Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 73

The vinegar jar was overturned.

Chu Tianyi was taking advantage of others' danger.

Naturally, Lu Rongyuan's mood was not much better.

Lu Rongyuan asked again: "How many roses did Chu Tianyi send?"

Wan Yang drank his tea and said kindly, "Emily said it was ninety-nine flowers."

Emily is Lu Rongyuan's eyes in the company.

"It's only ninety-nine, you're stingy." Lu Rongyuan sneered, "Order nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine to send."

Wan Yang took a sip of tea and almost didn't spit it out, so he coughed twice: "Boss, there are more than 9,000 flowers, they have to be pulled by a big truck, how can Miss Su handle them?"

Lu Rongyuan thought it made sense: "Then it's less, nine hundred and ninety-nine roses are enough, order the freshest red roses."


Wan Yang thought for a while and asked, "Boss, what if Chu Tianyi sends it off again?"

"Then we will continue to give away. Whatever Chu Tianyi gives, we will give ten times as much." Lu Rongyuan felt that in terms of chasing women, he could not lose his momentum.

"Then do you need to write something to Miss Su?" Wan Yang suggested, "For example, some nasty love words can promote the relationship between the two of you."

"No, Qingqing understands what I mean." Lu Rongyuan was very confident.

But the facts proved that Lu Rongyuan was overconfident.

Su Qing has been busy all day, and finally finished the work in hand. She was rushing to pick up Xia Bao from the kindergarten, when suddenly another courier brother delivered flowers.

And this time it was carried by several people.

Colleagues are envious, especially female colleagues.

"Su Qing, I'm so envious. There must be nine hundred and ninety-nine flowers here. It will last for a long time, so romantic."

"It's the first time I've seen someone give such a big bouquet of roses, it's so beautiful."

Su Qing felt even more headache when she looked at the flowers.

It's really endless.

Su Qing directly regarded it as a gift from Chu Tianyi, and after signing for it, she handed the flowers to her colleagues: "You guys deal with it."

A male colleague said with a smile: "Su Qing, I will take a few borrowed flowers to present to the Buddha, and give them to my wife when I go back."

"Take it." Su Qing said generously: "Everyone who likes it can take it, you're welcome."

"Thanks, I'll take a few back and give them to my girlfriend."

"I'll take a few too."

"I also want."

In the end, all the roses that Lu Rongyuan sent were divided among colleagues.

Su Qing leaves work on time to pick up Xia Bao.

Liu Xueqin provided her with a car. Li's garage is full of luxury cars, and the most low-key one is a five or six hundred thousand nanny shopping cart.

Liu Xueqin asked her to choose one at random, and order a new one if she didn't like it.

Su Qing chose a nanny grocery shopping cart, she didn't want to be too high-profile.

Liu Xueqin's kindness to her made her feel loved by her mother.

When Su Xue was just an adult, Su De'an gave Su Xue a three million sports car as an adult gift.

But for her coming-of-age ceremony, Su Xue and Qin Suqin drugged her and arranged for a man.

Su Qing was waiting for Xia Bao at the gate of the kindergarten, recalling the past, she felt an indescribably sour feeling in her heart.

It would be nice if her baby was still alive.

Just thinking about it, Su Qing saw Xia Bao bouncing towards her.

"elder sister."

Xia Bao called Grandma Liu Xueqin and Uncle Li Sen, but she always called Sister Su Qing and never changed her name.

"Little Bao, did you obediently listen to the teacher at school today?" Su Qing looked at the chubby Xia Bao, her heart was so soft that it was a mess.

During this period of time in Li's house, Xia Bao's food was so good, the flesh on his body grew at a speed visible to the naked eye, round and tender, and his little face was rosy and white, which was very pleasing to look at.

"Sister, the teacher is too long-winded, and many questions are wrong. I raised my hand to correct the teacher. I still teach people at this level. Is it a mistake?" Xia Bao looked disgusted.

Su Qing was terrified.

How old is Xia Bao, to be able to correct the teacher's mistakes?

Even the wronged children know it.

Before, Su Qing only thought that Xia Bao was very smart, but now it seems that this is not ordinary smart.

Xia Bao's reading ability is very strong, and he is already able to independently learn high school knowledge when he is less than five years old.

This is a gifted child.

"Little Treasure, don't be so rude in the future, you must respect your teacher."

"Got it." Xia Bao stretched out his hand and smiled like a fox: "Sister, I want to hug you."

Su Qing: "..."

"Little Treasure, you weigh more now, don't you have any points in your heart?"

Xia Bao already weighed almost fifty catties. Although he was a little fatter, it still didn't affect his appearance, but he was even more cute and handsome.

"Sister, do you want to hug me?" Xia Bao said coquettishly, "Sister smells so good, so fragrant, so soft..."

"Stop it." Su Qing hugged Xia Bao, not knowing whether to laugh or cry: "If you tease me again, I won't hug Xia Bao next time."

Xia Bao put his arms around Su Qing's neck, with a satisfied expression on his face: "Sister, I want to sleep with my sister tonight."

"No." Su Qing refused.

Xia Bao didn't sleep honestly at night.

"Sister, I'm afraid at night." Xia Bao pouted: "Uncle wants to take revenge on me."

"If you don't play tricks, it's fine to punish your uncle."

Now Li Sen is afraid of Xia Bao.

Su Qing asked curiously, "What agreement did you make with your uncle?"

"This is a secret between men." Xia Bao said with a smile: "But I can tell my sister tonight."

This is still changing tricks and wanting to sleep together.

Su Qing really couldn't laugh or cry.

"Then sleep more honestly at night."

"Okay." Xia Bao snickered.


No news about Lu Rongyuan is the best news.

Coupled with Xia Bao, Su Qing is in a better mood.

In the evening, she called Wan Yang again, and when she learned that Lu Rongyuan was out of danger, she felt relieved.

Su Qing went to work on time every day, and Chu Tianyi and Lu Rongyuan's flowers were delivered on time every day, one after the other.

Chu Tianyi sent lilies, and Lu Rongyuan gave a larger bouquet of lilies.

After receiving so many flowers every day, the office couldn't put them down. Su Qing finally thought of a way, and dragged them out after get off work to promote them.

It costs one yuan per flower, and it will be processed quickly.

This is also an additional income.

not bad.

When Chu Tianyi learned that all the flowers he sent had been sold by Su Qing, his face was so black that it was ugly, it seemed that sending flowers was not an option.

When the news of Su Qing selling flowers reached Lu Rongyuan's ears, Lu Rongyuan smiled: "This woman is really a money addict."

Su Qing was the first one who dared to sell the flowers he sent.

When Wan Yang found out, he was also surprised.

A bouquet of tens of thousands of flowers was sold cheaply by Su Qing for a dollar.

Wan Yang was convinced.

"Boss, Miss Su is probably still angry with you."

Lu Rongyuan pondered and said: "It's almost there, find me a hospital."

"Boss, are we going back to the Imperial Capital?"

"It's time to go back." Lu Rongyuan said: "If you don't go back, it will be even more difficult for Su Qing to explain."

"Okay, then I'll ask Che Chengjun."

Che Chengjun is in charge of Lu Rongyuan's condition, if he can leave, he has to ask Che Chengjun to feel at ease.

Wan Yang was still very worried, but Che Chengjun said without raising his head, "I can leave a long time ago."

"Then you didn't say it earlier?"

"You didn't ask." Che Chengjun rolled his eyes at Wan Yang, and got up from the stool: "You let Lu Rongyuan take it easy, it's only been a while, two car accidents happened, next time you won't be so lucky."

"I know, I know, long-winded, you care about him, why don't you say it yourself."

Che Chengjun snorted: "Who cares about him, you should go quickly and don't disturb my experiment."

Wan Yang saw that Che Chengjun was busy, so he didn't talk nonsense. He walked to the door of the laboratory, saw Xia Tian, and greeted Xia Tian with a smile: "Xia Tian."

Xia Tian asked blankly: "Boss Lu is leaving?"


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