Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 80

Su Qing was in the hospital at this time. After she left the police station, she came directly to the hospital to visit Su Jie.

Regarding what happened tonight, Su Qing didn't disclose a word, and her expression was very normal, Su Jie didn't notice anything unusual.

Su Jie is still very nervous about the operation tomorrow.

"Sister, if I don't get off the operating table tomorrow, you can't shed tears, I don't want to see you cry." Su Jie said in a pretending tone, "It's a big deal that we will be siblings again in the next life."

"What nonsense are you talking about?" Su Qing gave Su Jie a blank look: "The operation must be going well, don't think about it, take a good rest, get enough energy, and prepare for tomorrow's operation."

"I'm not saying what if." Su Jie smiled, with a bit of cynical and lonely.

Even if expert Wang Lin performs the operation himself, there are risks. No one can guarantee that he can really get off the operating table.

"No if." Su Qing tucked in the quilt for Su Jie: "Be obedient and sleep."

"Sister." Su Jie stared at Su Qing, his eyes were gloomy, with tears in his eyes, but he forced a smile on his face: "If something really happens to me, can you find them for me, I just want to know, they Why don't you want me, do you despise me?"

The "they" in Su Jie's mouth refers to his biological parents. For so many years, he has been comforting himself that it was because of his illness that he was abandoned.

It was almost early morning when Su Qing left the ward.

A gust of cold wind blew, making her feel a chill in her heart.

After going down the steps, Su Qing suddenly stood still, her gaze fell on Lu Rongyuan who was not far away.

Lu Rongyuan stood under the streetlight with a cane on his back, looking at her with a smile on his face.

"Lu Rongyuan."

Su Qing's heart moved, and the scene of the car accident came to her mind. She murmured and ran towards Lu Rongyuan suddenly.

Su Qing hugged Lu Rongyuan emotionally, her eyelashes were wet: "I'm really afraid that I will never see you again in this life."

Even though Wan Yang called and didn't see it with her own eyes, Su Qing was still worried.

When Lu Rongyuan stood in front of her alive, the emotions she had suppressed for so long finally burst out.

Su Qing hugged Lu Rongyuan tightly, her nose sore.

"I'm back." Lu Rongyuan smiled and hugged Su Qing, wishing to rub Su Qing to the marrow: "I'm sorry for making you worry."

Su Qing hugged for a while, calmed down, and angrily punched Lu Rongyuan's chest a few times: "Who told you not to die, Lu Rongyuan, you did it on purpose, if something happened to you, do you want me to feel guilty forever. "

Su Qing cried. She still remembered the panic at that time.

The feeling when the doctor issued the critical illness notice was still clear. She was really afraid that Lu Rongyuan would die and that he would lose his legs.

"I'm sorry." Lu Rongyuan smiled and held Su Qing's hand in his palm.

"You think a word of sorry is enough." Su Qing had an unforgiving expression on her face.

Lu Rongyuan suddenly coughed violently a few times, his body wobbled, as if he couldn't stand still.

"Lu Rongyuan, are you okay?" Su Qing was frightened, and quickly helped him up.

"Fake lameness almost turned into real lameness, do you think it's okay?" Lu Rongyuan teased, "If he is really dead or lame, it will be cheaper for Lu Zhanyuan and his son."

Su Qing was startled, and stared at Lu Rongyuan with complicated and shocked eyes.

Lu Rongyuan admitted that he is Lu Rongyuan, the head of the Lu family, and he is not an online car-hailing driver at all. To exit the transcoding page, please download the app Love Reading Novels to read the latest chapters.

Su Qing let go of Lu Rongyuan little by little, stepped back little by little, and widened the distance between the two.

Even though he had already guessed it, but when Lu Rongyuan admitted it himself, he still couldn't believe it.

"Qingqing." Lu Rongyuan frowned deeply, and began to feel a little panic in his heart.

Su Qing's eyes flickered, she pulled the corners of her mouth and smiled, remembering the memories with Lu Rongyuan, she was deceived and played with like a fool.

Su Qing sneered: "An online car-hailing driver worth billions?"

Lu Rongyuan: "..."

Su Qing glanced at Lu Rongyuan's legs and face again, and gritted her teeth: "Young Master Lu, who is rumored to be lame and face ruined, I see that your legs and feet are sharp, and your face is quite fair."

Lu Rongyuan: "..."

Su Qing said angrily, "Don't you have a few years to live?"

Lu Rongyuan was speechless: "Qingqing, this is all a misunderstanding, please listen to my explanation."

"I won't listen, I won't listen." Su Qing turned around angrily, looking like she couldn't be coaxed well.

Lu Rongyuan went around to Su Qing again: "Qingqing, I am sorry for deceiving you."

"I won't listen." Su Qing covered her ears and turned around again.

Lu Rongyuan explained patiently: "Seeing my bride run away, I feel very helpless, so I can only do something wrong."

In other words, from the very beginning, Lu Rongyuan recognized who she was.

Su Qing thought of the things she did in front of Lu Rongyuan before, and felt so ashamed.

Before working as a cook in another courtyard, she was worried that Lu Rongyuan couldn't afford it.

It's also my fault that she is too stupid for not seeing so many flaws.

Wan Yang is the biggest flaw.

How could the crown prince of Wan's Film and Television Group really be friends with an ordinary online car-hailing driver, and take orders on his back?

The Goddess Heart worth eight million that Lu Rongyuan sent was just because she didn't believe it.

It is no coincidence that Zheng Jiaying's company was acquired overnight.

Also, before Zhou Xiongfei asked someone to kidnap her, and Zhou Xiongfei's son had a leg removed, all these were Lu Rongyuan who protected her behind her back and stood up for her.

Thinking of the past, Su Qing was both angry and moved.

"Qingqing, since I almost broke a leg, can you forgive me?" Lu Rongyuan had a strong desire to survive.

"Heh, the dignified young master of the Lu family, do you need anyone's forgiveness?" Su Qing sneered, and said, "Since you're fine, then we'll settle the matter. Bye, I'm going home to sleep."

Su Qing's mind is in a mess, and she thinks that leaving is the best way.

As soon as she took a step, her body suddenly flew into the air, and Lu Rongyuan hugged her up.

Su Qing hugged Lu Rongyuan's neck instinctively, and said angrily, "Lu Rongyuan, let me down."

"Don't let go." Lu Rongyuan hugged Su Qing and walked towards the car, very domineering: "If I let go this time, then I really have no chance, Su Qing, I know you well, and I can't tolerate any deception in my eyes."

This time Lu Rongyuan was at the bottom of the boat, no matter what Su Qing's reaction was, she would not let go, just stalking her.

Lu Rongyuan carried Su Qing into the car, and found that Su Qing didn't respond at all. He looked down at his arms, and Su Qing was looking at him ecstatically.

Su Qing asked nonchalantly: "Lu Rongyuan, why me?"

"I don't know either." Lu Rongyuan really couldn't give an accurate answer: "Perhaps, this is what was destined."

Otherwise, why did Su Qing just bump into him when she ran away?

And that night, his car just broke down.

When everything is so coincidental, that is fate.

Su Qing was taken aback, unable to find words to refute.

She is not heartless, she knows what Lu Rongyuan did for her.

A man can risk his life, so there is nothing to question.

Su Qing was more surprised and unbelievable that Lu Rongyuan would choose her, an imperfect her.

There were only two people in the car, and she leaned in his arms, as if she could hear his heart beating.

She had lied to him, but it was actually even.

"How did you find it here?"

"I know everything about tonight." Lu Rongyuan hugged her tightly: "Qingqing, leave the rest to me. If I hurt you, I will definitely make her pay a hundred times the price."

He knows?

Su Qing's heart tightened, and she felt an inferiority complex that she dared not face Lu Rongyuan.

Su Qing wanted to leave Lu Rongyuan's arms, but Lu Rongyuan seemed to be able to see through her thoughts, and hugged her even more distressed.

"Don't be ashamed of your imperfections, Su Qing, no matter what your past is, I, Lu Rongyuan, want you." Lu Rongyuan said in a deep voice, "You are my wife, Lu Rongyuan believes."

The identified wife?

At that moment, Su Qing felt tears welling up in her eyes.


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