Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 31

Feng Xie squinted her eyes and sized her up: "You want to take this opportunity to get to know me? Then please me."

who wants to know him...

Tangyue thought so in her heart, but she didn't show any clues on her face. She handed the boiling water on the table to Feng Xie: "You don't like sweet things, drink some water, it can dilute the taste in your mouth."

Feng Xie took the transparent glass, he raised his head and drank wantonly, his throat rolled, and there was a sound of swallowing, the curve from his chin to the side of his face was as sharp as a cut, very sexy.

After drinking, he put the cup on the table, only a few drops of water remained in it, which was reflected crystal light by the sun.

Tang Yue sat on the stool, looking very cute.

Feng Xie didn't eat mung bean cake, so she took it out and ate it by herself. The delicate and sweet taste filled her mouth, and her cheeks bulged a little.

"I let you eat?"

The man stared at her for a while, licked his teeth with his tongue, and suddenly felt a little hungry.

Tang Yue: "?"

Why can't she eat the mung bean cake she brought over by herself, but she still said softly, "Don't you like sweets?"

Feng Xie didn't speak, he took the box of mung bean cakes, picked up a piece of cake with his fingers and stuffed it into his mouth.

The mung bean cake was made small and exquisite, Tang Yue could finish a small one in three or four mouthfuls, but Feng Xie took one bite.

He ate quickly, and when he swallowed, he frowned, as if he was dissatisfied with the taste of the food.

It's just a waste of money.

Tang Yue was born in the Tang family, so she didn't pay that much attention to rules, but the people around her also paid attention to etiquette.

No one is going to gobble up pastries.

She pursed her lips and frowned slightly, "Feng Xie, eat slowly."

What kind of person is Feng Xie? He subtly caught Tangyue's displeasure, and his face was sullen: "What? You hate me?"

Tangyue lowered her eyes, not looking at him: "Cakes are not easy to digest, if you eat too fast, you will choke."

She stood up, intending to fetch water from him.

"Did I let you go?"

He reached out and grabbed Tangyue's hand.

There was a chill in the fingertips.

Tang Yue said gently: "I just want to fetch water from you."

There is a water supply room at the end of each floor of the hospital, which can be used to receive water, but it only needs to walk for a while.

He had just drank water, and he wasn't that thirsty, Tangyue's excuses were too clumsy.

She simply wanted to leave herself.

A stern look crossed Feng Xie's eyebrows, and he mocked, "Tang Yue, if you want to leave, just leave, you don't need to use such an excuse!"


She wanted to leave, but how did Feng Xie see it.

Just when Tangyue was hesitating, Feng Xie directly threw the box over: "Let's go!"

The box brushed against Tangyue's hair and fell to the ground with a slap, splashing dust.

Feng Xie was furious.

He looked angry, his eyes seemed to be covered with a thin layer of ice, a bone-chilling chill.

Tang Yue picked up the box on the ground and patted it lightly. She was not angry at all, and said softly, "If you don't want to see me, then I'll go first. You have to take care of your body, take care of yourself, Eat slowly so that you won't hurt your stomach, and it's also good for your body."

After saying this, she turned and left, and the corners of her mouth could not help but bend.

Being alone with a moody person like Feng Xie was simply too suffocating.

She was still not used to being with him.

After the person left, the faint fragrance in the air also disappeared.

Feng Xie's face was hidden in the shadows, he stared at the smashed box, his expression kept changing.

Suddenly, he picked up the box and opened it again.

The mung bean cake inside has been broken.


This woman kept saying that she liked him, but she didn't come to the hospital to see him. After Qin Zheng called her over, she still dared to show her face.

He squeezed the broken mung bean cakes and stuffed them into his mouth. Suddenly, he seemed to remember something, and his movements slowed down a little.

Chew slowly.

This sweet and greasy snack stimulated his nerves, and when it was so sweet, it made the tip of his tongue bitter.

As if he didn't feel anything, he was still chewing slowly.

In the end, he seemed to have tasted some taste and got used to the sweetness.


Today's weather is fine, sunny, windy and comfortable.

After Tangyue walked out of the hospital, her mood was not affected in any way.

Now Wangyuezhai is also developing in a good direction. Because of Huang Ping's incident, Ding Fu has recently selected employees and asked about their family backgrounds, so he has become more careful in doing things.

They also make some generic pills for sale.

Everything has good expectations.

Tangyue is very satisfied with the current situation.

Wangyue Zhai is also preparing to open, and Tangyue spends more time on it.

They have already cooperated with the Su family, so they don't worry about having no customers in the future. As long as they take it step by step, they can always make the reputation of Wangyue Zhai, which can be regarded as the continuation of mother's dream.

Tangyue has a position in Wangyuezhai, but she doesn't have normal working hours, she usually goes out in the morning and afternoon, and basically stays at Feng's house during the rest of the time.

As long as the child in her stomach is fine, no one in the Feng family will care about her, and her life is quite leisurely.

Even the children, except for the old lady Feng, no one in the Feng family would care about them.


The old lady Feng looked at her inquiringly: "I heard from Mama Wu that you go out very often these days?"

Tangyue's heart skipped a beat. In fact, she didn't intend to keep the matter of Wangyuezhai a secret from them all the time. That's why she gave up a position. If she was found out, she could explain it.

It's just that I didn't expect the old lady Feng to be discovered so soon.

She wasn't about to admit it just yet.

She lowered her eyes and thought for a moment, "I'm going out for a walk."

The old lady Feng said cheerfully, "I'm going to see Feng Xie. He hasn't come back recently, but he will still contact you."

Tangyue: "...."

I misunderstood...

She took a sip of tea, and the tea smoke wafted across her brows and eyes, she smiled slightly, without denying it: "Yeah."

The old lady Feng was even happier: "It's right for you to get along well. He is the father of the child after all, and he must care about you very much in his heart. How is your body feeling recently?"

"Very good." Tangyue replied obediently.

"If you feel uncomfortable, just tell me." After a pause, the old lady Feng asked, "By the way, do you know where Feng Xie is recently?"

Tang Yue was taken aback.

Feng Xie was kidnapped some time ago and suffered such serious injuries. She thought that the Feng family knew about it, but even the old lady Feng didn't know about it.

Thinking of that cold ward, she had a strange expression, and said honestly, "Feng Xie is in the hospital now."

"Is he injured again?"

Old Madam Feng frowned, but she wasn't surprised.

"En." Tang Yue nodded.

She was a little curious, did Feng Xie get hurt often? Looking at the old lady Feng's expression, she seemed to be used to it.

The old lady Feng patted her hand: "Then you have worked so hard to take care of him these days. I'll ask someone to cook a few dishes. You can send him a meal today."

Tangyue: "...."

There's no need to deliver food to Feng Xie, she was kicked out just now.

So she said: "Grandma, it's better not to use it, Feng Xie may have eaten it already."

"Then you call and ask." The old lady Feng said with a smile.


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