Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 63

Hearing about Peach Blossom Mountain, Su Qing was a little discouraged.

From the company, the 40-kilometer journey takes three to four hours to go back and forth.

The road up the mountain is not easy to walk, and maybe I won’t be able to make it back before get off work.

At work, Su Qing didn't refuse either.

Liu Jie said, "Take the company's car."

"Okay." Su Qing said, "I'll pack up and go right away."

Su Qing went to the bathroom first, and then went to the underground parking lot.

Su Qing was also worried that she would not be able to come back, so she called An Ruo first: "Ruoruo, I have something to do, I have to go to the mountain, and you can pick up Xiaobao from the kindergarten for me later."

"Xiaobao? Who is it?" An Ruo didn't know about Su Qing's adoption of Xia Bao.

"I'll tell you later, the address of the kindergarten was sent to your mobile phone, remember to pick it up." Su Qing sent the address, and then drove the company's car to Taohuashan.

As soon as I left the company, the sun was shining brightly just now, but the sky became dark again, and it seemed that it was about to rainstorm.

Su Qing drove out of the city and went directly to Peach Blossom Mountain.

It didn't take long for the rain to fall.

The further up the mountain, the heavier the rain, and the mountain road is not easy to walk, and a section of the road is under construction.

The mountains were shrouded in mist and the sightline was not good. It was only two o'clock in the afternoon, and it felt like it was going to be dark soon.

Su Qing slowed down and drove very slowly, the wheels slipped several times, and her palms were covered with cold sweat.

It was almost four o'clock when Su Qing arrived at the top of Peach Blossom Mountain, and it was still raining.

Holding an umbrella, Su Qing took the design drawings to find Master Yuan.

This Master Yuan likes to be clean, he doesn't live in the busy city, but lives in this mountain.

There are not many families on this mountain, so Su Qing knew where Master Yuan lived as soon as he inquired.

Su Qing stood in front of a small farmyard and knocked on the door: "Is anyone there?"

After the shout fell, Su Qing heard footsteps approaching, and then the door opened.

"Hello, I'm Mrs. Lu..."

Su Qing was surprised when she saw the person in front of her: "Lu Rongyuan, why are you here?"

"Soliciting customers." Seeing that Su Qing's body was half wet, Lu Rongyuan's eyes darkened, and he said, "Come in."

"Oh." Although Su Qing was surprised to meet Lu Rongyuan here, she did not forget the purpose of coming here.

"This is Master Yuan's home, right?"

"En." Lu Rongyuan walked inside.

An old man in his sixties or seventies came out of the house with white hair: "Xiao Yuan, who is here?"


Is this calling Lu Rongyuan?

Su Qing looked at Lu Rongyuan, did Master Yuan know Lu Rongyuan?

This seems to be more than acquaintance, Xiaoyuan, such an intimate name, the relationship is unusual.

Master Yuan was holding a cane, his eyes were a little blurred, he squinted his eyes slightly to look at Su Qing, and asked with a smile: "Xiaoyuan, this is your girlfriend, she is so beautiful, you two really match each other."

Su Qing and Lu Rongyuan looked at each other, but Lu Rongyuan didn't explain.

Su Qing said: "Master Yuan, I'm Su Qing, an employee of the Lu Group, I'm here to send you the design draft, I'm not his..."

"It's cold, come in and sit down." Master Yuan's ears turned a little, he looked at the sky, and answered irrelevant questions: "It's raining today, I'm afraid it won't stop."

The rain has been pouring without stopping.

Master Yuan said to Lu Rongyuan again: "Xiaoyuan, you take your girlfriend to rest in the house, I will cook, and you stay to eat dinner before leaving."

"Master Yuan..." Before Su Qing finished speaking, Master Yuan had already gone to the kitchen.

"Old Yuan's ears are a little hard of hearing, so you don't have to scream." Lu Rongyuan said, "Drink some hot water."

Lu Rongyuan poured the hot water.

Su Qing's clothes were still wet, a gust of cold wind blew, and she sneezed.

Lu Rongyuan frowned, took off the coat on his body, and put it on her: "Be careful of catching a cold."


With the sudden concern, Su Qing suddenly had the illusion of returning to the time when she was passionately in love.

Suddenly, there was a noise from the kitchen.

Lu Rongyuan hurried to the kitchen, and Su Qing followed.

It turned out that Master Yuan couldn't see clearly and dropped something.

"Old Yuan, you go to rest, I'll cook the meal." Lu Rongyuan helped him out.

"You are old, you have to obey your old age."

Su Qing looked at Master Yuan with gray hair, her eyes were not clear, and it was difficult to take out the design draft in her hand.

"Qingqing, take a look."

Su Qing was surprised by being called on suddenly.

Lu Rongyuan didn't call her Qingqing for a long time.

Su Qing came back to her senses: "Well, good."

Lu Rongyuan handed over to Su Qing, and went to the kitchen by himself.

"Sit down." Master Yuan walked in front of Su Qing: "You just said to let me see the design draft, bring it."

"Master Yuan, can you...can you do it?" Su Qing was very skeptical, Master Yuan might not even be able to read the design draft clearly.

Master Yuan was not happy: "Remove the last word, I am not old yet."

Su Qing laughed dryly, she felt that Master Yuan's ears were very good, and he didn't look like he was deaf.

Su Qing took out the design draft, and Master Yuan put on his glasses to look at it: "The data is not accurate, you go to the kitchen to help Xiaoyuan, and the design draft will be handed over to me."

Su Qing didn't dare to say that Master Yuan was no good anymore, and she saw the problem at a glance.

Su Qing was driven to the kitchen.

The kitchen here is very simple, burning wood, and the electric lights are not very bright.

Lu Rongyuan was busy in the kitchen, chopping and washing vegetables.

"I'll light the fire."

"En." Lu Rongyuan responded, and handed her the lighter: "Can I do it?"

"What's so difficult about it." Su Qing took the lighter. Although she had never used a wood-fired stove, it was not difficult to start a fire.

Facts proved that Su Qing really couldn't do it. After working for a long time, the firewood was ignited and extinguished, and then ignited again.


The thick smoke caused Su Qing to close her eyes, and as soon as she got up, she bumped into Lu Rongyuan's arms.

There was a deep and loving tone above his head.

"Be brave!"

Su Qing wanted to go back, but found that she really couldn't do it: "Then you come."

Lu Rongyuan picked up the lighter, first found some kindling to light the fire, and soon the fire was lit.

"It's that simple? Do you come here often? What is your relationship with Master Yuan?" Su Qing showed admiration and doubt on his face.

"Don't move!" Lu Rongyuan stared at Su Qing, reaching out to her face.

"What's wrong?" Su Qing didn't know why, looking at Lu Rongyuan who was approaching, her heartbeat suddenly accelerated.

For some reason, she felt that Lu Rongyuan's facial features were particularly good-looking today. Seeing herself blushing from his deep eyes, she felt inexplicably hot all over.

His hand caressed her face, her eyes widened in surprise, and the feeling of her fingertips rubbing against her skin made her mind go blank.

"Your face is stained." Lu Rongyuan gently wiped the stains on her face.

Su Qing stood still and didn't dare to move: "Okay, are you all right?"

Su Qing swallowed, Lu Rongyuan was too close, she could clearly feel his breath gushing on her face and hear his breathing.

Lu Rongyuan's hand stroked Su Qing's face, her blushing made him forget the action for a moment, staring at her eyes, nose, lips...

Lu Rongyuan's heart moved, and he leaned over to hold her lips.

There was softness on her lips, and Su Qing was so shocked that she forgot to react. At that moment, there was a sudden feeling of thunder shaking the ground.

The kiss kept deepening, and even the breathing became more and more urgent...


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