Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 64

Su Qing's heart beat faster, as if she was about to jump out of her chest. With his coat on her body, she was completely surrounded by his breath, and her whole head was blank.

His kiss was getting deeper and deeper, as if he wanted to tear her apart.

Ever since Su Qing said to break up, Lu Rongyuan's heart has been pressed like a big stone.

He couldn't breathe, the girl he always wanted to protect and love, not only didn't have him in his heart, but even gave birth to someone else's child.

Out of wedlock!

Then what kind of man is it that makes her willing to give birth to a child when she is just an adult?

Lu Rongyuan was jealous of that man, so jealous that he was mad.

He didn't dare to investigate, ask, or mention.

The jealousy and anger that had been suppressed for more than half a month erupted at this moment. He wished he could possess her fiercely and make her his own.

Crazy thought, this is the first time it is so strong.

The firewood in the clay stove was crackling and burning.

Su Qing came back to her senses, realized what the two were doing, and quickly pushed Lu Rongyuan.

He held her tightly in his arms, no matter how hard she pushed, she couldn't push her away.

"No! No!"

Lu Rongyuan's loss of control made Su Qing a little scared.


There was a tingling on the lips.

A smell of blood spread in the mouth.

Su Qing's lip was bitten, Lu Rongyuan immediately let go of her helplessly: "Qingqing, I..."

The loss of control just now made Lu Rongyuan annoyed.

Su Qing didn't know why, but suddenly felt very wronged in her heart.

She turned her face away, stared at the burning flames, and laughed at herself: "Lu Rongyuan, do you think I'm such a casual woman?"

She felt his anger and contradiction just now.

Lu Rongyuan frowned deeply, and looked at her with heavy eyes.

Her eyelashes trembled, her eyes were a little confused, and Su Qing twitched her mouth: "You were conflicted just now, you didn't mind my past at all, on the contrary, you cared a lot, yes, what man would not mind me Women have had other people's children in their womb."

Lu Rongyuan was born with a golden key in his mouth. He has an aloof personality. The youngest of the Lu family will not use things that others have used.

However, he ran into Su Qing.

However, Su Qing gave birth to another man's child.

Lu Rongyuan clenched his fists tightly with a cold expression. Suddenly, he punched the wall, his knuckles turned red instantly, and bright red blood oozes out.

Su Qing was startled: "Lu Rongyuan, what are you doing?"

She quickly took a tissue to stop Lu Rongyuan's bleeding.

Seeing her worried appearance, Lu Rongyuan stared at her in a daze, he suddenly hugged her, and said in a deep voice, "Qingqing, let's start again."

Su Qing's heart trembled.

At that moment, Su Qing was conflicted. Hearing Lu Rongyuan's words, she felt joy in her heart, but that joy could not wash away the inferiority complex in her heart.

The fire in the stove was reflected on the faces of the two, and everything around them seemed to become the background and freeze.

Su Qing looked up at his sharp chin.

She couldn't deny that Lu Rongyuan was indelible in her heart, and she really wanted to just nod in spite of everything.


"Lu Rongyuan, we should all calm down."

Impulsive decisions will only make things worse.

Su Qing withdrew from his arms and breathed a sigh of relief: "In the beginning, we were too hasty and treated our feelings like a joke. Maybe this is an opportunity for us to think carefully about whether we can continue on this road."

The two met too suddenly and developed too quickly, as if they were going to ignite all their passions at once, and because it was too smooth, it was difficult to overcome when there was a crisis.

Su Qing left this sentence and walked out of the kitchen.

Lu Rongyuan's voice came from behind.

"Su Qing, I never took it as a child's play."

Su Qing paused, feeling the urge to cry.

She didn't look back, but the corners of her mouth raised slightly unconsciously.

Lu Rongyuan stood where he was, with rain dripping from the eaves, and the distant mountains were hazy, forming a landscape painting full of artistic conception.

Master Yuan has already revised the design draft, and Su Qing stands under the eaves, looking into the distance.

Xu Shi stayed in the city for a long time, away from the hustle and bustle, and suddenly fell in love with the quietness on the top of the mountain.

"The scenery here is good." Master Yuan walked to Su Qing with a cane: "Peach Blossom Mountain is most famous for its sunrise, which is truly amazing and spectacular."

Su Qing has been busy with her livelihood all these years, so she never had the time to appreciate the sunrise.

She really wanted to see the splendor of the sunrise.

"I still have to take the design draft back, only next time, next time if I'm free, I must come."

"Young people are too impetuous, and there are too few who can calm down." Master Yuan said meaningfully: "Sometimes if you miss it once, you will miss a lifetime, and you will regret it."

Su Qing was silent.

"time to eat."

Lu Rongyuan came out of the kitchen with the dishes.

Master Yuan smelled the aroma and started to get greedy: "Xiao Yuan, the last time I ate your cooking was several years ago, let alone, I really miss it."

years ago?

Su Qing looked at Lu Rongyuan, have these two known each other for so long?

Master Yuan looked at Su Qing: "Sit down and eat together before leaving."

Su Qing glanced at the time, it was almost too late.

"No, Master Yuan, you can eat, I have to go first, and I will visit you another day."

Now that the rain is getting lighter, if we don’t go any further, the mountain road will be even more difficult to walk when it gets dark.

Handing Xia Bao to An Ruo, Su Qing was still worried.

"I'll be with you." Lu Rongyuan picked up the car key: "Old Yuan, I'll come to have dinner with you some other day."

Master Yuan nodded: "That's fine, I won't leave you guys behind. Be careful on the road. It's raining, and the mountain road is not easy to walk."

Lu Rongyuan looked at Su Qing: "Take my car and go."

"No, I drove the company's car and I have to drive back."

"Then I'll drive your car."

The mountain road was not easy to walk, and it was getting dark again, Lu Rongyuan was worried about Su Qing's driving.

Su Qing thought that the car skidded when she came here. Her skills are really not good, and she didn't try to be brave: "That's good."

As for what happened in the kitchen, the two didn't mention it again.

Su Qing sat in the co-pilot, and Lu Rongyuan drove the car. On the way down the mountain, the speed of the car was not too fast.

The car was silent, Su Qing looked out of the window, and Lu Rongyuan's voice suddenly sounded in her ear.

"My mother didn't introduce me to a girlfriend."

"Eh?" Su Qing didn't realize it for a while, and looked back at Lu Rongyuan, only to realize what Lu Rongyuan was referring to.

"Then what you said before?"

"To piss you off on purpose."

Hearing this, Su Qing couldn't hold back for a moment and smiled.

However, Lu Rongyuan's provocative method is really useful. Hearing the news of his dating, she really felt a little uncomfortable.

"The other day I saw a woman visit you in the hospital, who is that person?"

"Colleague." Lu Rongyuan is not lying, Emily is his secretary, and the two are subordinates, so they can be regarded as colleagues.

"Your company still has women who drive online car-hailing services?" Su Qing was a little unconvinced: "I see that woman has a curvy figure and a famous brand, so she doesn't look like she drives online car-hailing services."

"She's the boss's secretary, not the driver."

"Then is she interested in you?" Su Qing suddenly felt a crisis.

"No." Lu Rongyuan answered decisively, at this time, there should be no hesitation.

The desire to survive is still strong.

Su Qing snorted: "Ghosts will believe it."

Su Qing also didn't realize that the relationship between the two had unknowingly returned to the past.

Lu Rongyuan hooked his lips and glanced at Su Qing: "You can ask her yourself next time."

The car was going to the corner, when there was a car coming from the opposite side, Lu Rongyuan slowed down to avoid it, stepped on the brake, but there was no reaction at all.

Lu Rongyuan's expression froze immediately.

The brakes failed.


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