Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 67

Think carefully.

Su Qing didn't dare to think about it anymore.

That night, Su Qing suffered from insomnia.

The news of Su Qing's accident quickly spread to the Su family, the Li family, and even Chu Tianyi knew about it.

Early the next morning.

Chu Tianyi came with a bouquet of flowers, with a worried look on his face: "Su Qing, is there any injury? What did the doctor say? How could there be a car accident?"

Chu Tianyi's arrival made Su Qing feel uncomfortable, and after worrying about Lu Rongyuan all night, there is still no news so far, so she is even more unhappy.

"Thank you, Young Master Chu, for your concern. I'm fine. Let's go slowly."

Su Qing directly issued an order to evict the guest.

Chu Tianyi frowned, and said affectionately: "Su Qing, I heard that you were injured, and I was very worried. At that time, I was thinking, what should I do if something happened to you, Su Qing, I really found myself I love you so much, I can't live without you."

Su Qing was taken aback by the unexpected sweet words, and immediately smiled, sneering: "Young Master Chu is really romantic and affectionate, if Su Xue hears this, I don't know how he should feel."

"Su Qing, between us, can we not mention Su Xue?" Chu Tianyi continued to express his affection, looking at the wounds on Su Qing's forehead and hands, with a distressed expression on his face: "How could there be a car accident? Get out of the car and drive carefully." , or don't go to work, you are the goddaughter of the Li family, why do you need to go to work, does the Li family treat you badly? It's just a show to the outside world? "

That last sentence is tentative.

Chu Tianyi was testing Su Qing's status in the Li family.

Su Qing was not stupid, so she could see right away what Chu Tianyi was up to.

Su Qing was only disappointed with Chu Tianyi at first, but now she has escalated to disgust.

Seeing Chu Tianyi's face, Su Qing didn't want to say a word.

"Chu Tianyi, you still have to be ashamed to come and harass us Su Qing even after you're married."

An Ruo bought breakfast and brought Xia Bao here.

As soon as An Ruo saw Chu Tianyi, he didn't like it anyway, and wished he could kill him.

Chu Tianyi's face immediately turned ugly, but seeing that it was An Ruo, the eldest lady of the An family, he had no choice but to suppress his anger.

"Miss An, it was just a mistake between me and Su Xue. It was not my intention. I have always liked Su Qing." Chu Tianyi looked at Su Qing tenderly: "I just want to make up for the confusion I made before. , start again with Su Qing."

"You are daydreaming that you are a married man hooking up with us Su Qing, you are shameless, don't hook up with us Su Qing." An Ruo was very angry and complained about Su Qing: "You didn't see that our Su Qing doesn't like you at all, hates you What about you, why are you so thick-skinned, you still hang on."

An Ruo stabbed Chu Tianyi in the heart with every word, but any man with a little self-respect could not bear An Ruo's insult.

Chu Tianyi held back his anger: "Miss An, please pay attention to your words, this is a matter between me and Su Qing, and it is not up to you, an outsider, to intervene."

An Ruo was angry: "If you bully Su Qing, I will take care of it."

Su Qing said coldly: "Ruo Ruo is right, Chu Tianyi, you have to have some self-respect, you shouldn't take the humiliation of yourself anymore, you can go, and take everything you brought with you."

Chu Tianyi's original intention was to mend the relationship with Su Qing, and he didn't want to intensify the conflict. With An Ruo around, it would be difficult for him to ease the relationship with Su Qing.

"Okay, then take good care of your wounds, and I'll come to see you another day." Chu Tianyi gave An Ruo a cold look, turned and left.

Xia Bao, who had been silent all this time, rolled his eyes and ran out of the ward to catch up with Chu Tianyi while Su Qing and An Ruo were not paying attention.


Xia Bao grabbed the corner of Chu Tianyi's clothes, his voice was soft and waxy, and he was cute and cute, anyone who saw him would like it.

But Chu Tianyi didn't like it.

He knew the child, had appeared at the confession banquet before.

"It's you, why are you here?"

Chu Tianyi was so angry by An Ruo that he had a headache just now, and he didn't notice Xia Bao.

"Uncle, you are so blind, I was in the ward just now." Xia Bao curled his lips and complained, his face full of contempt.

Said he was blind?

Chu Tianyi's face suddenly became ugly, but the hospital corridors were full of family members and doctors, so he couldn't care less about a child.

Chu Tianyi suddenly realized and stared at Xia Bao in front of him: "You said you were in the ward just now, what is the relationship between you and Su Qing?"

Could this really be Su Qing's illegitimate son?

Su Qing really had a child out of wedlock?

Otherwise, how could this child be by Su Qing's side?

"I'm an orphan. I was cheated by a bad uncle last time. My sister thought I was pitiful, so she adopted me." Xia Bao was about to cry as he spoke, "Uncle, my sister is very nice, don't you like her? Uncle is so handsome, Xiaobao likes it very much, I also want my uncle to be with my sister, I can help you catch up with my sister."

Hearing this, Chu Tianyi breathed a sigh of relief, it turned out that he was adopted.

Xia Bao's words aroused Chu Tianyi's interest. No matter who they are, they like to hear compliments.

And it is said that children can't lie. When Xia Bao liked him, the anger on Chu Tianyi's face dissipated: "Oh? How can you help me chase?"

"Women are all for coaxing." Xia Bao giggled, and suddenly tightened his legs: "Uncle, I need to pee urgently, can you take me to the bathroom?"

Chu Tianyi frowned, and Xia Bao said in a childish voice: "Sister likes a man who is helpful to others the most. Uncle is so good-looking, he must be very nice."

This kid has such a sweet mouth.

Seeing Xia Bao's really anxious look, Chu Tianyi said, "Okay, then I'll take you there."

"Thank you Uncle, Uncle is so kind." Xia Bao smiled, but there was a sly gleam in his eyes.

Chu Tianyi took Xia Bao to the bathroom: "Hurry up and pee."

"Uncle, please help me take off my pants, I can't take them off." Xia Bao pretended to take off his pants, but he couldn't take them off, with an expression of crying in anxiety.

Chu Tianyi looked at it, and found that the trousers were too tight, so he squatted down: "Okay, let me take it off for you."

Chu Tianyi reached out to help him take off his pants, and just as he took them off, he suddenly heard Xia Bao anxiously saying, "Uncle, I can't hold it back anymore."

Before Chu Tianyi could react, there was heat on his face, and the smell of urine filled his nose.

He was pissed all over his face by a small child.

Chu Tianyi was caught off guard, urine was all over his face and clothes, not to mention the smell.

"Uncle, I'm sorry." Xia Bao ran out with his pants up.

"Little bastard, stop for me." Chu Tianyi's face was terribly gloomy.

Xia Bao ran to the door of the bathroom, turned around and made a face at Chu Tianyi: "Hmph, let you bully my sister, my sister is mine, no one can bully you."

Only then did Chu Tianyi realize that he was being played by a child.

"Stinky boy, stop for me."

Chu Tianyi was furious and strode over. Xia Bao didn't run away this time and was caught.

"You dare to tease me, brat, let me teach you a lesson." Chu Tianyi was furious.

Chu Tianyi raised his hand and was about to hit him, but Xia Bao suddenly cried earth-shatteringly before he dropped his hand.

"Beat the child, the bad uncle beat the child."


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