Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 110

Yuan Bingrui came over to Wei Yingzhou's side and daintily said, "I've long seen that man is a poor hangman, how can he compare to you, Mr. Wei, who is so wise and smart?"

  Yuan Wenyao hurriedly agreed, "That's right! That Gu Xingguo was afraid that people would talk about the Gu family's withdrawal, so he pretended to have found another golden son-in-law! In fact, it's simply a sham!"

  The crowd nodded their heads, this statement was much more believable than Gu Xingguo's statement just now!

  Before Wen Quansheng and Jiang Yan had a chance to enjoy the crowd's boasting, their smiles directly froze on their faces.

  They wanted to argue, but they simply couldn't produce any evidence.

  One was an orphan from an orphanage, and the other was the Wei family's youngest son.

  It was clear to everyone who's words were more trustworthy!

  For a while, the faces of the two of them changed color, it was worse than eating stinky shit!

  "Second uncle you guys don't need to be angry." Wei Yingzhou sneered twice.

  "I will definitely find an opportunity to properly humiliate him, to get out of this bad anger today! I'll make him say that those invitations have nothing to do with him!"

  Upon hearing this, Wen Kangsheng hurriedly asked, "What are you going to do, son-in-law? How can you prove that he didn't get those invitations?"

  "It's very simple, I know several of my fellow colleagues who applied for jobs with me at the Kunlun Group, so I'll invite them to get together tomorrow, and call that one surnamed Ning as well!"

  Wei Yingzhou's gaze flashed with a hint of gloom and doom.

  "Those people will all be middle management of the Kunlun Group after they join the company, and at that time, even if that Ning grew a hundred guts, he wouldn't dare to continue pretending to be a bully in front of so many people from the Kunlun Group!"

  "Aiya, good son-in-law this plan of yours is simply too good!" Wen Kangsheng excitedly patted his thigh.

  "When he admits that all those invitations have nothing to do with him, you must record the whole thing! I'll make sure to smash Gu Xingguo's old face to smithereens!"

  Watching their son-in-law duo look at each other with a grim smile, the crowd couldn't help but say in their hearts:

  "This Da Shao Wei is really good at this! He doesn't know anyone within the Kunlun Group, so he just changed his tactics to start with the applicants! If that Ning Tianlang was really a loser, he would definitely be scared into confessing on the spot!"

  Meanwhile, Wen Ruyun's car.

  Ning Tianlang was sitting in the co-pilot, and Gu Ningyu was sitting in the backseat.

  The atmosphere was a little awkward for a moment.

  "That ...... Ru Yun, nothing happened between Tian Lang and I. ...... He was just accompanying me to act and pretend to be a couple to fool my parents." Gu Ningyu hung up Feng Yunhui's hyped up phone call while opening her mouth to explain.

  Wen Ru Yun glanced at her reddened face in the rearview mirror and smiled, "If you two are really together, it's actually quite good."

  Hearing this, Gu Ningyu blushed again in shame.

  "Then I'll have booked eight wives!" Ning Tianlang hemmed and hawed, "People Wei Xiaobao only has seven wives, I'm even more gifted than him!"


  Wen Ruyun and Gu Ningyu chirped at the same time, and the atmosphere in the car instantly lightened up a lot.

  Right at this moment, Wen Ru Yun's cell phone rang.

  She frowned slightly and connected the Bluetooth phone in the car.

  Instantly, Wei Yingzhou's arrogant voice came from the stereo, "Hey, Wen Ruyun, let that Ning-surname pick up the phone!"


  Ning Tianlang answered coldly, not knowing what the other party was up to again.

  "Surname Ning, tomorrow I'm hosting a banquet for my colleagues from the Kunlun Group at the Golden Water Restaurant! Do you dare to come over for the banquet?!"

  "Why would I go to your banquet?"

  "They all want to see what kind of saint the person who can get five invitations is!" Wei Yingzhou sounded provocative.

  "Surname Ning, give a quick word, do you fucking dare to come or not?!"

  Ning Tianlang smiled coldly, instantly understanding the other party's little trick, "What do I dare not go for? As long as you don't regret it!"

  "Good brat! You really don't see the coffin! Tomorrow night at six thirty, Golden Water Restaurant vip Plum Blossom Pavilion, I'll be waiting for you!"

  After saying that, Wei Yingzhou directly hung up the phone.

  Ning Tianlang looked puzzled: "Is this person sick? Why does he refuse to believe that those invitations were sent to the Gu family by me?"

  Gu Ningyu was a bit worried, "Tian Lang, do you really want to go? You made him lose face so much today, he won't let you off the hook."

  "Don't worry, he's just a jumped-up clown." A trace of ice coldness crossed Ning Tian Lang's light brown eyes.

  "Doesn't he want to enter the Kunlun Group? I will personally shatter his hopes! Let him know know what it means to be disheartened by all thoughts!"


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