Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 68

Xia Bao howled like this, and immediately alarmed the cleaning aunt.

Seeing Xia Bao being beaten, the cleaning aunt rushed out enthusiastically, pointing at Chu Tianyi and accusing: "How can you beat a child, this is a little older child."

Xia Bao continued to cry: "Grandma, help me, I don't know this bad uncle, he's going to kill me, it hurts so much."

Chu Tianyi was so angry that his blood pressure soared. This child was full of lies.

When is he going to kill him?

He hasn't even started yet.

Never touched.

When the aunt heard the voice of grandma, she felt so distressed, and grabbed the child from Chu Tianyi's hand.

"It turned out to be human traffickers, but now the human traffickers are so rampant, they ran to the hospital to snatch the child and beat the child." The aunt took out her mobile phone and grabbed Chu Tianyi: "Don't leave, I will call the police now and let the police come and arrest you .”

Xia Bao proudly stood behind the aunt and stuck out his tongue at Chu Tianyi, not to mention how arrogant he was.

"Little bastard." Chu Tianyi was furious.

"Oh, I hit someone, grandma, look, he's going to hit me again." Xia Bao hid behind the aunt, and pretended to cry a few more times.

"You still dare to hit people." The aunt picked up the mop next to him and hit Chu Tianyi: "Damn human trafficker, seeing how gentle you are, you dare to do such wicked things, little friend, don't be afraid, grandma protect you."

"Stop." Chu Tianyi was caught off guard.

That's a mop for mopping the bathroom, and the smell can be imagined.

With the smell of urine all over his body and the unpleasant smell of the mop, Chu Tianyi was so angry that the veins on his forehead twitched violently.

The commotion here also alerted some people to come over, the cleaning aunt yelled for someone to call the police and arrest the traffickers.

The dignified young master of the Chu family, if this is taken to the police station as a human trafficker, it would be a big joke.

He can't afford to lose that person either.

Chu Tianyi had to suffer this boring loss.

"Let go." Chu Tianyi broke free from his aunt with an angry face, and quickly left the hospital.

Very embarrassed.

The smell of urine was so strong that passers-by covered their noses and stayed away.

Chu Tianyi's face became even darker. He took off his coat, wiped his face, and threw it into the trash can.


Su Qing found that Xia Bao was missing, so she hurried out to look for it, and saw the cleaning lady enthusiastically sending Xia Bao back.

Xia Bao coaxed the cleaning aunt to be very happy, and the two talked and laughed.

"Xiaobao, where did you go?" Su Qing was extremely worried.

"This is your child. You have to be careful. Now that the traffickers are rampant, they have come to the hospital to rob people. Your child was almost taken away by the traffickers." The cleaning lady touched Xia Bao's head and said with a smile: " This kid is so cute."

"Grandma, Xiaobao likes you too, just now thank you grandma for helping me drive away the bad guys." Xia Bao's mouth seemed to have been wiped with honey.

"This mouth is so sweet, grandma really likes you." The cleaning aunt was so happy that she could not close her mouth from ear to ear.

Su Qing and An Ruo looked at each other, both a little confused.

Afterwards, when he returned to the ward, Xia Bao explained the matter honestly.

Hearing that Chu Tianyi was pissed all over his face, An Ruo smiled flamboyantly: "Xiaobao, you are really amazing, so relieved."

After hearing this, Su Qing couldn't help laughing, but thinking of Chu Tianyi's temperament, she warned: "Xiaobao, don't do this next time. I am very grateful that you stand in the way for me, but you are still young and easy to suffer. If you don't have the one just now Grandma help, what do you do?"

"Sister, don't worry, I run fast, and I won't be caught next time. This time I was careless."

"Little Treasure." Su Qing looked serious.

Xia Bao said obediently: "Xiao Bao knows, I won't do it next time."

An Ruo also realized that the matter was serious, what if Xia Bao was beaten?

An Ruo whispered to Xia Bao: "Xiaobao, next time something like this happens, call me."

The two winked and reached a consensus.

Not long after Chu Tianyi left, Li Kuihua and his wife also came. After asking about their concerns, they asked Su Qing to recuperate.

Su Qing didn't want to be hospitalized: "Godfather and godmother, I'm fine, I want to be discharged from the hospital."

Liu Xueqin said: "In such a serious car accident, I almost lost my life. It's nothing serious. Stay a few more days to observe and observe. The godmother will go back and make you soup."

Li Kuihua asked: "Xiaoqing, you said just now that someone else had an accident with you, what happened to others?"

"His family took him away."

When it came to Lu Rongyuan, Su Qing didn't say much, and she didn't dare to tell Li Kuihua her conjecture.

Li Kuihua secretly breathed a sigh of relief. He received the news of Su Qing's accident, so he naturally knew that something happened to Lu Rongyuan, but the Lu family blocked the news very tightly, so they couldn't find out the specific situation.

Lu Zhanyuan and Lu Chengjun also made moves, Li Kuihua didn't know if he could win this bet.

If Lu Rongyuan is okay, he will win.

If something goes wrong, he won't win, but he won't lose either.

Li Kuihua and his wife stayed in the hospital for a while, Li Kuihua's company still had something to do, Liu Xueqin hurried back to make soup for Su Qing, and left.

After Li Kuihua and his wife left, Su De'an and Qin Suqin also came.

Su Qing asked An Ruo to send her away, and she didn't want to see anyone.

There is no news from Wan Yang, she is very anxious.

"Sister, are you thirsty? Can Xiaobao pour water for you?" Xia Bao is very sensible and knows how to greet people.

"Little treasure, my sister doesn't drink water."

As soon as Su Qing finished speaking, the phone rang, and it was Wan Yang calling.

Su Qing couldn't wait to connect: "Mr. Wan, how is he doing?"

"Not out of danger yet, the leg is temporarily saved." Wan Yang said ambiguously.

"Not out of danger." Su Qing murmured these words and asked, "Can I go see him?"

"I'm afraid it's inconvenient." Wan Yang said, "Miss Su, please be patient and wait for the news. The blood in the boss's whole body has been changed almost once, and his life is temporarily saved. It's just that the doctor said that there may be sequelae, and it doesn't matter when he wakes up." Not necessarily, maybe, not waking up."

Su Qing's heart fell into an ice cellar: "What does it mean that you can't wake up?"

"It's possible to become a vegetable." Wan Yang said with a heavy tone, "Miss Su, if the boss really becomes a vegetable, don't be sad. He saved your life to save you. This is what he is willing to do, and he doesn't want to see you sad."

The news brought by Wan Yang made Su Qing feel even more heavy.

Thinking of Lu Rongyuan protecting her at the moment when the car hit the stone wall, tears immediately fell down.

In this life, there is a man who can protect him with his life, how lucky and happy that is.

Dark Headquarters.

Wan Yang hung up the phone, but a smile appeared on his face.

Suddenly a voice appeared behind him.

"Who said that Lu Rongyuan would become a vegetable? I, Che Chengjun, have never missed a shot. He is out of danger and woke up within a few hours at most."

Wan Yang looked back and smiled: "Didn't I want to help the boss? He risked his life to save Su Qing. It's a bitter plan. It's a waste of such a good opportunity."

Saying that, Wan Yang looked at Xia Tian who was behind Che Chengjun: "This is not your trick. With bitter tricks and stalking, there is no woman you can't catch."

Xia Tian complained: "Bitter tricks almost cost me my life. If it gets out that the leader of the dark night was killed in a car accident in order to chase a woman, it should make people laugh for several years."


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