Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 23: Self-Hacking I'm the Best!

Song resigned to look up, eyebrows are careful, live as a child living under the claws and teeth of the stepmother.

"I know, sister, don't be angry, I understand Aunt He's hard, it's all dad's fault, after all, she previously went from an escort ......"

"Song Zhu!" She gritted her teeth.

She couldn't wait to tear this mouth of Song Zhe apart!

After hissing madly, Song Yanran was a little surprised to see the hideous face on the glass window.

She looked up again and saw Song Zhi's unhurried frown, her heart aching with pain.

She hadn't forced Song Zhi into a wretched state, but was actually forced by Song Zhi to move.

Song Zhi with her most hate others to mention her mother is a chaperon girl origin, let her from childhood suffered how much cold eyes, she want to be a person on the people.

Can only be a human being!

Song Yanran's eyes were red, her face was extraordinarily red because of her anger, her nails dug into her palms fiercely, and when she saw the upright figure walking back not far away, even though she was furious and hateful, she strongly suppressed her anger.

"Xiao Zhi, sister didn't blame you, she just didn't want you to make a fool of yourself in the media again, after all, you made a scene at the time to elope with someone, and lost a lot of face for both families." She didn't believe that Huo Muchen would be able to tolerate someone cuckolding him, "And you want to use allergies to escape the marriage, sister this is also for your own good."

Song Zhe sees Song Yanran actually suppressing her anger and shifting the battle, and doesn't move to let her finish her trick before she shallowly says, "Sister, so this was your excuse for wanting to marry Huo Mou Shen instead at the time?"

"An excuse? What I said was the truth!"

Song Yanran's eyebrows were throbbing with veins, and her makeup was splashed by the sun, turning her into panda eyes that looked wretched and comical.

The female entertainer from earlier seemed to have premeditated this, rushing up and smashing the photos in her pocket at Song Ru.

"Song Ru, don't hit me backwards!

Even if you're the Song family's daughter, you don't deserve to be Mrs. Huo!"

Song Zhi did not move to dodge away, a hint of viciousness swept across the bottom of her eyes, some people belong to the category of bullying softness, is it because she looks soft and cute, so she is good to bully?

She picked up the photos on the ground, carefully looked at the meeting, are at that time she made a scene of the wedding, the corner is He Meiping mother and daughter in the dark irony, at that time encouraging her to eat allergies to escape from the wedding, He Meiping contributed a lot of bad ideas.

She lowered her eyes, a long time in the crowd gossip in the eyes, suddenly looked up and cried: "The person in the photo is not me at all ah!

Who is this messing around, trying to ruin my wedding?"



Song Zhu continued, "I was in my room at the time and didn't realize what was going on outside?

Huo Mou Shen originally wanted to let me out, but Mou Shen's secretary stopped me inside, saying that at the wedding site, there was a female lunatic outside who was going around committing murder and pestering Huo Mou Shen, saying that my husband was dragging her into marriage!

Mu Shen and I said, this woman seems to be sick, full of pockmarks and also kiss my husband, and almost killed my husband!"

"If I know who brought this ugly, bad, crazy woman to intentionally sabotage my wedding, I won't let her go!"

After Song Zhi tearfully finished her speech, the crowd cast their speculative and skeptical eyes on Song Yanran.

Before all people think that Song Yanran is Huo Mou Shen fiancée, but now after the truth is revealed, Song Yanran heart must be unwilling, that the only person who does not want to let the wedding held is ...... Song Yanran.

Song Yanyan listened to Song rhetoric in front of the media to speak loudly, lies, angry to the five viscera and six bowels hurt.

A strong taste of blood rushed out from the throat, Song Yanyan's vision in front of her eyes suddenly blurred, and then forcefully propped up her body, her eyes locked on Song Ru's mouth, scarlet as if she wanted to kill someone.

"Xiao Ru, how can you lie?"

Song Yanran died against Yue Hun's mouth, crying with pear blossoms, only she cried again because her makeup was splattered, none of it was aesthetically pleasing.

On the contrary, Song Ru, holding the tears in her eyes, holding them back, pitiful and aggrieved.

It made people's hearts, livers, spleens, stomachs, and kidneys twitch in pain.

Nima, the fairy shed tears.

M & R Group's Huo Shao backup group couldn't wait to rush out and smack Song Yanran's mouth one by one!

"Sister, I really didn't lie! This person isn't me, I was sitting in the room and still wearing the ring Mu Shen gave me, look at this person's hand there's no ring, why don't you believe me?"

Song Zhi's nickname of 'lying savant' was not in vain, she lied without changing her face, and even lit up the ring.

The crowd looked down at the woman in the photo and saw that she really wasn't wearing a ring. According to what they saw just now, Huo favored Mrs. Huo to such an extent that he absolutely couldn't tolerate his own wife making a scene at the wedding.

Song Zhi didn't give the media a chance to catch their breath, and stepped forward again, smacking the dozen photos he had picked up onto the face of the female entertainer who had just spoken, and questioning with a cold voice: "You know that the woman in the photos isn't me, so why do you still want to come to slanders me!"

"You put P! Song Qi, the woman in this photo is you!" The female entertainer refuted with a red and coarse face.

Song Zhi was scolded for being coarse and laughed instead of being angry.

The sun is shining brightly, enveloping her body, she is confidently holding her head high and stubborn, determined to defend Mrs. Huo's dignity!

"What evidence do you have to slander me with photos alone, do you think my Song family has no one, or do you think that Mrs. Huo's face is at your mercy to step on the ground and trample on at will!"

In an instant, the scene was quiet, and the crowd held their breath.

No amount of arguing on their part could change the fact that Song Zhi was Huo Shao's new wife.

Huo Shao has always been known for his deviousness and ruthlessness in Huacheng.

Even if it was his own uncle, he was able to drive people to their deaths.

This they had just helped the female entertainer and bullied the new wife, they couldn't believe what would happen to them.

Seeing the female entertainer retreating, Song Ru's eyes are clear and cold, she has always been 'people don't offend me, I don't offend them', and she presses on step by step, "Or is it that you just purposely came here to defame my reputation, wanting to make the Song family and the Huo family lose face!"

The female entertainer's face turned pale, and undeterred, she took out a mango from her satchel, screaming loudly, "You dare to eat a mango in public to prove that the woman in this photo isn't you!"

Seeing the opportunity, Song Yanran tumbled out of her throat with a raging vengeance and hurriedly pulled Song Zhi back, "Xiao Zhi, you're allergic to eating mangoes, so it's better if you don't eat them. Whether the person in the photo is you or not, this is over."

Whether Song Ru ate it or not, she was going to be misled into thinking that she was the disgraced woman in the photo, and she would prove it even faster if she ate it.

Only then would Song Zhi lose face to the Huo family, who valued reputation above all else, and Song Zhi would surely be swept away, and she would be able to truly become Mrs. Huo, truly snatching back the name of the Song family's daughter!

The air was silent for a few seconds.

The crowd is waiting.

Huo Muchen stood not far away, locked tightly around the woman who was clearly thinning her spine, but still defending his reputation there, the deepest part of his heart was deeply shaken, the winds churning in the bottom of his deep eyes, and his sinewy grip on the doorknob.

In her sleep, she kept shouting 'don't you die', was this guilt on her part?

Or is it love?

Lu Zi Yan was surprised at Song Zhi's ability to lie and splash dirty water, at this moment he was very curious about how Song Zhi would deal with it, and whether or not he had the qualifications to be worthy of being beside Third Brother.

"Third brother, was what Song Zhi just said true?" He's clearly flirting.

Huo Mushen's thoughts are pulled back, turning his head and correcting himself coldly, "Call Third Sister-in-law."

Lu Ziyan rubbed the tip of his nose, "Okay."

Just as they were still wondering what Song Zhi would do, they heard a woman's delicate but piercing voice coming from the front ......


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