Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 109

Feng Yunhui was so angry that she was trembling, and she lunged at Jiang Yan's body with her teeth and claws open!

  For a while, the two women actually wrestled together in full view of the public!

  "What a shame! What a disgrace!"

  As he watched them fight over his son-in-law, Wen Guangyi was so angry that his face turned blue as he angrily roared, "Stop it, all of you!"

  Wen Kangsheng and Wen Quansheng glanced at each other and hurriedly went forward to pull the fighting duo apart.

  At this moment, the two women were both cloaked in hair, with scratches on their faces, their appearance was in a sorry state!

  Feng Yunhui gasped for air and said to Ning Tianlang, "Good son-in-law, quickly come back, don't stand with the Wen family's gang of pestilence!"

  Upon hearing this, Jiang Yan directly sat on the ground with a "plop" and hugged Ning Tian Lang's thigh:

  "Gu Ningyu is just a second-hand product who got bounced out of her marriage! You'd better stay with our Ruyun, please ......."

  Gu Ningyu and Wen Ruyun's faces were both ugly.

  They were clearly the best of girlfriends, while the mother of the two had broken her head over a man.

  How would this make them get along in the future?

  Wen Ru Yun spoke out, "Mom, Tian Lang is my brother, don't be like this."

  Gu Ningyu also said to Feng Yunhui, "Mom, the relationship between me and him is also, and hasn't reached that level ......"

  "Shut up! What do you guys know!"

  Jiang Yan and Feng Yunhui roared shrilly in unison!

  Too lazy to watch these two shrews spilling their guts, Ning Tian Lang's face was ice cold as he kicked away Jiang Yan who was hugging his thighs.

  With his left hand wrapping around Wen Ruyun's slender waist and his right hand pulling up Gu Ningyu's small hand, he said in a deep voice, "Let them make a scene, let's go!"

  After saying that, he directly embraced the left and right and left with the two stunningly beautiful women!

  Jiang Yan: "......"

  Feng Yunhui: "......"

  Crowd: "......"

  For a time, the entire banquet hall of the New Rao Hotel was plunged into a death-like silence.

  The crowd looked at each other with complex and varied expressions-

  Some people opened their mouths wide in disbelief.

  Some people's eyes were red with envy.

  Some people lamented this fragrant flush.

  Some people adoringly marveled, this is a real man!!!! Wei Yingzhou, on the other hand, changed his face again and again, acting out all of these several emotions!

  This should have been treated only by his Wei family's great young man!

  But on the contrary, it was that damn orphan who stole all the limelight!

  He was so full of envy and jealousy that he was almost ready to burst out!

  Seeing that Ning Tianlang had taken away both Wen Ruyun and Gu Ningyu, Gu Xingguo's face changed slightly as he arched his hand towards the crowd:

  "Sorry everyone, Mister Gu has something to go first!"

  After saying that, he hurriedly chased after them together with Feng Yunhui.

  Wen Quansheng was unsure in his heart, and said to Jiang Yan: "Should we follow them out to take a look as well?"

  "What are we looking at?" Jiang Yan held her shoulders and glanced at her mouth, "It depends on who's deeper, Ru Yun or Gu Ningyu! It's useless even if he, Gu Xingguo, catches up!"

  At this time, Wen Kang Sheng sourly said to Wen Quan Sheng:

  "Elder two, if Ruyun can really snatch that man from Gu Ningyu, your family will turn the corner!"

  The surrounding crowd also exclaimed, "The Wen family is truly blessed with outstanding people! The son-in-laws are all more powerful than one another!"

  Hearing this, both Wen Quansheng and Jiang Yan were overjoyed.

  Only Wei Yingzhou's face was ugly as he said:

  "As the Wei family's youngest, I've never heard of such a person in Qing'an City! Besides, didn't he come from an orphanage? How could he be so capable?"

  Hearing this, Wen Kangsheng's eyes immediately lit up, "Xian son-in-law, do you mean ...... that those invitations are not actually from that Ning?"

  He didn't want Ning Tianlang to really have such great magical powers!

  Otherwise, in case Wen Ruyun really married the other party in the future, then Wen Quansheng's family wouldn't be able to climb over his head to shit and piss?

  Wei Yingzhou nodded:

  "Everyone knows that Shangguan Qing beat up Gu Ningyu live on air that day, and that Young Master Shangguan is the general manager of the Kunlun Group.

  I'm guessing that those invitations might be the compensation that the Shangguan family gave to the Gu family!"

  Everyone's faces dawned on them when these words came out!

  "I told you, he's an orphan from an orphanage, how did he turn into a mysterious big brother in the blink of an eye!" Wen Kangsheng sneered.

  "Dare I say that Gu Xingguo has deliberately fabricated a fake golden son-in-law in order to save face!!!"


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