Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 24: Walking sideways

"I eat or don't eat mangoes to prove that the woman in this picture is me?" Song Zhu smiled.

"It's hard to believe that you dare to prove it!" Seeing that she had the upper hand, the female entertainment reporter proudly questioned Song Zhu.

Even Song Yanran's eyes surged with the thought of shoving a mango directly into her mouth.

Song Ru hid her eyes, her voice was so calm that she couldn't even tell her emotions, but she questioned word for word, "Then how can you know that the crazy woman in this photo is allergic to eating mangoes, and how can you be sure that it must be me?"

"I ......"

"Is it hard to believe that this crazy woman was arranged by you?" Song Zhe questioned back again.

The female entertainer was dumbfounded, the woman in this photo was clearly Song Ru, she had spent a lot of money to get it.

She was so vain that she couldn't speak, "Song Ru, you put P, who in Huacheng doesn't know that you're chasing after Lu Shao backwards, stripping yourself naked to seduce Lu Shao, and also engaging in a threesome with someone, you don't want to be ashamed of yourself, you ......"


Song Zhi threw over the whole arm and fiercely smacked it, she was hitting people more and more smoothly.

"How can you hit someone?" The female entertainer seemed to have found an excuse and hurriedly cried out, smearing Song Ru.

"What hit you was your open mouth!" Song Zhi coldly floated a smile as she felt two searingly cold gazes behind her sweeping towards her, becoming even more reckless.

"Even if you're Mrs. Huo, you can't bully others with your power!" The female entertainer shakily stood up from the ground, snarling at Song Zhi with her teeth and claws open.

Song Ru's eyes jumped, and he bottomed out and threw another slap at the left half of her face, "You slandered me, this mouth deserves a beating!"

"What I said is the truth, but it's just poking you in the sore spot, you're ......"

"I haven't known anyone in Huacheng who dares to slander Mrs. Huo." The man's aura is awe-inspiring, his hands and feet revealing a reserved and graceful demeanor, like a towering monarch.

His sharp, lingering gaze swept over everyone present, oppressive and suffocating.

"Bullying people based on power? Heh ...... Song Zhi is my Huo Mou Shen's wife, and it's my Huo Mou Shen's power that she's relying on."

Huo Mou Shen used his strength to prove to Song Ru that marrying him would allow him to walk horizontally in Huacheng.

"Huaibei, go retrieve the surveillance and prosecute her for slandering Mrs. Huo and fabricating facts to cause damage to Mrs. Huo's spirit." Huo Mushen's voice is clear and cold, using the words 'Mrs. Huo' to oppress all.

Chu Huaibei swept his eyes at the female entertainer whose face was ashen, "Yes."

The two bodyguards had the sense to block the person's mouth and dragged the woman away.

Song Zhi's gaze is calm and cold as he looks at her praying eyes.

Huo Muchen pulls back her gaze, naturally taking her hand and interlocking her fingers, casting a sidelong glance at Song Yanran and speaking without any emotion, "Go down."

Song Yanran clenched her fists, she was unwilling and cynically surprised at the change in Song Zhi, when was her brain so bright?

Could it be ......

Her eyes sank slightly, and then she heard Song Zhi's nonchalant reminder, "Sister, only the Huo family couple can stand here, you stand here and get in the way."

"...... I ......"

"'Invite' the person down." Huo Mou Shen completely ignores Song Yanran's chaste face and instead holds Song Zhe firmly in his arms.

The bodyguard is 'polite' and brings Song Yanran down, she reluctantly walks down the steps and tilts her head to see Huo Mushen taking Song Zhi to accept the media's photos.

Huo Mou Shen sidesteps, slightly blocking the media from asking questions, his tone extremely cold: "Song Ru is my Huo Mou Shen's wife, in the future, if you give Mrs. Huo a hard time in Huacheng, you're working against me."

"For the recent media slander of my wife, I think as Mrs. Huo's husband it is necessary to explain that the woman who appeared on the wedding day was not my wife."

The man's dark eyes are ablaze with two flames, and his handsome face is sternly taut, causing Song Zhi to lean in even tighter, "My wife and I are also childhood sweethearts, and it took two loves to enter the marriage hall."

"Anyone to blackmail slander my wife, I will take full responsibility to pursue, straight to the end!" The man's deep eyes swept over the deep chant, his arm almost strangled her waist.

Song Zhi's heartbeat missed stopping for two beats, and her gaze fell on Huo Mu Shen, becoming quiet.

Frozen for a few seconds, she gradually regained her normalcy, but the blissful sweetness that was revealed definitely couldn't fool anyone.

But underneath the happiness, Song Zhi's heart tip trembled and his pupils danced.

Huo Mou Shen has really been brought down by himself.

He can lie.

And the technique of lying is superior to hers, and it doesn't change its color.

Song Yanyan looked at the man's handsome features rippling, from the depths of her brain burst out a huge rage, Huo Mou Shen knew that the woman in the photo was Song Zhi, and actually helped Song Zhi to lie, and once again fishy sweetness welled up in her throat.

On the steps, Huo Mou Shen's posture is suddenly lazy, he calmly opens his mouth, "You have five minutes to ask questions, but it's best to be careful with your words."

If his tone wasn't threatening, the media could spit blood.

But this is also an inherent tradition of the Huo family.

The heirs of the Huo family would all launch after their new marriages and then give the media time to ask questions.

The reporter, emboldened, raises his microphone and picks up a good question, "How is Huo Shao's new project going?"



The media looks up to the big man, looking for a topic that will carry on for five minutes, and then tops his head by asking, "When did Huo Shao and his wife meet?"

"She was one year old and I was eight." Huo Moushen replied without thinking.

The media listens to Huo Mushen's lazy tone and seems to have found a breakthrough, asking again, "Can Huo Shao remember Mrs. Huo's birthday?"


"Then can Mrs. Huo?"

Song Zhi was suddenly stopped by the question, she wasn't very sure about it, bowing her head and biting her lower lip, her feet moved towards the position behind Huo Mushen.

The infinitely closer distance allowed the low pressure and lingering aura from Huo Muk Shen to be more intuitively and intensely sensed to Song Zhi's senses.

Song Zhi didn't dare to utter a single breath, and his black and white eyes carefully looked at Huo Moushen.

Huo Mushen looked at Song Zhi's pitiful appearance, his eyes slightly converged, withdrew his sight, his cold face became even more gloomy, and the hand that clutched Song Zhi became even more forceful, as if he wanted to use this way to calm down something.

Only to see Huo Mou Shen release her wrist, casually straightened her messy hair, low voice with compulsion, just drifted into her eardrums, "Mrs. Huo is really smart, her own husband's birthday can't be remembered."

Song Zhi looked up at him, and when her gaze met his eyes, it was like she stabbed, whooshed back, and never dared to look up again.

She had thought that his eyes would quickly move away from her, but after a long time, Song Zhi felt that Huo Mu Shen was focusing all of his gaze on her, making it impossible to ignore the deep light of his eyes.

Song Zhi's heart thumped as she was stared at, her eyes flickered a little, and she had wanted to say something to break the awkward atmosphere, but she was too embarrassed to move.

The eye of her throat was inexplicably dry, and she took a deep breath, probably looking for a nice few puffs, and shivered towards the media, "My husband's birthday, so I'm not going to tell you guys about it? If all those female fans come to celebrate my husband's birthday, won't I be jealous?"

A crowd of media:"......"

They were showered with dog food.


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