Novel Name : After the divorce she surprised the world

Chapter 75

Take a day off.

Su Wei returned to Tianshou Pavilion.

In the morning, Hua Tianshou taught her the basic skills, how to clean ancient ceramics.

Cleaning requires special chemical reagents, and you must learn the mixing ratio.

Although Su Wei is not very good at love affairs, but she is very talented in these things, and she knows everything.

God created man fairly.

It is impossible to be perfect.

Su Hua has been busy all morning.

Time flies.

After lunch, Hua Tianshou insisted on taking her to the antique shop next door for a visit.

Su Wei didn't dare not listen to Master's words.

I went with him.

As soon as you enter the door.

Hua Tianshou opened his voice and shouted: "Old Chutou, Chu Daisong, come down quickly and introduce my apprentice to you!"

The voice was so loud that it could be heard upstairs and downstairs.

Chu Daisong heard the movement, walked out of the treasure appraisal room upstairs, leaned on the railing, and went downstairs slowly.

Su Hua took a closer look.

Chu Daisong was about the same age as Hua Tianshou, in his eighties.

Wearing a white silk exercise suit, with silver-white hair.

Although there are many wrinkles on the face, the eyes are very bright when looking at people.

Skillfully coiling two shiny Wenwan walnuts in his hand.

Wait until he comes downstairs.

Hua Tianshou pushed Su Wei in front of him, and said in a flaunting tone, "Old Chutou, this is my new closed disciple, Su Wei. She is also the granddaughter of Su Wenmai, the 'master of restoration' of cultural relics, a genius girl."

Su Wei reminded him in a low voice: "Master, I am twenty-three this year, and I am not a girl anymore."

Hua Tianshou glanced at her, "In my eyes, you are a young girl and will always be a little girl."

Chu Daisong looked at Su Wei with a smile, stroked his chin, and praised: "Hello, apprentice, you look quite similar to Qin Wan when she was young."

Qin Wan is Hua Qin Wan.

Hua Tianshou's eldest daughter.

Hearing the word "Qin Wan", Hua Tianshou's eye circles turned slightly red, and his mood dropped a lot.

He sighed, and said: "It's a pity that child, if he hadn't been stimulated, he would be a good-looking person now."

Chu Daisong also sighed, "Who says it's not."

Hua Tianshou glanced at Su Hua, and the circles of his eyes became even redder, "If the baby girl Qin Wan's second child had not died, she would be about the same age as Su Hua, what a pity."

Chu Daisong also had red eyes, "It's a pity."

The atmosphere suddenly became heavy.

Several people sat down silently.

Tea, buddy.

The two old men sat on the grand master's chair, their eyelids drooped, lost in the past, and they didn't make a sound.

The dark silence made the whole room oppressive.

Su Wei picked up the teacup, handed it to Hua Tianshou, and said softly, "Master, please drink tea."

Seeing her so gentle and well-behaved, Hua Tianshou changed from the pain just now.

Taking the teacup from her hand, he slowly sipped his mouth and said to Chu Daisong: "Don't think that my apprentice restores ancient calligraphy and paintings, but she is talented and can even identify porcelain. If you don't believe me, try it."

This is the real purpose of bringing Su Hua here.

Show off apprentices.

Short name: Dazzlers.

Other old men and women of the same age are starting to show off their grandchildren.

Hua Tianshou doesn't have these yet, but he has a proud apprentice who can show off.

Chu Daisong didn't believe it, and asked the guys to bring some "old" things.

Among them are real antiques, as well as fake antiques imitated by modern handicrafts, let Su Hua identify them.

The guys in the store each held an "antique" and stood in front of Su Hua, lined up.

Su Hua took over a Qing Kangxi dragon pattern bottle from the first clerk.

Take a look.

Pointing to the dragon above, she said, "The scales of this dragon are not drawn very skillfully, and the drawing of the claws is also problematic."

The implication: a false look.

Not antique.

It is a modern handicraft made of old.

Hua Tianshou stroked his beard and glanced at Chu Daisong triumphantly, "How about it, isn't my apprentice amazing?"

"Don't worry, you might be mistaken." Chu Daisong looked at Su Wei meaningfully.

He always felt that such a little girl's film is not so powerful.

Old man Hua must be bragging.

Su Wei took a blue lotus flower bowl from the second guy.

Just glanced at it.

She said: "This bowl is the style of Ru Kiln in the Northern Song Dynasty, but it is the opening piece of Ge Kiln."

Meaning: fake.

Hua Tianshou clicked his tongue in praise.

Glancing at Chu Daisong, he said triumphantly: "The little girl just accepted me as a teacher yesterday, and I only taught her how to clean porcelain. Look at her, she knows everything, even Ru Kiln and Ge Kiln."

Su Wei smiled, "My grandfather's house has a lot of books like this. I loved reading them since I was a child, so I wrote them down."

Chu Daisong smacked his lips, "Old Hua, what are you so proud of? It's Su Wenmai's credit, what's your business?"

The tone was quite disdainful.

Hua Tianshou was provoked by his disdain.

He slammed the table, "I don't care! Anyway, Su Wei is my apprentice now, and I am proud, I am proud to have such an excellent apprentice!"

Su Hua couldn't help laughing out loud.

I didn't expect Hua Tianshou to have such a character.

Extroverted, flamboyant, strong, a bit like an old urchin.

It is completely different from her grandfather's low-key, reserved, rigorous and solemn.

Su Hua took over a long-necked gourd bottle from the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty from the third clerk.

Did not look carefully.

She pointed to the pattern on it and said, "The oil paint on it is modern industrial paint."

Turn it upside down and look at the bottom of the bottle.

"The words on the bottom payment are too mechanical, they are printed."

The look in Chu Daisong's eyes changed.

It is no longer looking down on, doubting that kind of look.

but appreciation.

Su Hua picked up a small celadon-glazed water bowl from the Ming and Qing Dynasties from the fourth clerk.

The water bowl was called "water injection" in ancient times.

The main function is to add water to the inkstone pool.

Small and exquisite, highly ornamental, also known as the fifth treasure of the study.

Su Hua touched it with her hand, and her eyes lit up.

She said: "This is a real old object, and it feels very moist. It has been jaded for a long time."

Chu Daisong's eyes suddenly lit up.

He gave a thumbs up and praised repeatedly: "Okay, okay, this girl is too spiritual, better than Suosuo. That girl only knows how to fly to Paris and London to go to fashion shows all day long. Brand-name clothes and bags, buy Pile after pile. Ask her to learn how to repair antiques and appraise treasures from me, but she refuses to learn, saying that this is the job of a bad old man."

He suddenly heard the word "suosuo".

Su Hua's heart skipped a beat.

Only then did he realize that Chu Daisong was Chu Suosuo's grandfather.

If Chu Suosuo knew that her grandfather said this about her behind her back, she would probably be very angry.

In a blink of an eye.

More than two months have passed.

On this day, Hua Tianshou took Su Hua to visit Chu Daisong again.

Said it was a visit, but in fact it was for the sake of showing off.

Since worshiping Hua Tianshou as his teacher.

In addition to learning skills, Su Hua also cooperates with her master every now and then, visiting various antique shops.

She was holding a newly repaired multicolored plum-patterned jade pot and spring vase, and walked slowly behind.

My heart is full of reluctance.

She grew up with her grandfather and developed a low-key and introverted personality.

I really don't want to follow Master and show off everywhere.

However, the old man was in high spirits, so Su Wei didn't dare to disobey his teacher's order.

The two came to Daisongxuan in Chu Daisong.

Chu Daisong was sitting by the window drinking tea.

Hua Tianshou pointed to the jade pot spring vase that Su Hua held in his arms, and said, "Old Chutou, this is the first spring vase my apprentice repaired. It was broken into nineteen petals, but she repaired it perfectly. Only after I learned the short You can achieve this level in just two months, and none of your apprentices can do it, right?"

He was crushed continuously for more than two months.

Chu Daisong was used to it.

He raised his lower eyelids and said nothing.

after awhile.

He picked up the teacup, took a sip of the tea slowly, and said to Su Wei: "Girl, I am good at repairing bronze wares. If you are interested, come to me when you are finished as a teacher. I will teach you hand in hand."

Su Hua hasn't spoken yet.

Hua Tianshou hastily stopped him and said, "That won't work, Hua'er is my apprentice. Old Chutou, you are so unkind, you dare to rob me of my apprentice. You can do such a wicked thing."

Chu Daisong pouted, not bothering to talk to him.

Old man Hua is only allowed to snatch Su Wenmai's high-ranking apprentice, but he is not allowed to accept him?


The glass door was suddenly pushed open.

In came a gorgeous young woman.

The woman is wearing a famous brand of high-end clothing, with ten centimeter high heels on her feet, and a huge expensive ostrich leather bag in her hand.

Before the person came close, a sweet and greasy scent of expensive perfume wafted in.

Su Hua turned her head and glanced back.

It's Chu Suosuo.

She hooked her lips very lightly.

Chu Suosuo twisted his slender waist, walked towards the tea table, and called delicately, "Grandpa, grandpa..."

When his eyes fell on Su Wei, Chu Suosuo was stunned immediately, choking on the rest of the words.

For a long time.

Only then did she make a sound, "Su, Su Wei? Why are you here?"

Hua Tianshou stood up, patted Su Hua on the shoulder, and introduced to her with a smile: "Come on, Suo Suo, Grandpa will introduce to you, this is my new closed disciple more than two months ago, a genius girl, Su Hua .”


The bag in Chu Suosuo's hand fell to the ground.

His complexion was extremely ugly.


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