Novel Name : After the divorce she surprised the world

Chapter 76

Only then did Su Hua know that Hua Tianshou was actually Chu Suosuo's grandfather.

Before, Gu Beixian didn't let her tell Hua Tianshou that she was married.

Not to mention his name.

It turned out to be because of this layer of reason.

Su Wei couldn't laugh or cry, and admired his black belly.

This was invisible, and it made Chu Suosuo suffer a lot.

Chu Suosuo was really about to suffocate to death.

It's like a fishbone stuck in my throat, and I can't get it out, it's terribly uncomfortable.

Her grandfather actually took her rival in love as his apprentice, and even held her high.

How can she bear it?

Chu Suosuo bent down to pick up the bag on the ground, and patted the dust on it vigorously, as if to vent his anger.

After filming, she raised her head and glanced at Su Hua contemptuously.

Su Wei lifted her chin slightly, straightened her shoulders, stood up very straight, very elegant, and looked at her with clear eyes, neither humble nor overbearing.

Chu Suosuo lost three points in momentum, snorted coldly, and said to Hua Tianshou: "Grandpa, I don't allow you to accept her as an apprentice!"

Hua Tianshou's smiling face suddenly sank, "Suosuo, what do you mean?"

Chu Suosuo said angrily, "I don't like her!"

Hua Tianshou chuckled, "I accept apprentices, as long as I like it myself, you don't need to like it."

Chu Suosuo pouted, "Do you know who she is?"

Hua Tianshou twirled his beard and said slowly: "I know, her name is Su Wei, she is Su Wenmai's granddaughter, and now she is my apprentice."

Chu Suosuo stomped his feet, "She's still Brother Beixian's wife!"

Hua Tianshou's expression was slightly stagnant, he glanced at Su Wei, and quickly said: "Whose wife is she, what does it have to do with me accepting her as an apprentice? I accept her as an apprentice because of her talent, not because of her talent." her husband."

Even his own grandfather turned to Su Wei everywhere.

Chu Suosuo was so angry.

The facial features twisted together twistedly.

She lost her patience and said impatiently: "Brother Beixian grew up with my childhood sweetheart. I am their daughter-in-law. Su Wei stole my brother Beixian!"

Hua Tianshou looked at her in confusion, "Didn't you and Gu Beixian break up a long time ago?"

Chu Suo shut his mouth firmly and said: "I was studying abroad, so I couldn't take care of Brother Beixian. The Gu family found him a nanny, that is, Su Wei, to help take care of him temporarily."

Su Hua couldn't help but sneer.

Growing up so big, I have never seen such a nonsense, turning right from wrong.

The person involved is still standing here.

She dared to speak nonsense with her eyes open.

This shame is almost as thick as the city wall.

Su Wei coughed lightly, and said to Hua Tianshou: "Master, when Gu Beixian and I got the certificate three years ago, he was single, and everyone can testify. Our marriage certificate was issued by the Civil Affairs Bureau, with a red stamp and a steel seal, legally recognized .I am his wife who shares weal and woe, and is not the so-called nanny that Ms. Chu said."


She added: "The reason why I didn't tell you is because you didn't ask, and I don't like to talk about my private affairs."

After Hua Tianshou listened, he didn't answer.

He raised his finger, slowly stroked a strand of beard, and fell silent with a very dignified expression.

It seems to be thinking and making choices.

Everyone in the room fell silent.

The atmosphere was strangely quiet.

After a while.

Hua Tianshou stood up slowly with his hands on the tea table.

Chu Suosuo was overjoyed, and hurriedly asked, "Grandpa, are you going to cancel the master-student relationship with Su Wei?"

Hua Tianshou glanced at her expressionlessly, then slowly moved his eyes to Su Hua.

Su Hua's heart rose to her throat.

To be honest, she was quite afraid that Hua Tianshou would cancel her master-student relationship.

Learning skills from him is partly the reason.

Also because I have been with him day and night for more than two months, I already have a teacher-student relationship.

In addition, it is also related to face.

If Hua Tianshou followed Chu Suosuo at this time, she would lose face too much.

Su Hua didn't want to lose to Chu Suosuo.

No matter who you lose to, you don't want to lose to her.

Hua Tianshou lowered his eyes, stared at Su Wei for a moment, and said, "Disciple, let's go."

This "disciple" sounded like the sound of nature to Su Hua's ears.

Her heart, hanging in her throat, fell back into her chest with a thud.

Hua Tianshou chose her between her and Chu Suosuo.

Su Wei smiled slightly, and said in a sweet voice, "Okay, Master."

Hua Tianshou raised his foot and walked towards the door.

Su Wei hugged the jade pot spring bottle and followed his pace.

Chu Suosuo was in a hurry.

She ran after her, grabbed Hua Tianshou's arm, and said coquettishly, "Grandpa, dear grandpa, good grandpa, I know you love me the most. Please, please, drive Su Wei out of the school."

Su Hua had goosebumps all over her body.

She didn't say anything, though.

He just quietly looked at Hua Tianshou's back.

Hua Tianshou lowered his eyelids and looked at Chu Suosuo with a serious expression he had never had before.

"Su Hua and I had the ceremony of appreciating teachers. I drank the tea that she respected. Being a teacher for one day is a teacher for the rest of my life. It's a big deal between a teacher and an apprentice. She didn't break the law, and she didn't make any mistakes. If I casually treat her If you are expelled from the school, you will be ridiculed by the people of Jianghu."

The tone of his speech was simple, firm and decisive.

It has a taste of cutting off the way back.

After finishing speaking, Hua Tianshou took off Chu Suosuo's hand, put his hands behind his back, and walked out.

Su Wei glanced at Chu Suosuo lightly, and followed.

Looking at the old and the young, they walked out the door one after the other.

Chu Suosuo was so angry that his small face turned grim.

She raised her foot and kicked it onto the flower pot next to her.


Chu Daisong's favorite fortune tree was kicked down.

The soil in the flower pot was spilled all over the ground.

Chu Daisong frowned, and couldn't help scolding: "You girl, you are angry, why are you angry with my tree? This is a fortune tree that has been in full bloom. If it falls, it will affect the feng shui in my shop! "

He hurriedly greeted the shop assistants, "Help up the tree and fill it with soil, quick, quick!"

I was deflated by my grandfather, and then reprimanded by my grandfather.

Chu Suosuo was about to lose his temper, and went upstairs angrily.

Su Wei followed Hua Tianshou and returned to Tianshou Pavilion.

She handed the jade pot spring bottle in her hand to the shop assistant.

Hua Tianshou walked to the tea table by the window and sat down.

He didn't say a word, didn't move.

Seeing his solemn expression, Su Wei hesitated for a while, and said, "Master, why don't I go, so that you don't get caught in the middle, and you are in a dilemma."

Hua Tianshou didn't make a sound, just looked at her silently.

Su Hua bent down and bowed deeply to him, "Thank you, Master, for your careful cultivation over the past two months. Following you, I have learned a lot, and I am very grateful for your teaching."

After speaking, she turned and left.

Take a few steps outside.

Hua Tianshou's voice came from behind: "Girl, come back."

Su Hua stopped and turned around slowly.

Hua Tianshou collected his expression, and said kindly: "I take you as a disciple, it's between me and you, it has nothing to do with Suosuo. Don't say anything about whether you can leave or not. You and I are a master and apprentice for a day, and a lifetime for you. Master and apprentice, do you remember?"

Su Hua's eyes were sore, and she smiled and said, "Thank you, Master."


arrive home.

Su Wei told Gu Beixian exactly what happened today.

After Gu Beixian listened, he pursed his lips and said, "I knew it a long time ago, that's why I didn't let you tell Hua Tianshou that you were married, and I didn't let you mention my name."

Su Wei glanced at him lightly, and said angrily, "Why didn't you remind me earlier?"

"Too many skills don't overwhelm you. It's always good to learn one more skill. I don't worry if you learn from others. Hua Tianshou's character is not bad."

The most important thing is that the old man is over eighty years old.

He is relieved.

Su Wei frowned slightly, "But it's a bit embarrassing now."

Gu Beixian rubbed her head, "It's okay, you paid one million tuition fees, just learn it with confidence. If Chu Suosuo dares to make things difficult for you, just tell me, and I will help you vent your anger."

I help you vent your anger.

What a beautiful sentence.

It made Su Hua instantly feel like relying on and relying on the mountain.

She was slightly startled, but she was pleasantly surprised in her heart.

There is a deep warmth wandering in my heart.

The feeling of being preferred is so good.

She leaned over, raised her arms, put them around his waist, and buried her head deeply in his arms.

She wanted to say something, to express her happiness, but she couldn't figure out what to say.

So she did something very surprising.

She pushed Gu Beixian down on the sofa, stepped onto his lap, pressed him, and kissed him hard.

She is rarely so proactive.

Occasionally, it is very joyful to take the initiative.

Three or two kisses set Gu Beixian on fire.

He turned over hard, pressed her down, lowered his head to peck her mouth, and kissed her neck and collarbone hard.

Su Wei was so kissed by him that she giggled and dodged, reaching out to push him.

The two rubbed close to each other.

But in the blink of an eye, Gu Beixian's body was already boiling hot.

He raised his hand and pinched the soft flesh under her ribs, staring at her with burning eyes, "Su Wei, you are such a fairy."

Because of emotion, with a bit of nasal sound, the voice sounds lazy and sexy, especially flirtatious.

Su Hua felt sweet in her heart.

I never thought that such a charming word "fairy" would fall on a straight girl like her who doesn't understand the style.

So she reached for his belt and opened it.

The consequence of her being so active was that she was "terribly miserable" by Gu Beixian, her legs were sore for three days.


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