Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 79

Su Qing's words are very clear.

Private, absolutely impossible.

Otherwise, what would she do to send someone to the police station?

Director Wang was quite embarrassed: "Miss Su, I am also thinking about your reputation. If you want to take the legal route, of course you can."

"Thank you Director Wang for your concern." Su Qingyun said lightly: "Let's take the legal route. I will let my lawyer handle the next thing."

Director Wang thought about it and asked, "Miss Su, does Mr. Li know what happened tonight?"

This is to see Li Kuihua's attitude before deciding how to stand.

What an old fox.

Su Qing was about to speak when Director Wang's cell phone rang. It was a series of unfamiliar numbers. After he connected, the voice on the other end of the phone made his entire expression change.

"Yes, Mr. Li, don't worry, I know what to do."

It was Li Kuihua who called.

Li Kuihua didn't know what happened to Su Qing before, but he was worried and asked the person assigned to Su Qing, and only then did he know that the matter was serious.

Since Su Qing wanted to seek justice, he naturally couldn't stop her.

Li Kuihua came forward, this time not because of Lu Rongyuan's face, but because of his personal feelings, he wanted to help Su Qing.

After hanging up the phone, Director Wang smiled and said to Su Qing: "Miss Su, don't worry, it will be dealt with absolutely fair and just."

Su Xue just moved out of Zhou Xiongfei, but now there is no sign of Zhou Xiongfei, Su Xue is not Zhou Xiongfei, how could Zhou Xiongfei take care of this matter.

The Li family behind Su Qing was confirmed. The phone calls came, and Director Wang quickly stood up.

Su Qing frowned. At this moment, she understood what it meant to be powerful.

With her own strength, she couldn't seek justice for herself. In the end, she still had to take advantage of the Li family's power.

Su Qing was very moved by Li Kuihua's willingness to make a move, but she would not take advantage of the Li family either.

Su Qing sent a message to Li Kuihua: Su Xue is Zhou Xiongfei's illegitimate daughter.

The reason why Su Qing told Li Kuihua this secret was to let Li Kuihua weigh it, not to offend the Zhou family because of her.



Li Kuihua walked back and forth in the study, and Su Qing's message made him feel that things really went wrong this time.

Liu Xueqin brought in a midnight snack.

"Xiao Bao came back with Xiao Mori just now, but Xiao Qing didn't come back, Kui Hua, my eyelids keep twitching, I always feel that something is going to happen."

"It's really going to happen."

Li Kuihua looked out of the window with a serious expression, "Xiaoqing and Su Xue completely broke their faces and went to the police station."

"What?" Liu Xueqin was surprised, and put the supper aside: "What's going on? Why did you go to the police station? Is Xiaoqing okay? Go to the police station and bring Xiaoqing back."

"The matter this time is not that simple." Li Kuihua said: "Su Xue found someone to try to rape Xiao Qing tonight, and Xiao Qing borrowed someone from me. Not only did he abolish that man, but he also sent Su Xue to the police station."

"Such a big thing happened, why didn't you tell me earlier, was Xiaoqing hurt?" Liu Xueqin was only concerned about Su Qing's safety.

"Xiaoqing is fine."

Liu Xueqin breathed a sigh of relief, and immediately said angrily: "Good job, that Su Xue is so vicious, no matter how the two are also sisters, it's fine to splash dirty water at the confession banquet before, but now even such dirty things Can do it."

Liu Xueqin feels sorry for Su Qing. Now that she has the support of the Li family, Su Xue still bullies Su Qing so brazenly. She can't imagine what life Su Qing lived in the Su family before. Wouldn't she be bullied to death?

"This matter is indeed a bit sinister." Li Kuihua sat down and said: "There are not only the Chu family behind Su Xue, but also the Zhou family. She is naturally arrogant."

Liu Xueqin was puzzled: "The Zhou family? What's the matter with the Zhou family?"

"Just now Xiaoqing sent a message that Su Xue is Zhou Xiongfei's illegitimate daughter, Su Xue was sent in, Zhou Xiongfei will not sit idly by."

"Ah? Liu Xueqin was surprised for a moment, then recovered her expression, and sneered, "What's so great about the Zhou family? You really think our Li family is a vegetarian. Besides, isn't there that person behind Xiaoqing? "

Li Kuihua also thought of it, but after Lu Rongyuan's accident, there has been no news.

"The Lu family may not know what happened tonight."

"Then just tell him no." Liu Xueqin snorted coldly: "I support Xiaoqing in this matter today. A woman's reputation is so important. I didn’t like that Su Xue at the banquet last time, so let’s make a big fuss tonight, and I’m afraid she won’t make it.”

Is the Li family afraid of trouble?

Except for Li Kuihua from the Lu family who can't be provoked, there are only those who are afraid of him, not those who are not afraid of him.

It's just whether it's worth it, and whether the price can be afforded.

If they really fought the Zhou family to the end, the Li family would not be able to get cheap, but their momentum could not be lost.

Li Kuihua pondered for a moment and said, "Then I'll contact that person first."


Tonight is destined to be a sleepless night.

It didn't take long for the news of Su Xue being sent to the police station to reach the Chu family.

When Chu Tianyi learned that Su Xue had entered the police station and was sent in by Su Qing, he looked confused and quickly asked people to go to the police station to inquire about the situation.

Chu Tianyi soon knew what happened.

"Idiot." Chu Tianyi was so angry that he swears.

How could he marry such a stupid woman.

Xie Huizhen passed by the door, saw Chu Tianyi getting so angry, and asked, "Son, what's the matter? Where's your wife? Why haven't you come back so late? Take good care of your wife, don't embarrass me all day long." .”

From the tone of her voice, it could be heard how dissatisfied Xie Huizhen was with this daughter-in-law.

"Su Xue really got into trouble this time." Chu Tianyi sat on the sofa annoyed, "This stupid woman actually found someone to rape Su Qing, and now she is sent to the police station, and the calls from the police station are all coming home."

"What?" Xie Huizhen exclaimed, furious: "Son, does your father know about this now? Don't let other people know, otherwise our mother and son will have no future. I originally wanted to find a daughter-in-law to help you, but I didn't expect This Su Xue is a useless piece of trash, she can't deal with the Zhou family, and she still makes troubles, son, you can't take care of this matter, if you offend the Li family, it's fine."

"I have a measure." Chu Tianyi said: "Mom, I'll go out first, maybe it's not a bad thing, if the Zhou family doesn't show up this time, then we can just give up Su Xue's pawn."

"My son is still smart." Xie Huizhen said: "If Su Xue hadn't said that she was Zhou Xiongfei's illegitimate daughter and she could help you, I wouldn't have wanted this daughter-in-law. If Su Qing married here, then you Didn't he get the inheritance right a long time ago."

Chu Tianyi also regretted it.

"Mom, go and see Dad's reaction first, and call me if you need something."

After leaving these words, Chu Tianyi hurried out.


Lu Rongyuan had just returned from the island, before he had time to find Su Qing, Li Kuihua came first.

When Lu Rongyuan learned of Su Qing's accident, his expression darkened. He immediately asked Wan Yang to go to the police station, and went to find Su Qing by himself.

Damn Su Xue, but now Lu Rongyuan is most concerned about Su Qing.

Su Qing didn't go back to Li's house, nor did she go back to Su's house. She fought alone. Lu Rongyuan didn't know that such a big thing happened until now. He wished he could slap himself and didn't show up when Su Qing needed him most.

Xia Dong found Su Qing's location in three minutes, and Lu Rongyuan rushed there immediately.


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