Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 21: The Little Bitch is Out

Song Zhi was wearing a white dress that was cinched at the waist by a black belt, exuding an innate condescension.

She looked up to see the man's clean white shirt, ironed suit pants, and slender legs walking towards her.

The man held a dark striped tie in his hand and leaned down slightly, "Can you tie a tie?"

"...... won't." Song Zhi was a little embarrassed.

She was also a thousand-dollar young lady before, and was never clothed and fed, plus the Song family was also by her nature, and He Meiping raised her as a whole to be wasted.

Later on, the Huo family came to the people, threw her again and again kicked, forced to learn the law, thrown into the highest school in the country of China.

The man wasn't angry and was in a happy mood, tugging on her wrist and tugging on her hand.

Song Zhi saw the man lowered his eyebrows, slender white bones holding her fingertips, deep voice coaxing: "First wrap the tie around your neck, then fold it over and put here through the buckle ......"

The man's androgenic hormone scent mixed with a faint minty fragrance hit his face.

Song Zhi's eardrums were pricked and buzzed, completely unable to hear what he said, only able to see the man's divine face value close at hand.


A perfect tie was tied, her fingertips rolled, and even her cheeks were red, and when she tilted her head, she saw the man's smiling eyes.

"The ...... first time I hit it, I'm not very good at it ...... practicing twice is okay." Song rhetoric brain was left white, want to draw out the wrist.

The man was dumbfounded, saw her cheeks flushed, satisfied nodded: "Good, but I believe that with Mrs. Huo's 'intelligence' is the need to practice for life, and in the future every day to practice with a tie."

With a bang in his head, Song Zhi was hooked up by the man's chin, and before he could even get a word in, he was molested with a kiss.

Song Zhi bitch man back to set the suit, a little realize out of the wrong, snapped back to God: "I at least is also Huadu high school students, Huo Mou Shen you do not so underestimate me!"

"Well well well, a senior student of Huadu University, my home Xiaozhu is the smartest." The man put on his wristwatch, unable to hide his smile.

Song Zhi was exasperated by the man's perfunctory tone and exploded, "I'm the smartest, if it wasn't for the fact that at that time ...... I would have been bailed out of the country."

She did want to take advantage of being bailed out of the country back then to not get married to Huo Mushan, but on the eve of the bailout she didn't know that the Song family didn't know what had happened, forcing her and the Huo family's marriage to be brought forward.

"Good, the clever Mrs. Huo can still hop down the stairs on one leg?" Huo Mushen's long, promising eyes narrowed as he patted her head like he was smoothing down a cat that had fried its fur.

Song Zhi is injured because of her ankle, and Huo Mushan carries her directly to the dining table downstairs.

Lin Ma had already prepared a hot meal, and the two of them ate heaven and earth.

Song Zhi blearily saw the opposite side of the meat buns, while she was the bland congee, quietly stretched out the chopsticks a few times were slapped back, deflated by the man put on black flat shoes, stuffed into the car.

"Angry?" Huo Moushen casts a sidelong glance.

The puffed up Song Zhi is drawing circles at the car window.

"Should I open the car window so you can stick your head out." Huo Mushen seems to have read her mind and teases nonchalantly, "The doctor said that your stomach is not good, your cold is not yet well, and you can't eat anything else until you get well.

If you bargain again, I don't mind sending you back now."

Song Zhe grunted, arrogantly not responding.

Instead, his mouth mutters, "The richest man in Huacheng, actually doesn't even give his wife a piece of meat to eat, cheap bastard."

The car is quiet, Huo Mo Shen has excellent ear power and hears it clearly, "Is it me who made you catch a cold, is it me who made you lose weight and starve yourself into gastroenteritis?"


She touched her stomach, no wonder she occasionally felt a stomach ache.

She remembered that Song Yanran said Lu Huaike liked skinny beauties.

Her face looked fleshy because of her baby fat, Song Yanyan made her go on a diet to lose weight, locked her in her room and starved her for a whole month, only able to drink water, and almost didn't starve her to death!

Later on, in prison and not enough food, not enough warm clothes, Song Ru was motivated to eat back in her life!

"I didn't mean to be skinny either." Okay, how can I explain this?


Huo Mou Shen coldly heckled, looking at her this bitter look called the man to give birth to a wave of evil thoughts, and his lower abdomen also tightened for a while.

For men, Song Zhi is exactly the embodiment of that kind of innocence and charm, such as the forest siren, able to easily stir up the man's most primitive impulses.

Especially for twenty-seven year old Huo Mou Shen, it was completely impossible for a wolf who had tasted meat to go back to being a vegetarian.

"Your explanation is still really clumsy, sometimes read more about the law and take your minor well." Huo Mou Shen crushing Song Zhi with his intellect was not a concern.

Song Ru of course knows that Huo Mushen graduated from Cambridge University, or a double doctorate, she doesn't bother with the school bully.

The car drove smoothly to the entrance of Huo's M&R Group.

A large wave of reporters blocked the road.

At a glance, Song Zhi saw Song Yanran dressed appropriately, just like a genuine Mrs. Huo accepting an interview with a reporter.

"Miss Song, can you tell us what the events on the news yesterday have to do with Mrs. Huo?"

"Ms. Song, as far as we know it was the Song family's daughter who was engaged to Huo Shao, why was it Song Zhi who got married?"

"As far as we know, Song Zhi nearly killed Mr. Huo before the wedding, is this true?"


Song Yanran smiled faintly, what she wanted was for Song Zhi to be degraded by the media to the point of being worse than a pig or dog.

She hooked her lips and smiled lightly, "Please be at ease media, I can't represent Huo, it wasn't my sister who wanted to marry at that time, it's only ......"

'Only' what hadn't finished, the crowd didn't know who shouted.

"Behind is Huo Shao's car, Mrs. Huo seems to have come too."

When the media heard this, they immediately turned their heads and surged towards the Maybach in the back, Song Yanyan was squeezed into a corner, her clothes and hairstyle instantly messy.

She saw the man's half-exposed face through the car window, revealing a hint of infatuation, the corners of her lips smiling before she could grin, and crossed the man's shoulders to see Song Zhi sitting on the co-pilot, smiling calmly and generously.

The pupils of her eyes shrink and she pinches her palms, why did she come?

The Huo family's rule has always been to make an official announcement of the marriage and then hold a press conference.

She thought Song Zhi was allergic and couldn't go out, and since she and Lu Huaike had made such a big scandal, how could she have the face to come out so she could appear in front of the media with Huo Mushan together, and the whole of Huacheng would think that they were the couple.

Who knew, this bitch, actually came out!

Her face was actually not disfigured!

Gu Qingjia, this shady thing, took her money and actually didn't give the ointment to Song Zhi!

Song Zhi felt millions of gazes cast towards her, curious, jealous, contemptuous, and one particularly strong, full of hate!

Two rows of bodyguards came out from the M&R building, clearing a path, the man in a straight black suit from the car across the long legs, surrounded by bodyguards walked to the other side, in a crowd of limelight toward the other side of the car door, gentlemanly open the door, with a hand to cover the top of the head of Song Zhi.

A crowd of media was stunned to see Huo Mu Shen actually condescend to open the door for a woman.


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