Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 72

Qin Yafei saw clearly that it was Lu Xingnan, her expression turned dark instantly, and she shook off Lu Xingnan.

"Don't worry about my business."

"Feifei, I didn't bring you into the company to mess with you. What did you promise me before?" Lu Xingnan's tone was mixed with anger: "You said you were just here to work, but what did you do? I warned you, don't Go and provoke Su Qing."

"Why, you're also attracted to that woman?" Qin Yafei sneered: "Lu Xingnan, you promised your sister to take care of me, if you let Brother Rong Yuan know that I did the car accident, I'll see how you face your sister. "

"You are too nonsense." Lu Xingnan was furious: "You almost killed brother and Su Qing this time, and you have no remorse at all."

"I didn't know that brother Rong Yuan would follow." Qin Yafei saw that Lu Xingnan was really angry, and her attitude was not so bad, she tugged at Lu Xingnan's hand: "Brother Xingnan, I'm not worth it for my sister, my sister is for Rong Yuan Something happened to my brother, and he has forgotten his sister in just a few years, so he wanted to teach Su Qing a lesson, but he didn't expect it to be so serious."

"Are you asking your elder brother to guard your sister for the rest of your life?" Lu Xingnan felt a little ridiculous, and he was not unprincipled, and warned coldly: "Feifei, for Yayuan's sake, I can take care of you this time, but if there is another Next time, I can't help you either."

Lu Xingnan dropped these words, turned and walked out.

Qin Yafei stopped him: "Brother Xingnan, you have never said such a serious word to me, are you really in love with Su Qing?"

Lu Xingnan froze his steps: "Don't talk nonsense, Su Qing is the eldest brother's woman."

"Brother Rong Yuan even gave up his life for Su Qing, will he marry Su Qing?" Qin Yafei asked unwillingly: "She won't die inexplicably like those brides who married Brother Rong Yuan before, right? "

"Whoever dares to touch Su Qing's hair will bear the consequences." Lu Xingnan said, "The son of the Zheng Group and Zhou Xiongfei is the best fate."

Of course Qin Yafei knew about the overnight acquisition of the Zheng Group by the Lu Group.

"Brother Rong Yuan attacked the Zheng Group because of Su Qing?" Qin Yafei couldn't believe it: "Zhou Xiongfei's son Zhou Zhe's leg was also done by brother Rong Yuan for Su Qing?"

Lu Xingnan nodded, without saying anything, he opened the door of the office and went out.

Qin Yafei was shocked in place, that Lu Rongyuan did this for Su Qing.

Qin Yafei felt an unprecedented sense of crisis.

She anxiously walked back and forth twice, then took out her mobile phone and made a call: "I want to know why your leg was removed..."


Su Qing came out of the bathroom and looked for materials in the reference room. One of the materials was too high and was placed on the top shelf. Su Qing almost got it with her feet.

Su Qing jumped up and stretched out her hand to take it. Suddenly, all the documents fell down, and the shelf was shaking.


Lu Xingnan rushed over and quickly supported the shelf.

"Su Qing, is there anything wrong?"

Su Qing was hit in the head by the information, but it wasn't serious. It was a surprise to see that it was Lu Xingnan.

"Lu, male god Lu, why are you here?"

Isn't Lu Xingnan in the subsidiary company?

"I'll come to the headquarters to take a look." Lu Xingnan picked up the documents on the ground: "Are you still used to being in the headquarters?"

"It's okay." Su Qing said, "Thank you."

"You're welcome, if I were another employee of the company, I would also take action." Lu Xingnan asked knowingly, "I heard that you had a car accident some time ago, are you in good health?"

"Okay, thank you male god Lu for your concern."

There were only two people in the reference room, and Su Qing felt a little uncomfortable, holding the files and said, "I still have work, so I'll go out and get busy first."


Lu Xingnan added: "Don't try too hard, the body is the capital of the revolution."

Su Qing raised her lips and smiled: "Understood."

Back on the seat, a courier boy stood at the door holding a bouquet of roses and asked, "Who is Miss Su Qing, Miss Su?"

"I am." Su Qing was puzzled.

"Hi Miss Su, here are your flowers, please sign for it."

The courier brother brought such a large bouquet of flowers, which attracted the attention of colleagues.

Someone jokingly asked, "Su Qing, did your boyfriend give it to you?"

She broke up with Lu Rongyuan, where did she get her boyfriend?

Besides, Lu Rongyuan still doesn't know what's going on, so how could he send flowers.

Su Qing asked the courier brother: "Who delivered it?"

"It was given by a Mr. Chu."


Chu Tianyi?

There are cards with flowers.

Su Qing opened it and took a look. It said: You are my thousand stars, and my missing rib.

It's really nasty.

Su Qing put the card back: "Sorry, please return this flower."

Chu Tianyi is really pervasive. He sent flowers to the hospital before, and now he sent them to the company.

Colleagues booed: "Su Qing, you are the suitor. Such a beautiful flower, don't waste it. From this flower, you can tell that the other party is a romantic person."

The courier brother said, "Miss Su, just accept it. If the flowers are returned and the customer complains, I will have to pay a fine. It will be a day for nothing, and if I fail, I will lose my job."

It is not easy to come out to work to make a living.

Su Qing hesitated to sign for it, and the colleague smiled and said, "Su Qing, if you don't like it, use it to decorate the office, it's not a waste."

"Okay, you can take care of it." Su Qing directly handed the flowers to her colleagues, this scene was noticed by both Lu Xingnan and Qin Yafei. To exit the transcoding page, please download the app Love Reading Novels to read the latest chapters.

Qin Yafei sneered in her heart, she is really a watery woman.

Lu Xingnan didn't express any opinions, but rather envied the person who could pursue Su Qing in an open and honest manner.

Chu Tianyi sent the flowers to the company, which had a bad influence, so Su Qing went to the balcony and called Chu Tianyi.

The call was connected immediately, and Chu Tianyi's cheerful voice came from the phone: "Xiaoqing, have you received the flowers? Do you like them?"

"Chu Tianyi, don't do this anymore. It's useless for you to do this, except to make me more disgusted." Su Qing was really disgusted.

"Xiaoqing, I know I hurt you too much before, so I will send flowers every day until you forgive me."

Su Qing really had a headache, she felt that she was playing the piano to the cow.

"Whatever you want, it happens that the office lacks some decorations, so it's not bad to use them for decoration."

Did he really think she didn't dare to accept it?

After Su Qing finished speaking, she hung up the phone, and Qin Yafei's voice suddenly came from behind her.

"Su Qing, what's the matter? Seeing that you are not very happy, did you quarrel with your boyfriend?" Qin Yafei walked over with a smile: "I saw it just now, such a big bouquet of flowers, your boyfriend is really romantic, what? It's time to bring it out and see you."

Su Qing usually didn't have much contact with Qin Yafei, but Qin Yafei suddenly said so enthusiastically that she wanted to see her boyfriend, as if the two of them knew each other very well.

"It's not a boyfriend." Su Qing didn't want to say more: "I still have work, so I'll get busy first."

"Okay, you're busy." Qin Yafei had a smile on her face, and when Su Qing turned around, the smile on her face disappeared instantly, and she looked at Su Qing coldly.

The news that Su Qing received flowers at the company soon reached Lu Rongyuan's ears.

Lu Rongyuan's face was gloomy: "Wan Yang, order me a bigger bouquet of flowers to send over."


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