Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 22: Please make way. You're standing in Mrs. Huo's place.

Song Zhi saw Huo Mu Shen stretch out a hand, his slender fingers wearing a wedding ring that sparkled with starbursts in the sunlight, his eyes containing out sweetness, and solemnly placed his left hand within the man's broad palm.

White, soft, the same hand wearing a wedding ring.

Just under the lights of the media click click click, ten fingers interlocked.

So sweet that it blinded a crowd of dog eyes.

But Huo Mushen didn't let Song Zhi land on the ground, but instead wrapped his long arms around and carried the person across his arms, and walked to the steps dedicated to the launch party in front of Huo's entrance in the midst of the shocked shouts, before putting Song Zhi down.

Lu Zi Yan walked in a dark blue suit, saw Huo Mo Shen behind Song Zhi, some surprise, lowered his voice: "Third brother, how did you bring people? Today is just the launch of the project, you wouldn't want to create traffic."

Huo Mushen frowns and interrupts the conversation, "What is it."

"There's a document you need to sign in a timely manner, the opposite side raised a question, and they called an international conference call, wanting to talk to you personally about the development." Lu Ziyan said.

"En." The man answered from his throat, turning his head and bending down to lean over Song Zhi's ear, "I'm going to a meeting, I'll be right back, wait for me, eh?"

The magnetic voice was as thick and low as a cello, simply crisping into Song Zhi's bone marrow.

She couldn't help but nod her head.

This scene was seen by Song Yanyan in her eyes, and she grinded her back teeth as if she was furious.

The press conference was delayed by five minutes, Song Zhi turned around to see Song Yanran standing in the position that should belong to her, and smiled innocently, "Sister, please make way, you're standing in Mrs. Huo's position."

The media clamored.

The employees who had originally gathered upstairs to watch the show scoffed, having seen the media squatting here in the morning, Song Yanran took out Mrs. Huo's style and boasted to the media as soon as she stood here.

She said that Song Zhi was uneducated, had a scandal with Lu Huaike, and had a bunch of bad records!

This time, they saw that Song Zhi had no allergies, and her look wasn't horse-ridden, she was a fairy, and her family's overbearing and handsome president was a perfect match!

Song Yanran was disliked, her face was colorless and she took a step back in embarrassment, "Xiao Ru, I came to find you because I was worried about you, the media came up and I asked a couple of questions."

"Sister, how did you know that I would come to the company today so you purposely came here to wait for me?" Song Ru asked idly in return.

Song Yanran's exquisite makeup instantly collapsed, her face showed a hint of chafing, the corners of her eyes were instantly forced out of tears, especially for the poor, heartbreaking: "Xiao Ru, I'm just too worried about you, I know you're in a bad mood before I came to find my brother-in-law to talk about your marriage, I didn't want to intentionally make people misunderstand, don't let people destroy our sisterly love."

Song Ru sneered, before she was aggrieved, Song Yanran was aggrieved first.

Being a female cousin and still wanting to set up a house of cards, where is such a good thing?

The media perked up their gossipy ears.

Huacheng stone hammer, Song's daughter and Huo's son has a doll marriage, Song Yanyan is two years older than Song rhetoric, even if another round should be the turn of Song rhetoric.

It's hard to believe that there's something else going on, that Song Zhu stole Song Yanran's husband?

A female reporter was sharp-eyed and took the opportunity to dislike the microphone, with an aura of standing up for the weak.

"Song Ru, you snatched your own sister's fiancé, you are really ...... a watery woman!"

"Song family's second miss, you're nothing but an illegitimate daughter, after being dumped by Lu Shao, you flattered Huo Shao and tried to kill him!"

"Shame on you, what qualifications do you have to be Mrs. Huo, you don't deserve it at all!"

Whispers also came from the crowd.

"That ugly woman at the wedding was Song Zhuo, how disgraceful, it's a disgrace to the Huo family for a hundred years!"

Song Yanran whimpered lowly, her eyes curtained just enough to hide her smugness, seemingly explaining for Song Zhi but in reality, she was itching to mislead the media, "Everyone, stop saying that, I didn't blame my sister, my sister has always been the most important person to me, she's just a little impulsive because she suffered too much as a child, didn't receive much education, and did things impulsively."

"Ms. Song, you're just too soft-hearted to be deceived by this kind of white-eyed wolf!"

"You believe that the eyes of the masses are bright, everyone knows that you should be Mrs. Huo!"

"You guys stop saying that, my sister is Mrs. Huo nowadays, I'm just ......"


Two crisp slaps strangled everyone's chatter.

Song Yanran looked up to see Song Zhi nonetheless not being forced to throw a big 'lady's temper' and rushing up to tear at the female entertainer, but instead, he was beside him, absently hooking his lips, calmly revealing a smile and just clapping his hands.

That gaze did not lightly fall on her and all the people who speculated about slandering her, causing them all to coincidentally snort.

The next second ......

Instead, she pulled Song Yanran's hand, not too loud or too small enough for everyone to hear, "Sister, I know it's my fault, ever since my mom, Tang shi, passed away, Aunt He brought you to the Song family, and Dad didn't pick you up early all these years, causing you to be out in the streets for a few years."


"Song Ru's mother is actually Tang shi?"

"Isn't Tang shi the Song family's explicitly married Mrs. Song, then the Song family's real daughter should be Song Ru!"

"It turns out that Song Yanyan is the Song family's illegitimate daughter, and she's also two years older than Song Ru, so doesn't that mean that Mr. Song had an affair?"

"Oh ...... it should have been Song Zhi as Mrs. Huo, the person who wanted to steal the marriage turned out to be Song Yanran ah ......"

The whispers into the ears of Song rhetoric, her heart flooded with cold, these years she did not explain, Song Yuancheng and often bring Song Yanyan in the side, only to let everyone think Song Yanyan is the Song family daughter.

Now belongs to her things, to take back a little bit.

Song Zhe saw Song Yanran's face gradually fading from blood, and then continued to mourn, "You always wanted to marry Mu Shen, but Mu Shen and I truly love each other, but Tang Shi is my mother, and I only have my mother."

"I know that Aunt He and sister you have suffered all these years, but my mom is ...... also."

The rest of the people are reminiscent of Tang shi who was a famous businesswoman in Huacheng back then, and suddenly resigned not many years after returning to her family, making people sigh with their wrists.

The media loves to sympathize with the underdog, and the reporters who were just now accusing Song Zhi one way or the other have turned against her.

"Mrs. Huo, don't feel too bad, you still have Huo Shao to love you now."

"Stepmother's child, it's really hard to be a human being."

"Enough, you guys shut up!" Song Yanran's voice steeply plucked to a sharp pitch, angrily roaring out, "Song Zhu, you're not allowed to say anymore!"

"Sister, you ......"

"I said, you're not allowed to say it again, do you hear me!" Song Yanran was furious, watching the media take pictures, she knew that the 'Song family's daughter' had been snatched away just like that!

She knew that tomorrow the media would spread the word about her real life!

All these years the outside world had thought that she was two years older than Song Zhi, making the outside world keep thinking that she was Tang Shi's real daughter, but now the image that she had worked so hard to build up had all been destroyed by Song Zhi!


She was the daughter of He Meiping, the escort who had risen to the top!


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