Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 62

Su Qing was panting, she stared at the man standing in front of her.

Under the sycamore tree, thousands of rays of sunlight shine through the leaves, as if casting a faint halo on his body.

His back is tall and reveals a touch of melancholy, a bit lonely.

The leaves fell one after another, and time seemed to stand still at this moment. Su Qing looked a little lost in thought. At that moment, countless fragments flashed in her mind, and some pictures overlapped together.

Five years ago, she was drugged by Su Xue and lost her innocence. In a daze, she vaguely saw the back of that man standing in front of the window.

That night, she remembered the cold moonlight on his body, his tall and lonely back, which almost coincided with the scene in front of her.

Su Qing's heart trembled, and the memory of that night came to mind so clearly for the first time.

The head suddenly hurt badly, the man in the memory suddenly turned around, but before she could see the man's appearance clearly, a child's crying brought Su Qing back from her delusions.

Su Qing regained her composure, and a mother hurried into the hospital hall holding her sick and crying child.

"Is there something wrong?"

A deep and mellow voice sounded from above his head.

Su Qing raised her eyes and looked at Lu Rongyuan in front of her. For a moment, she had the illusion of a thousand years.

How could she suddenly remember what happened that night five years ago?

Perhaps it was because facing Lu Rongyuan that she felt a deep sense of guilt that she remembered it.

Su Qing stabilized her mind and asked, "Xiaojie's doctor, you found it?"

"Well, I promised you before, even if we broke up, we should keep the promise." Lu Rongyuan said blankly, "This Dr. Wang is a top expert. With him coming forward, you can rest assured."

"Thank you." Su Qing was really grateful: "Is your arm okay?"

Earlier Lu Rongyuan said that his arm was scratched.

"Okay." Lu Rongyuan still looked calm, as if the two of them were not very familiar, but just strangers.

"And your head?"


"Oh, all right."

Lu Rongyuan's attitude was too cold, Su Qing suddenly felt uncomfortable.

In the past, Lu Rongyuan looked at her with gentle eyes, always smiled and called her Qingqing, and was responsive to her requests.

Lu Rongyuan suddenly became indifferent, like a familiar stranger, she felt uncomfortable instead.

But obviously they broke up, this is normal, and she dumped him, does she still expect Lu Rongyuan to greet her with a smile?

A long silence suddenly lay between the two.

Even though the rain had stopped and the sun was shining brightly, she still felt a chill.

Lu Rongyuan said: "If it's okay, I'll leave first."

"...Okay, it's okay, you can do your work." Su Qing tried her best to smile, and her tone was pretending to be relaxed.

After Su Qing finished speaking, Lu Rongyuan really turned around and left without any hesitation.

Su Qing: "..."

A man can turn his face faster than a book.

Su Qing stood there for a while, went back to the ward and explained to Su Jie, and asked the doctor about the cost of the operation.

The doctor said it would not cost any money, and the hospital applied for a deduction for Su Jie.

This is simply great news.

After thanking Su Qing repeatedly, she hurried back to work in the company and left first.

Su Qing took a taxi at the entrance of the hospital, but there was no car after waiting for a long time.

Now is the rush hour for cars.

Su Qing was going to take the subway, when a car suddenly stopped beside her, with the windows rolled down, the driver was Lu Rongyuan.

"Get in the car, I'll see you off." Lu Rongyuan just glanced at Su Qing indifferently.

"No, I'll just take the subway."

"It's not a free gift, the car money will be paid."

Su Qing: "..."

He just treated her as an ordinary guest.

Thinking that Lu Rongyuan had just solved the matter of Su Jie's surgery, and it didn't matter if he paid for the car or not.

Su Qing opened the car door and sat in.

"Where are you going?" Lu Rongyuan's tone was always cold.

"Lu's Group Headquarters."

The car started, Lu Rongyuan drove steadily, the car was very quiet, no one spoke, a little embarrassed.

Su Qing found a topic to break the silence: "Your car, is it new?"

This isn't the Volkswagen before.

"Mmm." Lu Rongyuan's tone was flat.

Su Qing smiled awkwardly: "How do you know Dr. Wang? He is an international expert."

"Wan Yang introduced it." Lu Rongyuan directly used Wan Yang as a shield.


Su Qing twitched the corner of her mouth.

Lu Rongyuan seemed to answer every question, but with a bit of alienation.

Su Qing felt an indescribable boredom in her heart.

Lu Rongyuan caught Su Qing's expression in his eyes through the rearview mirror, and a strange light flashed across his eyes.

"How does the new company feel?"

"It's okay." Su Qing pulled the corners of her mouth and said with a slight smile: "My colleagues are all very good. How about you, recently you..."

"My mother introduced me to someone." Lu Rongyuan interrupted Su Qing and said intentionally, "She also works near the headquarters of the Lu Group, so she dropped you off on the way."

It turned out to be on the way.

Su Qing was a little bit disappointed in her heart, but she still tried her best to maintain a smile on her face: "If you have a partner, that's good. Auntie introduced you, and you can't go wrong."

"Well, he's a nice person, with a good personality and good looks." Lu Rongyuan observed Su Qing's expression, and added: "People are also very gentle."


Does this imply that her ex-girlfriend is not gentle?

Su Qing thought of the woman she saw in the hospital that day, she must be Lu Rongyuan's new partner.

"What about you?" Lu Rongyuan asked, "Have you found a new boyfriend?"


Su Qing blurted out that perhaps she was unconvinced and her self-esteem was the cause. Lu Rongyuan already had a girlfriend, so she couldn't be looked down upon.

Hearing this, the corners of Lu Rongyuan's mouth rose slightly: "Oh? Miss Su moves very fast."

"Miss Su" gave Su Qing the illusion of being called by Young Master Lu.

Lu Rongyuan's tone was mixed with a touch of banter.

This woman can really talk nonsense.

"To each other." Su Qing shot back with a smile.

When the car arrived downstairs at the company, Su Qing took out her wallet: "How much?"

Lu Rongyuan said solemnly: "131.4, Alipay is still cash."

"Forty cents too?"

"We earn hard money in this business, and we have to collect even a dime." Lu Rongyuan handed over the QR code: "Thank you."

Su Qing pouted, but still took out her mobile phone to pay: "Look, I paid."

There was a smile on the corner of Lu Rongyuan's mouth: "Welcome to visit next time."

Su Qing opened the car door and got out of the car, without even looking at Lu Rongyuan, she walked into the company with a straight face.

Wan Yang originally wanted to come to the company to have a look, but as soon as he arrived at the door, he saw Su Qing getting off Lu Rongyuan's car.

Are these two reconciled?

Wan Yang followed Lu Rongyuan's car into the basement.

In the company, Lu Rongyuan will still wear the scar mask, he is changing, and Wanyang gets out of the car.

"Boss, are you reconciled with Ms. Su?" Wan Yang said, "I heard that you called Wang Lin back from abroad to perform surgery on Ms. Su's younger brother, and you didn't receive any money. Ms. Su was so moved that she burst into tears." , I can’t wait to promise myself.”

"Talky." Lu Rongyuan glanced at Wan Yang coldly: "Do you think I, Lu Rongyuan, lack a woman? It must be her?"

Wan Yang muttered: "If you really let go, you won't be rushed out of the hospital."


Lu Rongyuan gave Wan Yang a look, and Wan Yang smiled and said: "Boss, I mean Miss Su dumped you, we can't just let it go, we have to save face, I will assign a job to Miss Su later, get her Lie to the mountain and cause some trouble, won't the boss be a hero and save the beauty?"

Lu Rongyuan remained silent with a sullen face, and Wan Yang knew that he agreed.

On Su Qing's side, Liu Jie came before his butt was hot: "Su Qing, there is something wrong with this design drawing. You can ask Master Yuan to see how to modify it."

"Where does Master Yuan live?"

"It's at Peach Blossom Mountain. If you leave now, you still have time to come back before you get off work."


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