Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 65

The road after the rain is muddy and difficult to walk, easy to slip, and the speed cannot be reduced, which is prone to accidents.

This is another turning point, with a stone wall on one side and a cliff on the other. If you are not careful, the car crashes and people die.

Su Qing saw that the car was about to collide with the car on the other side, but Lu Rongyuan did not slow down, and the driver on the other side was so frightened that he didn't know how to react, and evaded left and right.

Su Qing asked in panic, "Lu Rongyuan, what's wrong?"

"The brakes are broken, you sit still."

With a calm mind, Lu Rongyuan quickly made a choice, turned the steering wheel, avoided the opposite car, and put the car against the stone wall to slow down.

The bumps caused by the violent collision between the car and the stone wall made Su Qing's stomach churn. She tightened her seat belt nervously and stared at the front.

The heart has already mentioned the throat.

This mountain road was too steep, with too many turns, and the sound of the car rubbing against the stone wall was very harsh. The speed of the car slowed down a little, but it still couldn't stop.

"Lu Rongyuan, will we die here?" Su Qing's voice was broken because of fear.

This is too thrilling, at any time they may overturn and be buried here.

"Don't be afraid, I'm here." Lu Rongyuan grabbed Su Qing's hand and gave her stability.

With one hand, he quickly turned the steering wheel and pressed the car tightly against the stone wall.

The car passed through a large pit, and due to its high speed, the car almost left the entire ground and flew up.

The feeling of losing her center of gravity made Su Qing close her eyes in fear, and tightly grasped Lu Rongyuan.

If the car rushed down like this, and rushed down the cliff, both of them could only die here.

Lu Rongyuan glanced at Su Qing, and looked forward with a solemn expression.

Su Qing heard Lu Rongyuan's deep voice: "Su Qing, close your eyes and don't look."

Su Qing wanted to raise her head subconsciously, but she heard a loud bang, the sound of a car crashing into a stone wall. She was covered by Lu Rongyuan, and there was a roar in her ears, and then she didn't know anything.

The car crashed into the mountain, the entire front of the car was dented, and the car was also knocked off.

The car stopped one meter away from the cliff and rolled over, and the most serious damage to the body was the front of the driver's car.

In order to alleviate Su Qing's impact, Lu Rongyuan slammed into the mountain with his own side.

Both of them were unconscious in the car, and Lu Rongyuan kept Su Qing under him in a protective posture.

The light rain is still falling, like snowflakes, and a mist rises in the mountains.

After the violent impact resounded through the valley, it returned to calm, and the whole world seemed to be only the sound of wind and rain.

After an unknown amount of time, Su Qing quietly opened her eyes, and a drop of bright red blood dripped down Lu Rongyuan's forehead onto Su Qing's face.

"Lu Rongyuan, Lu Rongyuan." Su Qing shouted with difficulty, but Lu Rongyuan didn't respond at all.

Su Qing cried in anxiety. His forehead was covered with blood, as was his arm. She wanted to touch him, but she couldn't do it.

"jingle bell jingle bell..."

It was the sound of a mobile phone ringing.

The sound came from the gap in the car, and the mobile phone fell into it during the impact.

Su Qing wanted to pick up the phone, but she couldn't reach it with her hands. The inside of the car was full of broken glass. The back of Su Qing's hand was scratched while picking up the phone, and blood beads appeared in an instant.

And the blood on Lu Rongyuan's body was still dripping on her body, and she couldn't tell whether the blood on her body was hers or Lu Rongyuan's.

"Lu Rongyuan, wake up, Lu Rongyuan..." Su Qing's voice was filled with tears and fear: "Don't die, if you die, I will never forgive you in this life, I will turn around and find someone who is more handsome and better than you." Yes, I forgot about you!"

Lu Rongyuan didn't respond at all, Su Qing was anxious and scared, she tried to get out of the car, only in this way could they survive.

The overturned car was swaying, and with Lu Rongyuan pressing on her, her legs were stuck between the seats of the car and she could barely get her head out.

The rain hit his face, blurring his vision.

Su Qing blinked and shouted loudly: "Help, help, is there anyone..."

There were almost no people living in the mountains, and it was so late and it was raining, so there was no one.

Su Qing touched Lu Rongyuan's hand very cold, and she panicked even more.

"Lu Rongyuan, you can't die, did you hear that, you can't die..."

At this moment, Su Qing heard footsteps approaching. She turned her head and saw a man in black clothes coming down from the mountain.

Su Qing recognized that it was the driver who went up the mountain just now.

"Save us, please, save him first, he is dying."

Su Qing seemed to have grasped at straws and begged the man in the raincoat.

The man in the raincoat took a closer look and said, "Don't worry, I'll save you right away."

The man in the raincoat opened the car door from the outside, unfastened the seat belt on Lu Rongyuan, and dragged him out of the car.

Because of Lu Rongyuan's protection, Su Qing only had a little skin trauma, plus her leg was sprained from being stuck in the car.

Su Qing didn't care about herself, she took off her coat to cover Lu Rongyuan from the rain.

The man in the raincoat said, "Wait a minute, I'll drive the car down."

Calling an ambulance to this place is unrealistic.

Lu Rongyuan was hurt too badly, even his breathing was very weak.

Su Qing nodded: "Thank you."

The man in the raincoat went to drive, only then did Su Qing realize that Lu Rongyuan's inner thigh had been pierced by a large piece of broken glass, and the blood kept flowing out, following the rainwater on the ground, staining the whole ground red.

Seeing Lu Rongyuan's face getting paler and blood flowing unstoppably, Su Qing panicked completely. At that moment, she was extremely scared, she was afraid that Lu Rongyuan would just die like this.

"No, Lu Rongyuan, you can't die."

Su Qing stumbled back into the car, reaching for the phone, her hand was almost deformed by the car seat, and she didn't care about it.

Su Qing was so anxious that she finally picked up the phone. She also panicked at the time. She wanted to ask for help, but she didn't know who to call.

Clicking on the address book, seeing Wan Yang's name, she dialed it without thinking.

The phone was quickly connected, and Su Qing's voice was mixed with panic and crying: "Mr. Wan, Lu Rongyuan and I had a car accident on the Taohuashan road. He lost a lot of blood, and his whole face turned pale..."

Su Qing was crying in a hurry. She supported Lu Rongyuan's clothes to protect her from the rain while making a phone call.

Wan Yang on the other end of the phone was shocked by Su Qing's words and suddenly stood up from the sofa.

Even Xia Dong Xiaqiu on the opposite side also tensed up.

"Mr. Wan, what's the matter?"

"Quick, something happened to the boss."

Wan Yang was about to leave when Mr. Lu came down from upstairs: "Xiao Yang, what's wrong with Xiao Yuan?"

"Grandpa Lu, the boss had a car accident on the Taohuashan road, and the situation should be critical now."


The man in the raincoat drove down the car and carried Lu Rongyuan into the car with Su Qing. During the movement, the wound on Lu Rongyuan's body was pulled, and a lot of blood gushed out again.

Su Qing's heart was in her throat all the time: "Drive quickly and take him to the hospital."

Su Qing hugged Lu Rongyuan, staring at Lu Rongyuan's face with a dull expression, her voice was very soft: "You can't die, did you hear that, Lu Rongyuan, you are dead, what should I do."


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