Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 25 - Mr. Huo's Mrs. Huo

Lu Ziyan snorted, "What don't tell others, just don't know, right, just mouth talk."

Huo Mou Shen looks at Song Zhi's wrinkled little face, his thin lips pursing lightly, his deep eyes rippling with a shallow smile line.

The breeze cuts through, blowing Song Zhi's black hair.

The corners of Song Zhe's lips were slightly hooked, and his dimples hooked up.

The man's afterglow swept a number of people looking at her wife with stunning gazes, and a long arm immovably extended behind Song Zhi, sidestepping to block the media from taking pictures.

He stared deeply at Song Zhi's increasingly red face, itching to rub the person into the bone marrow.

Huo Mushen's gaze tightens slightly, he quickly turns around, picks up the person in a horizontal hug, and walks towards the elevator on his feet, lowering his throat so that only two people can hear him.

"Mrs. Huo, is this seducing me?"

The media, Huo Shao, just so directly took the person away, but also wanted to dig up some fierce material, when Lu Ziyan slowly walked out.

"Time for the media press conference, how to write a report, I believe all the media people have a number in mind." Lu Ziyan can be more open than Huo Mou Shen, he is not used to seeing anyone directly, but the whole death of you is also non-negotiable.

This threat ...... is naked.

Lu Ziyan turned back when he had already lost sight of Huo Mou Shen's figure, the corners of his mouth twitching, striding up the stairs, in passing, sent a message in the small sub-group.

[Quickly look at today's news in Huacheng, third brother with his wife is going to light up your dog's eyes.]

Song Zhi was brought into the elevator by Huo Muchen, his spine pressed against the man's palm, his large eyes watery and moist to meet his gaze, smiling at him without a city in his heart, "Then may I ask Mr. Huo, have you been seduced by me?"

Huo Muchen slightly arched his back, Song Zhi half of his body was enveloped in shadow, two faces close enough to be able to count Song Zhi's long black eyelashes.

"What do you say?" Huo Mushen faintly hooked his lips.

"If I say so, then it must have been seduced by me ah, after all, Mr. Huo is Mrs. Huo's childhood friend, and two lovers."

Song Zhi puts the shiny diamond ring as if offering a treasure he shines.

"Song Zhi, you've become so unlike you."

He raised his head, his straight nose close to Song Zhi, tenderly rubbing the tip of her nose.

Looking at the handsome face that suddenly enlarged in front of her eyes, Song Zhi's clear eyes flashed with a trace of fascination, she was actually a little nervous, worried that her changing too quickly would cause Huo Mushan to suspect her and make him hate her.

Song Zhi sighed in her heart, tilting her head back and smiling as if she was petulant, "Then who do I look like?"

"I wasn't originally Song Ru, but Mr. Huo's Mrs. Huo.

Mr. Huo is in love with Mrs. Huo, if I were to love Mr. Huo properly instead of Mrs. Huo, I would strive to bolt Mr. Huo firmly."

"Heh, Mrs. Huo has a good mouth."

"That's for sure, I've studied law and know it backwards." Song Ru studied a minor in one of the majors that had law in it, and although she was hanging on for dear life, she really learned a lot of lessons, and she didn't know how the school arranged it in the first place.

Huo Mou Shen reaches out and lifts up her thin waist, hanging her frontally half on him, as if he were holding a child.

He pulls his lips, not skimping on intimacy, and whispers in her ear, "I'd say that little mouth of yours down there is nice."

"Huo Mu Shen!"

Hooligans ah!

Police uncle, there are hooligans here!


Suddenly the elevator door opens, and Song Yanran stands in the middle of the elevator, seeing Song Zhi hanging on Huo Mushan, her two legs hooked around the man's strong waist, while the man's hand is dragging her pp, incomparably intimate.

In an instant, anger tumbled out of the depths of her eyes, and she took a few deep breaths, forcing herself to hold back.

It was only after a long time that she found her voice and said, "Xiao Zhi, brother-in-law."

The moment the voice came, the man's eyes were steeply sinister and cold, so constrained and taut that he was a different person from the elevator.

The cool asceticism and evil and wanton provocativeness were embodied in Huo Muxian's body.

Song Yanran was somewhat stunned.

The elevator is Huo's president's special elevator, and ordinary people can't get in.

So she did the elevator first and climbed two floors on her heels, thinking that she would have to spend time alone with Huo Mou Shen to explain, and she didn't expect them to be in the elevator ......

It must have been Song Zhi who seduced him.

She stared at Song Zhi's clear and bright face, angry and hateful, obviously both born from the same father, but the appearance is completely unlike.

Song Zhi inherited all of Tang Shi's youthful beauty, her eyebrows and eyes were vivid, and her purely vegan face made people feel natural. She is inherited He Meiping, posture can only be regarded as middle to upper class, if there is no exquisite makeup, after removing the makeup of her and Song Zhi which station can not be compared to the small face of the blowing.

She saw Song Zhi's boneless sticking to him and secretly spat, "Vixen."

Huo Mou Shen is still interested in her now, but it's because of the marriage contract and just wants to play around.

He actually doesn't love Song Zhi.

All of that just now was just the Huo family doing face time for the media, he didn't really love Song Zhi, and sooner or later, he was going to kick Song Zhi out the door.

Song Yanyan thought that this might be the case, and felt a lot more comfortable in her heart. Otherwise, according to Huo Mushen's cool character, how could he easily condescend for a woman.

While she was lost in thought, Huo Mushan frowned and had already carried Song Zhi to the lounge.

Song Zhi had just fought a battle downstairs, and because of the cold, her body was like a blown up ball of skin that was suddenly punctured, looking wan and relying on Huo Mushan's arms, not wanting to take a single step.

"Not feeling well?"

Song Zhe lowly said, "Just a little tired."

Her residual light sweeps over to the woman following her, and her pupils move, "Husband, Song Yanran is employed at Huo's?"

"Wasn't it you who shoved her to my side?" Huo Mushen asks rhetorically.

"Ah? Was it me ...... I did?"

Was she that stupid to send a mistress to her husband's side?

Song Zhi tried to recall the stupid things she had done before, she remembered Song Yanran saying that she wanted to help her get out of the marriage and sacrificed herself to Huo Mushan's side in an attempt to help her find evidence to expose Huo Mushan's true colors.

"MD, I'm sending a love rival now, I don't want her by your side." Song Zhi said with extreme reluctance.

"No swearing." Huo Mou Shen leaned over and poured a cup of hot water for Song Zhe and handed it over, seeing her lazily just leaning in the crook of his arm, his brows knitted: "Letting her into the company, looking at your face, what are you having a hard time with?"

Song Zhi mood is not beautiful, fine white fingers twisted together, sullenly bowed his head.

"If you don't like it, just dismiss it." The man's voice was calm, inclined his head closer, "Happy?"

As he approached, an innate pressure mixed with heavy hormones suddenly spilled down, Song Ru's heart suddenly contracted, wanting to tilt her head tautly, but in the end the ghost revealed a smile.

It was true that she didn't want Song Yanyan to be around Huo Mushan.

When she was dying, it was Song Yanran who was by his side, and if she hadn't fanned the flames, she wouldn't have even seen the last of Huo Moushen!

Huo Mou Shen's deep and dark gaze falls on her palm-sized face for a moment before he turns his face to look into the distance, his voice is light and doesn't carry any emotion, "Be good here, go call Huaibei if you want anything, sleep for a while if you're tired, I'll give you me"

Song Zhi leaned back into the sofa and nodded.

When Huo Mou Shen turns to go out, Song Yanran waits hesitantly for Huo Mou Shen to come out, she wants to talk to him alone.

"Mu Shen, I have something I want to say to you ......"


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