marry your daughter to Mr. Wei!"

  "You ...... "Being nailed by Gu Xingguo's sentence, Yuan Wenyao's face changed again and again.

  "Surname Gu you don't spill blood! Brother Kang Sheng is still here! How could I possibly steal my son-in-law from him?!"

  Wen Kangsheng stepped forward and reached out to point at Gu Xingguo's nose:

  "Gu family head, I know you're not comfortable with your daughter being withdrawn from the Shangguan family, but don't go around fucking touching things!

  My son-in-law isn't the same as that little white boy, he'll be joining the Kunlun Group soon!"

  "Heh heh heh ......" Gu Xingguo laughed coldly twice, "Join the Kunlun Group? Then what benefits has he brought to your Wen family?"

  Feng Yunhui immediately chimed in smugly:

  "That's right, who knows if he'll go to Kunlun Group to work as a security guard or a janitor! Besides! Can he get you guys an invitation to the bidding conference the day after tomorrow?!"

  "Invitation ...... invitation?" Wen Kangsheng's expression stiffened

  "There are only a dozen or so families in the whole of Qing'an City that have gotten an invitation from the Kunlun Group, where are we second-rate families ......"

  People from other surrounding families also spoke out:

  "Yes, Kunlun Group's invitation is not a cabbage, how can we just say we can get it?"

  "All the big families in the entire West Phoenix Province are scrambling for it, so how can it be the turn of a small family like ours?"

  "That's right, Family Master Gu, you're simply making things difficult! Even if Young Master Wei is no matter how powerful he is, he can't do it!"

  Wen Guangyi's face was a bit untenable, and he hurriedly spoke out, "Although our Wen Family doesn't have this qualification, the Wei Family has gotten two of them!"

  "That's right!" Wei Yingzhou raised his chin in scorn.

  "At the very least, our Wei Family has gotten two more! May I ask Family Master Gu, I'm afraid you guys don't even know what the invitations look like?!"

  "Hahaha how could they possibly have seen something so sacred?" Wen Kangsheng laughed triumphantly, "I guess they will never have that honor to see it in their lifetime ......"

  His words had yet to fall!






  Gu Xingguo then took out five invitations from the inner pocket of his suit and smashed them hard on the faces of Wen Guangyi, Wen Kangsheng, Wei Yingzhou, Wen Quansheng and Jiang Yan in turn!

  "Open your dog eyes wide and look clearly! This! Is it an invitation from the Kunlun Group!!!"

  Gu Xingguo's voice was impassioned and high-pitched, and it traveled into the ears of everyone present!

  A wave of sound erupted throughout the room!

  "What? The Gu family got the invitation? Impossible!"

  "My goodness, the Gu Family is really going to leap over the Dragon Gate this time!"

  "Why can't I believe it? This can't be a forgery that they've created themselves, can it?"

  "Oh, it doesn't look real to me either! If Mr. Wei really finds out that it's a fake, then the Gu family will be in deep shit!"

  In the crowd's murmur, Wen Guangyi looked at Wei Yingzhou with a complicated expression, "Grandson-in-law, do you think ...... this is real?"

  Before Wei Yingzhou had a chance to speak, Jiang Yan pointedly said:

  "How can it be true! Their Gu Family isn't as big as our Wen Family's plate, so what makes them able to get a real invitation? This is definitely all fake!"

  Wen Kangsheng touched the gilded handwriting on the invitation, his hand felt as if he was caressing real gold, noble and silky smooth.

  He was a little apprehensive in his heart, to say that it is a fake, this has not been done too realistically ......

  "Good son-in-law, this must be a fake, right?"

  Wen Kangsheng asked with a trembling voice.

  Wei Yingzhou's face was unsightly to the extreme as he held the invitation and flipped it over and over, checking it back and forth.

  His pupils shook violently as if a twelve magnitude earthquake had occurred!

  He had seen the two invitations from the Wei Family, and they were clearly identical to the one in his hands at this moment!

  There was no difference whatsoever!

  Then that meant - the Gu Family's invitation was the real deal!

  "How is this ...... possible ......?"

  Wei Yingzhou's face turned blue!

  He couldn't figure out how a mere second-rate family could get five invitations!

  And their hallowed Wei Family only managed to get two after squeezing their heads together!

  This is simply unimaginable!

  Looking at Wei Yingzhou's face filled with an expression like he had eaten a dead fly, Wen Guangyi's heart inexplicably trembled:

  "Grandson-in-law, what's wrong with you? Can't it be ...... that this invitation is real???"


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