Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 78

Wearing a cuckold, being teased by others, and raising children for others, no man can bear this.

Su De'an wanted to kill Qin Suqin.

The green on his head is not a little bit, but a piece of Hulun Buir Grassland.

Shiny green.

Qin Suqin's face was pale. Seeing the result on the paternity test, she knew that Dong Chuang's incident had happened, so she ran out in fright.

"Where are you going?"

Su De'an dragged the man back again, threw him to the ground fiercely, staged Foshan Shadowless Kicks, and kicked Qin Suqin again and again.

"Bitch, let me wear a cuckold, let me raise children for others, is Su Xue the bastard of you and Zhou Xiongfei?"

Qin Suqin rolled on the ground in pain, screaming again and again, begging for mercy: "Stop beating, ah, I was wrong, husband and wife for a day, old Su, I know I was wrong, I am sorry for you, but I am wrong for you. Sincerely, ah!"

"Sincerely?" Su De'an was so angry that he kicked Qin Suqin's abdomen again. Qin Suqin's facial features were distorted in pain, and she couldn't even speak out while clutching her stomach.

Su De'an was furious: "Do you really think that I, Su De'an, am a fool? All these years, your mother and daughter bullied Su Qing, I turned a blind eye, but in the end, I provided your mother and daughter with delicious food and drink, but in the end You are raising children for others, you bitch, I will kill you."

Su De'an couldn't bear the blow no matter in emotion or face.

Qin Suqin was severely beaten, and finally lay on the ground without even the strength to beg for mercy.

The servants heard the voice, but they only dared to hide in the dark, no one dared to step forward.

Su De'an was tired from beating, and the anger in his heart hadn't disappeared. He couldn't figure out that the past twenty years were just a joke.

Qin Suqin twitched on the ground, Su Dean took out his mobile phone and called Zhou Xiongfei.

When he received a call in the middle of the night, Zhou Xiongfei didn't even look at the caller ID, and connected directly: "Hello, who is it?"

"Zhou Xiongfei, it doesn't count that you cuckolded me, and you asked me to raise your child for more than 20 years. You are simply deceiving me too much."

At this moment, Su De'an showed his true qualities as a man, and he didn't hesitate in front of Zhou Xiongfei because of his social status: "No matter how useless I am, Su De'an, I won't bear it this time, even if my Su Group doesn't want it, you will have to pay the price. "

People live to fight for breath.

Su De'an flattered others for most of his life, and lived a useless life. His wife cuckolded him, but he could only endure it.

But this time even the child is not his, completely touching the dignity of a man, Su De'an can't bear it this time.

Qin Suqin, who was lying on the ground, was frightened by Su De'an's desperate momentum, her eyes were full of fear.

"Shut this bitch in the upstairs room for me, whoever dares to let it out, I'll tell anyone to pack up and leave." Su De'an angrily ordered the servant.

The servants hiding in the dark hurried up and dragged Qin Suqin to the room.

"Old Su, I was really wrong, let me go, I still have to save Xiaoxue, Su Qing wants to harm Xiaoxue." Qin Suqin was anxious, she just wanted to save Su Xue as soon as possible.

She is just such a daughter, thinking of Su Xue's call for help, Qin Suqin felt flustered and anxious.

Su De'an made up his mind this time, and after shutting Qin Suqin off, he turned around and left.

When a man loses his mind, he often does terrible and unexpected things.

Su De'an was full of anger, he wanted to settle accounts with Zhou Xiongfei now.

Qin Suqin shouted in the room, but none of the servants dared to open the door for her.

"Ma'am, don't make things difficult for us. This time, you are the one who is sorry for the mister. Who dares to let you go when the mister is so angry."

After the servants finished speaking, they closed and locked the door, and went back to their room to sleep.

Qin Suqin was so anxious that she could just stay in the room like this, how could she stay there.

She can't sit still, she has to go to Zhou Xiongfei.

Now Zhou Xiongfei is all her hope.

Qin Suqin got up from the ground, walked to the window, and was heartbroken. She tied the sheet to the window and climbed down along the sheet. Halfway through the climb, she lost her strength and fell directly.


Qin Suqin yelled out in pain, lay down on the ground and relaxed, then got up again, and fled out in embarrassment.


The mangrove side.

After Su Qing dealt with Su Xue, she was about to go back, but Xia Bao came with Li Sen and a group of people.

Li Sen looked at Su Qing and asked, "Sister, where are the bad guys?"

This sister shouted very smoothly.

"Sister, are you okay?" Xia Bao didn't worry too much, and pulled Su Qing to check if he was injured.

An Ruo also asked: "Su Qing, are you okay? Didn't Su Xue ask you to come? Where is he?"

Looking at a group of people who were worried about her, Su Qing felt a warm feeling in her heart.

"It's settled, let's all go back."

Su Qing knew in her heart that things were far from that simple, and this was just the beginning.

Su Qing had to go to the police station: "An Ruo, take Xiaobao back first."

"Sister, where are you going? I'll go with you." Li Sen is not stupid, knowing that Su Qing still has something to do, when he first received a call from Xia Bao to rescue the soldiers, Li Sen couldn't be more excited. Jihou brought people here.

He is the best at fighting.

Now that he has brought people here, but they are useless, it seems that he is incompetent. It is hard to make Xia Bao look at him with admiration once, and he cannot miss this opportunity.

Su Qing glanced at Li Sen, she didn't want to involve the Li family in her private affairs, asking Li Kuihua for a loan was already an exception.

"You send them back."

"Ah? Gone?" Li Sen was a little disappointed.

An Ruo saw that Su Qing had something else to do, so she didn't ask any further questions. After all, it was Su Qing's heartache, and it was inconvenient for Li Sen to ask.

"Su Qing, let me take Xiaobao home first." An Ruo asked, "What about you?"

"I'll be back in a minute."


After Su Qing separated from An Ruolisen and the others, they drove directly to the police station.

She was the victim, so she had to report to the police.

After Su Xue was brought in, she kept denying that she framed Su Qing, put all the blame on Chen Long, and asked to see Zhou Xiongfei.

Who is Zhou Xiongfei? iread novel app read the full content

That was the head of the Zhou family, one of the four major families in the imperial capital.

Su Xue is the daughter of the Su family and the daughter-in-law of the Chu family. This bone is not easy to chew. Now that Su Xue moved out of Zhou Xiongfei, even the director who was already lying in bed was alarmed.

Director Wang hurried over and saw Su Qing sitting in the lobby, he was in a dilemma.

Su Qing is Li Kuihua's goddaughter, so he can't afford to offend her.

"Miss Su." Director Wang stepped forward and asked knowingly: "Miss Su is so late, why are you here?"

On the way here, Director Wang already knew what happened.

"Director Wang was alarmed. It seems that my sister moved Zhou Xiongfei out." Su Qing looked at Director Wang calmly: "How does Director Wang plan to deal with it?"

"This, this is naturally a fair and just treatment." Chief Wang was in a dilemma: "It's just that Miss Su, there is no deep hatred between these sisters, it's better to keep it private, otherwise, I won't be able to explain Mr. Zhou, and the kindness makes money. "

"Today's matter is my grievance with Su Xue, but I don't accept selfishness anymore." Su Qing said coldly: "If Zhou Xiongfei wants to take care of today's matter, then I, Su Qing, will accompany him to the end."


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