Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 70

Old man Xue smiled bitterly: "Xiamen, I also want to reunite you two brothers. It's not safe for your brother to be out alone. Bring him to the island and have a companion with you."

Xia Tian's clear eyes stared at old man Xue, very serious: "Old man Xue, don't think about my brother, I don't agree with him coming to the island."

Being exposed, the old man Xue said with a sneer: "I just mentioned it casually, and if I don't look for it, I won't look for it. I'm not worried. How pitiful it is to be homeless at such a young age."

"It would be really pitiful for anyone to run into my brother."

"What's the meaning?"

Xia Tian didn't speak any more, drank his saliva, and continued to practice.

The two brothers grew up together, Xia Tian naturally understands his younger brother, he is eccentric and full of ghost ideas, it is not difficult to survive.

This is also the reason why Xia Tian was in a hurry, but never looked for it.

Now he is still too weak, only if he becomes stronger, when he surpasses Boss Lu, he can go to find his younger brother.

Old man Xue pouted, like an old urchin, snorted, and put his hands behind his back.

"Old man Xue, who made you angry? What about Xia Tian?" Che Chengjun walked in from the outside.

"Find it yourself." Old man Xue played with his temper.

Che Chengjun saw through it at a glance: "Are you looking for abuse in Xia Tian again?"

It’s okay not to talk about this matter, but when he talked about it, the old man Xue stopped and complained to Che Chengjun like a wronged old child: "Xiao Che, you said that I was kind enough to find my brother for Xia Tian, ​​but he didn't appreciate it. Is it easy for me to worry about such a big heart when I am old?"

"Have a younger brother in Xia Tian?" Che Chengjun was surprised, he really didn't know about it.

Only old man Xue knows about Xia Tian having a younger brother.

"I just found out not long ago that the two brothers were separated before and met me in Xia Tian, and the other child doesn't know where it is now." Old man Xue felt very sorry that he didn't pick up both children.

Che Chengjun said quietly: "Are you sure you are kind enough to find your younger brother for Xia Tian? You are not trying to abduct people to the island?"

"How can this be abduction? I'm also introducing talents for our dark night. You see Xia Tian's talent is so high. I heard Xia Tian's tone. His younger brother is also a good seed, so, hehe!" Old man Xue rubbed his hands with a smile , I can't wait to abduct people.

Che Chengjun nodded: "So this is still trying to abduct people."

Old man Xue: "..."

Anyway, that's what old man Xue was thinking, and when he was exposed, old man Xue didn't hide it anymore.

"You have also seen Xia Tian's talent, so you don't want to accept another apprentice?" Old man Xue began to encourage.

Talent is what everyone desires.

Among the group of children who just arrived on the island, only Xia Tian was gifted in medicine, and he was also gifted in all things.

Other children, some are good at shooting, some are outstanding in the field of information technology, some are good at close combat, and some are good at long-distance command.

But Anye wanted to train successors, all of them were unqualified, they could be soldiers but not commanders.

Che Chengjun was also a little moved, thinking about it and said: "If Xia Tian is not allowed to look for it, then we can only look for it in private."

"I thought so too." Old man Xue finally found someone on his side: "I can't get out of the island, so I have to trouble you for finding someone, Xiaoche."

Che Chengjun was expressionless: "I can't leave the island either."

According to the rules on the island, you can't leave the island unless you have something special to do, and Che Chengjun usually doesn't like to go out, and prefers to spend time in the laboratory doing research.

Let him find someone, I'm afraid it will be hopeless.

The two looked at each other and said in unison: "Xia Qiu."

What Xia Qiu is best at is finding people, so leave this matter to him, that's right.

Xia Qiu was out on missions all year round, so it was more convenient to find someone.

The old man Xue and Che Chengjun found Xia Qiu together, and when they heard that they were helping to find someone, Xia Qiu slapped his chest: "No problem."


Su Qing stayed in the hospital for two days before being discharged. Liu Xueqin insisted on sending her to Li's house to recuperate.

Su Qing couldn't hold back Liu Xueqin, so she could only take Xia Bao to live in Li's house temporarily.

Su Qing chose to live in Li's house because she wanted to avoid some troubles.

Since she was hospitalized, Qin Suqin and Su De'an came every day, and Chu Tianyi also sent a bouquet of flowers every day.

Living in Li's house, there is no need to bother to dismiss these people for the time being.

Xia Bao is smart and cute, and coaxes Liu Xueqin into ecstasy. Liu Xueqin likes Xia Bao very much, and loves Xia Bao very much. He specially asked someone to build a small playground at home for Xia Bao to play.

With Xia Bao, the Li family is no longer lifeless, it is much more lively, and every day is full of laughter.

Li Kuihua came back from social gatherings every day, and he heard the laughter of his wife and Xia Bao at the door of the house, and he was in a good mood. Please download the novel app iRead app to read the latest content

Xia Bao is a pistachio that can make everyone fall in love with him.

Some people are happy and some are sad.

Li Sen was the most favored in this family before, but now that Su Qing and Xia Bao live in, he has fallen out of favor, like a little transparent.

Li Sen was very depressed, but he couldn't beat Xia Bao.

For example, Li Sen was playing games in the game room, and he was excited when he was playing, and suddenly the battery ran out, the battery ran out...

"Xia Bao." Li Sen held the handle of the game and yelled through gritted teeth.

"Beautiful grandma, my uncle is attacking me again." Xia Bao looked terrified.

Liu Xueqin rushed to the scene immediately: "Li Sen, try to be cruel to Xiaobao again, and another 100,000 will be deducted from your pocket money this month."

Li Sen: "..."

At night, in order to "take revenge" on Xia Bao, Li Sen caught a toad and put it on Xia Bao's bed, and then went back to his room happily.

Li Sen waited all night, but he didn't hear the sound of Xia Bao being frightened and screamed. He fell asleep while waiting.

Early the next morning, Li Sen woke up in a daze, and suddenly felt something moving in the bed.

Li Sen lifted the quilt and jumped up screaming in fright.

Dozens of toads in the bed were jumping all over the bed with their big eyes wide open, and several of them jumped on Li Sen's body, making his facial features distorted in fright.

"Hahaha." Xia Bao laughed loudly standing at the door.

"Xia Bao, I'm not done with you." Li Sen howled.

"Beautiful grandma, uncle is attacking me again."

Liu Xueqin arrived at the scene in three seconds: "Li Sen, you will deduct another 100,000 from this month's pocket money, and if you are cruel to Xiaobao, you will move out for me."

Li Sen wants to cry but has no tears: "..."

"Mom, am I still your own son?"

"Look at your virtuous behavior. You are already in your twenties, and you are still fooling around all day long. You really don't look like me and your dad. Go back and ask the hospital if it was wrong." Liu Xueqin held Xia Bao by the hand, with that tone Immediately made a 180-degree turn: "Xiaobao, grandma is going to get you something delicious, and I'll take you out to play after eating."

Li Sen: "..."

This is his own mother.

"Okay." Xia Bao was very obedient, and made a face at Li Sen where Liu Xueqin couldn't see.

"Stinky boy." Li Sen gritted his teeth angrily, but there was nothing he could do.

Li Sen has fought and failed repeatedly, and has been defeated and fought repeatedly. He is very tenacious.

After dozens of rounds, Li Sen's pocket money became negative, he surrendered, and slipped into Xia Bao's room in the middle of the night: "Little ancestor, I admit defeat, don't mess with me anymore, let's have a truce, how about peaceful coexistence. "

Xia Bao triumphantly sat cross-legged on the bed, blinked his big eyes, held his chubby face in his hands, and said with a smile: "Uncle, your fighting power is really weak, so you have to admit defeat."


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