Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 74

"Boss' injury is almost healed, it's time to leave." Wan Yang patted Xia Tian's small shoulder: "I hope that next time we come, we can see you break the record that boss left on the island."

"Don't worry, there's no problem." Xia Tian is very confident: "In a short time, I will definitely break Boss Lu's record."

"Would you like to go and see the boss?" Wan Yang said, "We're leaving this time, so we don't know when we'll see you next time."

"Not going." Xia Tian said, "I still have to practice."

Said, Xia Tian turned around and went to the training room.

Lu Rongyuan couldn't wait to leave the island and return to the Imperial Capital.

Packed up, Lu Rongyuan set off that afternoon.

He said that he would not see Lu Rongyuan, but when Lu Rongyuan left, Xia Tian still went.

Standing on the shore, watching Lu Rongyuan's boat sail away, he felt really reluctant in his heart.

"Xiamen, why, don't you want to give up?" Che Chengjun didn't know when he stood behind Xia Tian.

"Master Che." Xia Tian looked up at Che Chengjun.

"Boss Lu is recuperating on the island during this period of time. You took care of him, and it's normal to have feelings." Che Chengjun said: "You have no father and no mother. You admire Boss Lu and regard him as a role model. Treat him like a father."

"Master Che, I don't have one." Xia Tian denied it, so he didn't let others see through his thoughts.

Che Chengjun smiled: "Don't forget, I'm your master, and I'm also very good at studying psychology."

"Master Che." Xia Tian curled his lips and said, "I haven't seen my parents, so I don't know what they look like. Boss Lu said that he will help find my parents."

Cha Sung Joon asked, "Then do you want to find them?"

"I don't know." Xia Tian shook his head, he really didn't know, but Lu Rongyuan left, he was indeed still a bit lost.

During training during this period, Lu Rongyuan will guide, like a teacher and like a father.

This is different from when old man Xue and Che Chengjun taught him.

Looking at the boat where Lu Rongyuan left, Che Chengjun said softly: "You and Lu Rongyuan do have many similarities, like father and son."


Su Qing finally settled down today, Chu Tianyi did not send any more flowers.

In the past few days, she also made a small 10,000 yuan by selling flowers. Su Qing planned to invite An Ruo and Xia Bao to have a big meal in the evening.

Su Jie's operation has been arranged, and it will be tomorrow, which is also good news.

People are in good spirits on happy occasions, and when Su Qing packs up her things and leaves work, she always hums a little tune.

After leaving the company and seeing a familiar person, Su Qing's good mood disappeared.

Su Xue has been waiting at the door of the company for quite a while.

Chu Tianyi sent flowers to Su Qing every day, and when Su Xue found out, she almost lost her temper and went crazy.

Can Su Xue not go crazy when her husband sends flowers to her ex-girlfriend?

As soon as she saw Su Qing, Su Xue wished she could go up and tear Su Qing to pieces.

"Sister, how do you feel about receiving the flowers from my husband?" Su Xue was very angry, she was obviously very angry, but she still suppressed it.

"It's so cool." Su Qing was deliberately angry with Su Xue: "Sending such a big bouquet of flowers every day makes me feel really good. By the way, did Chu Tianyi send you flowers? It will be Valentine's Day in two days. Remember to remind him."

Su Xue gritted her teeth angrily: "Su Qing, can't you let Chu Tianyi go? He's already my husband, why are you bullying him?"

Su Xue really has nothing to do, Chu Tianyi won't listen to her, she can't stop her, so she can only come to Su Qing.

"Back when you plotted against me and married him, you should have thought about today." Su Qing sneered, "When you dealt with me, you plotted one after another, why? You can't take down one Chu Tianyi?"

Su Qing hoped that Su Xue could manage Chu Tianyi well, and she didn't want to see Chu Tianyi either.

"His heart is with you, what can I do? You are Li Kuihua's goddaughter now, and Chu Tianyi takes a fancy to the benefits you can bring him, and will not let go easily." Su Xue's tone was full of helplessness. Help, almost crying: "I beg you, give me Chu Tianyi, you already have boyfriends, just let Chu Tianyi go."

Su Qing could also hear the helplessness in Su Xue's tone.

There was nothing she could do about Chu Tianyi's shamelessness.

"Su Xue, who was the man arranged by your mother and daughter five years ago?" Su Qing asked Su Xue for the first time: "Is that child really dead? As long as you tell the truth, I might Consider letting Chu Tianyi go."

Su Qing doesn't trust Su De'an.

Qin Suqin threatened her with the child several times. Maybe the child is not in Qin Suqin's hands, but it is not necessarily dead.

"That man, he, he..."

Su Xue couldn't answer for a while, she framed Su Qing back then, but it's been so long, and she never contacted that man back then.

"What's wrong?" Su Qing frowned.

"To tell you the truth, after so long, I don't know how to contact that person. I just found someone at random." Su Xue said, "As for your child, it was handled by Dad. I don't know. , but my mother said that the child is still alive."

"Really alive?" Su Qing was a little excited, maybe because she had been with Xia Bao for a long time, and the mother's love deep in her heart was stimulated, and she really wanted to find that child recently.

"Why am I lying to you, but I don't know where that child is." Su Xue said, "Anyway, he should still be alive, otherwise we wouldn't find someone to impersonate at the confession banquet."

What Su Xue and Su Dean said were different, no matter who was true or who was false, she had to verify it herself.

Su Xue observed Su Qing's expression, and came up with a plan, and said: "Maybe it's not necessarily that he was taken away by that man back then, Su Qing, as long as you return Chu Tianyi to me, I will help you find a child, I I'll go back to find that man later, maybe I can get in touch."

"Okay." Su Qing missed that child so much.


Su Qing made an appointment with An Ruo at night, she went to pick up Xia Bao, and went directly to the dining place.

When An Ruo heard about Su Qing's treat, she came very actively.

"Su Qing, you haven't entertained guests for 800 years, did you get rich today?" An Ruo saw Xia Bao, his eyes glowed: "Wow, Xiao Bao, why are you so round, so cute, come on, let me Squeeze your face."

"No." Xia Bao hid at Su Qing's place, pouted her lips, very arrogantly: "Only the future daughter-in-law can pinch my face."

"Yo, I want to find a daughter-in-law at such a young age." An Ruo joked: "Su Qing, you will enjoy the blessings in the future, and Xiaobao will find you ten or eight daughter-in-laws to serve you."

Xia Bao put his arms around Su Qing: "Let my sister be my wife from now on."

An Ruo was stunned for a moment, and leaned forward and backward with a smile: "When you grow up, your sister will be old. Su Qing, you have adopted a little husband from the nurturing department."

Su Qing rolled her eyes at An Ruo: "Xiaobao is messing around, and you are also making noises, order food quickly, this time you have made a fortune, and you can't keep your mouth shut when you eat."

"What windfall did you get?" An Ruo asked casually.

When Su Qing talked about selling flowers, An Ruo burst into laughter: "That's a good move, this Chu Tianyi is too shameless, that's the way to go, it seems that Chu Tianyi invited you for today's meal, then I You have to open it up and eat."

An Ruo was really blunt, and ordered a lot of dishes, and Xia Bao also ordered his favorite food.

The three of them ate to their heart's content. When they finished eating, it was almost nine o'clock. Su Xue called: "Sister, I have contacted that man. I have already made an appointment with him. See you at the intersection of Mangrove Forest at ten o'clock in the evening."


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