Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 77

Su Xue's legs went limp, and she collapsed on the ground, too frightened to speak.

Su Qing walked in front of Su Xue and looked down at Su Xue: "The grievances between us should be settled."

"Sister, sister, I was wrong." Su Xue was almost frightened, she crawled towards Su Qing, and reached out to grab Su Qing's feet: "It's all because of Chen Long's lust, and it has nothing to do with me. Someone is here."

"Good intentions?" Su Qing sneered coldly: "Your kindness is to repeat the tragedy five years ago, Su Xue, before today, I haven't figured out how to end our relationship, today is your telling What should I do."

"Sister, it's all a misunderstanding. There is indeed a conflict between us, but which sister has no conflict." Su Xue trembled, not daring to look at the pool of blood under Chen Long's body.

Su Qing sneered: "Misunderstanding? Chen Longke explained everything about how you framed me five years ago."

"It was all Chen Long's own whim. I didn't let him do it at all. I know that I did hurt you back then, but it wasn't my intention."

Su Xue shirked all responsibility: "Sister, it has been more than five years, please forgive me, I will never dare again, we are sisters."

"Su Xue, do you think I will forgive you?" Su Qing raised Su Xue's chin: "I know you resent me in your heart, and even wish for my death. If I let you go today, how can I be worthy of myself."

"Su Qing, do you really want to tear your face apart? Are you going to do this?" Su Xue looked at Su Qing with strong jealousy deep in her eyes.

"Didn't we tear ourselves apart a long time ago?" Su Qing smiled coolly: "I have been waiting for today for a long time."

"Su Qing, if you dare to touch me, you don't want to know the whereabouts of that child. It won't do you any good if you make things worse. You won't do such a stupid thing. Bar."

"If I dare to touch you today, then I'm ready to bear all the consequences." Su Qing curled her lips coldly: "You don't know the whereabouts of that child yourself, do you?"

Su Xue really didn't know, not even Qin Suqin.

"Send the person to the police station." Su Qing ordered the four bodyguards in a cold voice, and then looked at Su Xue: "I consulted a lawyer, at least you have to stay there for three to five years, didn't you say you knew it was wrong ? Then admit your mistakes in it.”

She had already let Su Xue off once at the confession banquet before, but this time Su Xue still wanted to harm her, how could she be so soft-hearted.

She is not a virgin.

"No, no." Su Xue roared: "Su Qing, I'm Zhou Xiongfei's daughter, you dare to send me to the police station and offend the Zhou family, can you afford the consequences? Do you really think Li Kuihua will do it for you? You support? What are you, Li Kuihua will offend the Zhou family for you?"

"Then try it." Su Qing's expression was very cold, and her tone was even more calm and breezy, without any fear.

Seeing that Su Qing's reaction was so flat, Su Xue panicked: "You knew that I was Zhou Xiongfei's daughter?"

"Do you really think everyone is a fool?" Su Qing sneered: "Su Xue, I want to see if the net will break if the fish dies, and what Zhou Xiongfei can do for your illegitimate daughter point."

Su Xue was hysterical: "You are a lunatic. By then, everyone will know that you were violated five years ago. How can your situation be any better? The image you established at the relative recognition banquet before has collapsed, maybe Li Kuihua I will give up on you, what are you trying to do by doing this?"

Su Qing is completely dead.

"What are you trying to figure out?" Su Qing chuckled, "Su Xue, when a person is oppressed to the lowest level, when she rebounds, the consequences will be unimaginable. I will never be merciful to those who have hurt me. I just want you to be punished and pay for what you did."

Su Xue was stunned.

"Let me go." Su Xue struggled. She was shackled, but her struggle was futile. She was so scared that she shouted in fright: "My mother and father will not let you go."

"Oh, by the way, I almost forgot that Qin Suqin was also one of the accomplices." Su Qing took out her mobile phone and handed it to Su Xue: "Call your mother."

Su Xue was taken aback, completely unaware of what Su Qing wanted to do.

But she didn't care too much, so she quickly grabbed the phone and dialed Qin Suqin's number: "Mom, help, Su Qing is going to kill me, Mom..."

Su Qing took the phone back and said into the phone: "Qin Suqin, what your mother and daughter owe me should be paid back."

Qin Suqin on the other end of the phone looked confused, but she could clearly hear the panic and choking in Su Xue's voice.

"Su Qing, what did you do to Xiaoxue? How dare you hurt her... beep beep..."

Su Qing hung up immediately.

If you want to play, just play big.

"Take it away." Su Qing ordered in a cold voice, and stopped talking nonsense.

Su Xue was dragged into the car, and Chen Long was also thrown into the car. Seeing the blood on Chen Long's lower body, Su Xue screamed in fright, and dared to cower in a corner of the car.

Su Xue lay on the car window and yelled: "Su Qing, you are a lunatic, the Zhou family will not let you go, so what if you send me to the police station, as long as Zhou Xiongfei comes forward, how dare they treat me like that?" So, I'll be out soon."

Su Qing stood outside the car, looked at Su Xue coldly, the car started and went directly to the police station.

Su Qing breathed a sigh of relief, and the bodyguard beside her said, "Miss Su, let's take you home first."

Su Qing first called Li Kuihua: "Godfather, thank you."

"Xiaoqing, if you need help, just ask." Li Kuihua didn't know why Su Qing asked him to borrow someone, but he also noticed that Su Qing was in trouble.


Su Qing responded and hung up the phone.


Su family.

Su Xue's phone call broke the peace of the Su family.

Qin Suqin hurried downstairs, just in time to run into Su De'an who came back from outside.

"Su Qing wants to harm Xiaoxue. Xiaoxue called just now and something happened. You should quickly ask where Su Qing is. If she dares to touch Xiaoxue, I will never end with her."

Su De'an heard that something happened to Su Xue, but he didn't react at all. Instead, he was furious and slapped Qin Suqin: "Bitch."

Before Su Qing said that there was something wrong with Su Xue's life experience, he had already gone to verify it in private.

Su Xue was not his daughter at all.

Qin Suqin was stunned by the beating and covered her face: "Su De'an, why are you crazy? Su Qing is going to harm Xiaoxue, so hurry up and save Xiaoxue. What are you doing to me? If something happens to our daughter, I will never end with you."

Qin Suqin was in a hurry to rescue Su Xue, and didn't care about Su Dean, she was about to leave, but Su Dean pulled her back.

"Our daughter? You dare to say something again." Su De'an threw the paternity test on Qin Suqin's face, furious: "Qin Suqin, you cuckolded me, and now even the daughter is not my own, I raised it for someone else A daughter of more than twenty years."


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