Novel Name : After the divorce she surprised the world

Chapter 71

this day.

Su Hua woke up early.

The driver drove her to Tianshou Pavilion in the Antique City.

Tianshou Pavilion is an antique shop run by Hua Tianshou.

Mainly engaged in official kiln porcelain, gold, stone and jade wares, calligraphy and painting in the study, etc.

Today is the auspicious day he chose, which is suitable for apprenticeship.

The more old-fashioned people are, the more they pay attention to these things.

For this reason, a witness was specially invited, Qi Bosong.

When the auspicious time came, Hua Tianshou sat on the huanghuali wood chair in his office.

Qi Baisong announced loudly: "The apprenticeship ceremony has begun."

Su Wei took the greeting card and read it out. After reading it, she saluted Hua Tianshou and poured tea to pay her respects.

After drinking the tea she offered, Hua Tianshou put the teacup on the table next to him, took out a red envelope from his pocket, and handed it to her.

Su Wei was slightly surprised, she didn't expect him to accept her as an apprentice and even give a red envelope.

"Thank you, Master." She took it respectfully.

The red envelope is quite big and stuffed thickly.

Su Hua put the red envelope into the bag.

He took out another red envelope from the bag and presented it to Hua Tianshou respectfully.

The red envelope is a card that Gu Beixian prepared for her when it came.

There are one million in the card, and the password is written on it in advance.

Hua Tianshou twirled his beard, looked at the red envelope, but didn't accept it, and said, "I took you as my disciple just to catch my eye. Craftsmanship is something that I don't bring with me when I'm born or die, and my descendants don't love it." It is our fate to pass it on to you."

Su Hua looked at Qi Bosong begging for help.

That meant asking him to help.

Qi Bosong took the red envelope with a smile, and stuffed it into Hua Tianshou's hand, "I know you are never short of money, but this is Xiao Su's kindness, so you can take it. Xiao Su will learn this craft from you, and in the future Make more money."

Hua Tianshou couldn't help but accept it with a smile.

Next, Su Hua followed him and started to learn.

She has the basics and gets started quickly.

Restoring ancient ceramics is similar to restoring ancient calligraphy and paintings.

They are all cleaned first, cleaned, and repaired.

After the ancient porcelain is completely assembled, the base color makeup and blue and white painting and other colors and glazes will be done.

Ancient ceramic restoration technology is a special artistic creation that integrates modeling, sculpture, color, calligraphy, painting, and chemical engineering.

Technology is very important, but it must also have artistic sensitivity to color and shape.

Su Wei has followed her grandfather to learn how to restore ancient calligraphy and paintings since she was a child. She is especially good at copying paintings and has a strong artistic sensitivity.

Hua Tianshou accepted her as his apprentice because he liked her talent in this aspect.

Instruct Su Hua on the basic steps of restoring ancient ceramics.

Staying on top of her to practice, Hua Tianshou went downstairs to drink tea with regular customers.

Su Wei was holding the old porcelain she was practicing with, and was practicing the cleaning steps.

The clerk in the store came up to call her, saying that Mr. Hua is welcome.

Su Hua put down what she was doing, washed her hands, and went down.

Come to the first floor.

Hua Tianshou pointed at the guest, holding a Qing Kangxi dragon pattern bottle in his hand, and said to Su Wei: "Now Master teaches you how to appraise treasures. First, let's see if this dragon pattern bottle is an item that opens the door."

Wide open, is antique jargon.

It means authentic.

Su Wei walked over, just about to look at the dragon bottle, and found that the man looked familiar.

Short hair, dark complexion, deep outline, handsome face.

Tall, tough and handsome.

It was Gu Jinyao.

She shouted in surprise: "Mr. Gu, why is it you?"

See Su Hua.

A hint of surprise flashed in Gu Jinyao's eyes, but his face remained silent.

He smiled lightly and asked, "Why are you in Hualao's shop? I remember you worked in Gubaozhai before."

Su Wei curled her lips, "I just worshiped Mr. Hua as my teacher today."

Gu Jinyao was even more surprised, "Not long ago, I wanted to worship him as a teacher, but he refused to accept him. He actually accepted you as an apprentice. It seems that you still have a lot of face."

Hua Tianshou stroked his beard, and said slowly: "Accepting an apprentice is all about eye contact. The first time I saw Xiao Su, I thought she was my apprentice."

Gu Jinyao hooked his lips, "It's your old reason anyway. Su Wei, come and take a look at this dragon pattern bottle."


Su Hua put on the white gloves in the store, carefully took the dragon bottle from his hand, and placed it on the flannel on the counter.

She picked up the magnifying glass.

Study it decently.

While researching, he said: "This bottle with dragon patterns has a beautiful shape and full glaze color. The dragon on it is exquisitely painted, and the dragon scales are vivid. It can be seen that the person who painted it was skilled."

He looked at the bottom of the bottle again, "It's an official kiln in the reign of Emperor Kangxi, and the font is regular script. The aging imprint on the bottom of the bottle is also very natural. It should be the real product of Dakai."

She is good at restoring ancient paintings and calligraphy.

Although I just started to get in touch with ancient porcelain, I don't know much.

But the painter who looked at the above pattern and the color of the glaze can guess about seven or eight points.

Hua Tianshou's eyes lit up, he gave a thumbs up, and praised: "Look, my apprentice, today is the first day of my apprenticeship, and I can be a teacher."

Su Wei smiled and said, "Master, don't make fun of me, old man, I'm just talking nonsense."

Several people sat down and drank tea for a while.

Gu Jinyao has something to leave.

I brought this dragon-patterned bottle here today, but there is a crack on the mouth of the bottle.

Bring it to Hua Tianshou for repair.

Su Hua remembered the picture of a jackdaw on a dead wood that she had drawn for him, and put it in the trunk of the car after the drawing was finished.

Just take this opportunity and give it to him.

You will have to find another opportunity in the future.

She stood up and said, "I'll see you off."

Gu Jinyao looked at her with hard and cold eyes, and his eyes softened, and said, "Okay."

The two walked out one after the other.

Su Wei walked to the rear of the car, took the car key and opened the trunk.

Bending down, picked up a packaged scroll of paintings from inside, and handed it to Gu Jinyao.

When Gu Jinyao reached out to pick it up, he accidentally touched her finger.

His fingertips felt numb.

It seems that there is a strange electric current passing through the heart.

He was stunned for a moment, standing still.

The eyes looking at Su Hua are full of tenderness.

I can't move it even if I want to.

You can't hide liking someone.

The parties may not be able to see through, but outsiders can see clearly.

Not far away, the driver who was smoking in the shade saw this scene. ŴŴŴ.

Picking up the phone, quickly took a photo and sent it to Gu Beixian.

This is what he confessed on purpose.

The driver dared not refuse.

When Gu Beixian received the information, he was sitting at his desk, approving documents.

Hearing the WeChat notification tone, he took the phone and clicked on it.

Glancing at the photo, his face was surprisingly calm, without any waves.

There was a slight sarcasm in his eyes.

Putting down his phone, he picked up the document he hadn't read just now, and continued to flip through it. After reading it, he signed it in a fluttering manner, and put it back to the original place.

Suddenly he raised his hand and pushed all the documents on the table to the ground.


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