Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 69

Wan Yang's mouth twitched at Xia Tian's complaints.

"Hey, you are still young and don't understand the love between adults. When you grow up and meet someone you are willing to risk your life to protect, then you will know." Nearly dead, he too was shocked.

A man values another person more than his own life.

Is this luck, or misfortune?

Lu Rongyuan is lying there now, Wan Yang is a friend, all he can do is to praise Lu Rongyuan's condition, maybe they can make the two of them reunite.

Xia Tian really does not understand these.

Che Chengjun gave Wan Yang a white look: "Don't teach me Xia Tian, I still count on him to inherit my mantle. At such a young age, it's a mistake to fall in love."

It was not easy for him to meet a person with such a high medical talent, and he devoted himself to cultivating Xia Tian as his successor, so naturally he couldn't let Wan Yang destroy it.

"Che Chengjun, you are too selfish, you can't let our Xia Tian die alone in order to find a successor." Wan Yang pulled Xia Tian over: "Xia Tian, don't listen to him."

"Hey." Xia Tian shook his head, with an old-fashioned tone: "I'm only four and a half years old, you tell me to find a girlfriend, is that appropriate?"

Wan Yang laughed and looked at Che Chengjun: "Is it suitable?"

Che Chengjun snorted and walked away with a cold face.

Wan Yang laughed to himself: "It seems really inappropriate."

"I'm going to see Boss Lu."

Xia Tian is now a member of Dark Night, because of his extremely high talent, whether it is Che Chengjun or Old Man Xue, they both intend to train and teach him as his successor.

In Xia Tian's heart, Lu Rongyuan is the leader of An Ye, and the only person he admires and wants to surpass.

A few hours later, Lu Rongyuan woke up.

When I opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was Xia Tian.

Xia Tian's small figure was busy in the room. Seeing Lu Rongyuan woke up, he poured a glass of water and handed it over: "Master Che told me to drink some water after waking up."

Although Xia Tian was very steady in doing things, like a little adult, he was still a child after all, when Xia Tian handed it over with a water glass in his small hand, there was an indescribable softness in Lu Rongyuan's heart.

Lu Rongyuan drank water, but his lips were still chapped, and Xia Tian used a cotton swab dipped in water to moisten his lips.

"It seems that you have adapted to this place." Lu Rongyuan looked at Xia Tian: "I have sent people to find your parents."

Before Lu Rongyuan promised to help find, Xia Tian did not expect that Lu Rongyuan would really look for it.

Xia Tian glanced at Lu Rongyuan and put down the cotton swab: "Thank you, Boss Lu."

"Aren't you very happy?"

Xia Tian's reaction is very dull.

Xia Tian looked at Lu Rongyuan: "Since I was born, I have never seen my parents, I have no family, and I have never been happy or unhappy."

Speaking the most mature and sensible words in the most immature tone, Lu Rongyuan suddenly felt sour in his heart.

Something called heartache poured out from the bottom of his heart, giving him an urge to hug Xia Tian.

In the end, Lu Rongyuan only touched Xia Tian's head: "From now on, this will be your home, and I will be your family."

Xia Tian smiled: "Thank you, Boss Lu."

Lu Rongyuan hooked the corner of his mouth: "Xia, go and find Wan Yang."

"You want to ask about that Miss Su, right? She's fine." Xia Tian looked to see through Lu Rongyuan, sitting on a chair, and sighed: "Hey, Boss Lu, there are no fragrant grasses anywhere in the world, why bother to fall in love with one branch alone?" flower."

Lu Rongyuan: "..."

It is too smart to teach the child, and the one who is injured is always himself, and he can still teach him with such philosophical words.

"You are young."

Xia Tian curled his lips, this action was exactly the same as Xia Bao's, Lu Rongyuan had the illusion of seeing Xia Bao in a trance.

That child is more cunning than a fox.

Xia Tian is more mature and stable, and sometimes has a childish side.

Thinking of Xia Bao, Lu Rongyuan felt that that child was also a malleable talent. If he cultivated well, he would definitely be an excellent diplomat.

Dark Night needs such a person.

That child is weird, but it's a pity that Su Qing adopted him, so he can't abduct him to the dark night.

Xia Tian got up, shrugged: "I still have to go to training, Boss Lu, I wish you good luck."

Lu Rongyuan: "..."

This contemptuous tone makes people very uncomfortable.

Wan Yang heard that Lu Rongyuan had woken up, so he hurried over.

"Boss, you've finally woken up. I thought I'd never see you again in this life." Wan Yang's expression was exaggerated and emotional.

"I can't die." Lu Rongyuan said with a dark face, "It's all your bad idea."

"Boss, you can't blame me for this, who knows that there will be a car accident." Wan Yang muttered.

Lu Rongyuan recalled the situation at that time, Su Qing was driving a company car, the car would be checked regularly, how could the brakes fail?

"The brakes of the car are out of order, please ask someone to check."

Wan Yang's expression became serious: "Boss, do you suspect that this is not an accident?"

"You'll find out if you check." Lu Rongyuan wasn't sure either.

But if it was really artificial, Su Qing drove the car, and someone targeted Su Qing, he definitely couldn't ignore it.

"Okay." Wan Yang said, "By the way, boss, Auntie and Grandpa Lu called, and they wanted to visit."

"No, if you move too much, Lu Zhanyuan and his son will become suspicious."

Wan Yang: "I sent people to keep an eye on the father and son. They were indeed inquiring, but they didn't make much progress."

Lu Rongyuan said meaningfully: "The water in the Lu family is almost mixed."

"Boss, do you want to close the net?" Wan Yang thought of one thing and said, "Boss, I think you should think about how to get past Miss Su, she should have guessed your identity."

At that time, Lu Rongyuan was in a critical situation. Old Master Lu and Chen Xiufen were worried, so they went to pick Lu Rongyuan up together. At that time, there was such a huge crowd at the entrance of the hospital, Su Qing would definitely have guessed it.

"It's okay." Lu Rongyuan said calmly, but he was a little afraid to face Su Qing in his heart.


Xia Tian was practicing shooting in the training room when old man Xue walked in.

"Xiaxia, come and rest." Old man Xue beckoned.

Xia Tian just glanced at it indifferently, continued to practice, finished firing the bullets in his hand, and then walked over.

"Old man Xue, what's the matter?"

Xia Tian's forehead was covered with sweat. When he first came to the island, Xia Tian was as thin as a monkey. After several months of training, he gained flesh and became much stronger.

"Didn't you clamor to find your younger brother before, why don't you go and talk to Boss Lu this time?"

"No need." Xia Tian really wanted to find his younger brother, but he didn't want him to come to the island: "I'll find it myself in the future."

The training here is very hard, and it is enough for him to suffer alone. When he grows up and becomes stronger, he will be able to protect his younger brother.

If he finds his younger brother now, old man Xue will definitely bring him to the island.

Old man Xue really had this idea.

Xia Tian is so smart and extraordinary, this one's mother must be no different.

Now that there is a lack of good seedlings on the island, old man Xue wants to abduct more, is to find more talented children.


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