Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 108

Wei Yingzhou's face was gloomy as he said, "It's ...... true ......"


  The moment these words came out, the entire room exploded!

  Everyone's jaws dropped to the ground in shock!

  These five invitations that the Gu family had taken out were actually all real!

  The crowd looked at me and I looked at you, all shocked beyond words!

  Stomp, stomp, stomp ......

  Wen Guangyi was struck by lightning and took several steps back, his voice hoarse, ''Really, really? This invitation is actually real?!"

  "It is ......"

  Wei Yingzhou didn't want to admit it ten thousand times!

  But the facts were here, and even if he flatly denied it, it was useless!

  When the Gu family went to the bidding conference the day after tomorrow, everything would be revealed!

  By then it would be even more humiliating to be slapped in the face!

  "What ...... is surprisingly all true ......"

  Wen Kangsheng only felt that his eyes were blurry and the sky was spinning in front of him!

  Holding the invitation in both hands, he looked at Gu Xingguo with a gray face, "Gu, Gu Family Master, how did you do it?"

  Looking at the shocked and envious gazes of the surrounding crowd, and then at the shit-eating expressions of the Wen family, Gu Xingguo was so unrestrained that he almost wanted to let out a loud laugh!

  He pointed at Ning Tianlang and said in a loud voice, "These five invitations were all given to me by my son-in-law!"


  As the words fell, the entire banquet hall was in an uproar!

  The people present!

  There was one that counted!

  All of them set off huge waves in their hearts!

  Feng Yunhui looked provocatively at Jiang Yan and said smugly:

  "Surname Jiang, didn't you say that my son-in-law is a soft eater? Really blinded your dog's eyes!"

  Jiang Yan had been completely dumbfounded!

  The muscles on her face kept twitching, "This ...... this shouldn't be ...... isn't he an orphan, how could he be so capable?!"

  The thoughts of the Wen family's crowd were all the same as hers!

  No matter what, they couldn't figure out what was going on!

  Wen Guangyi's wrinkled face went pale as he said to Ning Tianlang in a trembling voice, "This ...... these invitations are really all from you to the Gu family?"

  "That's right." Ning Tian Lang didn't deny it either, and said indifferently, "Just casually gave five of them."

  Casually gave five?


  Looking at Ning Tianlang's bland expression, Wen Kangsheng only felt his hands and feet go limp!


  The wine cup in his hand fell to the ground and shattered!

  The crowd next to him were all shocked and dumbfounded-

  "Crap, five invitations in one go? This person's background must be heavenly, right?"

  "Didn't Feng Yunhui say just now that she found a golden son-in-law with a superb background! Looks like she's not bluffing!" "Tsk tsk, this Gu family is really blessed by misfortune!"

  At this time, someone suddenly whispered:

  "Hey, right, I just heard Jiang Yan say that it seems like this guy used to be with Wen Ruyun, and let her kick him out before he went to the Gu family!"

  As soon as these words came out, all eyes immediately turned to Jiang Yan and Wen Quansheng.

  Jiang Yan was going crazy with regret!

  Repentantly bawling at the top of her voice!

  It wasn't until her voice was muffled from crying that she looked pleadingly at Ning Tianlang:

  "Didn't you say you were Ru Yun's boyfriend at the Wen family banquet earlier?"

  "It's my fault, everything is my fault! Please don't leave Ru Yun, okay?"

  Her intestines were now green with remorse!

  She hated that she couldn't travel back to the day of the family banquet and punch herself hard to wake up!

  Such a fast son-in-law was standing right in front of her, and she was still trying to flatter Young Master Yang!

  Isn't this taking off your pants and farting?

  Jiang Yan glared fiercely at the dumbfounded Wen Quansheng and hissed a curse:

  "It's all you! It's all your fault! You had to go looking for your old classmate, Mr. Yang! Now it's all over! Everything's gone!"

  After saying that, she spitefully pulled Wen Ruyun and pinched her white tender arm:

  "You're a dead girl, how can you be so cheap! You can't even hold on to a good man! You're dead!"

  Wen Ruyun sucked in cold air from the pain, her eyes brimming with tears.

  Seeing Jiang Yan bullying her big sister again, a cold light splashed in Ning Tian Lang's eyes!

  He stepped forward and violently pushed Jiang Yan to stumble, his voice icy cold, "Try touching her again!"

  Seeing this, Jiang Yan was first stunned, then rejoiced:

  "Aiya, I knew you still have feelings for Ru Yun! If you're willing to stay with her, how could I ever think of touching a single hair on her head!"

  Ning Tianlang ignored Jiang Yan and instead pulled Wen Ruyun's arm, saying heartily, "Big sister, are you alright?"

  "I'm fine." Wen Ruyun shook her head, her red lips slightly open, "Tian Lang, you and Ning Yu ......"

  She just wanted to ask Ning Tianlang if he was really with Gu Ningyu, but suddenly realized that the occasion wasn't right, and swallowed back her words as they came out of her mouth.

  Looking at the two of them, Feng Yunhui's hair blew up!

  She rushed forward like crazy, as if she wanted to fight with Jiang Yan, hissing:

  "Surname Jiang! Do you still have to have a fucking face! How dare you rob my son-in-law in front of me?!"

  "Which one of your eyes saw me rob your son-in-law! He came here on his own!" Jiang Yan shouted in a loud voice, not giving an inch.

  "He and our Ru Yun are a match made in heaven! Gu Ningyu is a shameless mistress!"


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