Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 32

Tangyue didn't have Feng Xie's phone number, and she didn't usually contact Feng Xie very much, so how could she have contact information.

She also said: "My relationship with Feng Xie is not that good."

The old lady Feng said: "I have Feng Xie's mobile phone number here, you can remember one, anyway, I will contact you often in the future."


She hoped that there would be less of Feng Xie in her life.

But the old lady Feng was so considerate, she had no choice but to enter Feng Xie's mobile phone number and call.

As soon as it rang, the phone was connected.

Is it a coincidence?

He was probably playing with his phone.

Tangyue pursed her lips, and said softly, "Feng Xie, I'm Tangyue, and I just want to ask you, have you had lunch?"

Just say that she has finished eating, and she can hang up the phone.

For a long time no one answered.

After a while, there seemed to be a slight sneer coming from the other side, very light and faint, almost undetectable: "What do you ask this for?"

Tangyue could sense his impatience, he definitely didn't want to answer this call.

She continued to play a gentle and gentle role: "It's like this, if you haven't eaten, grandma will ask me to deliver it to you."

She thought that Feng Xie would definitely refuse, after all he only kicked her out last time.

However, this time, Feng Xie was silent for a moment, very quiet.

After a long time, he lowered his voice and said casually, "Bring a box of mung bean cake from last time."

After finishing speaking, he hung up the phone without waiting for Tangyue's response.

Tang Yue frowned.

Doesn't Feng Xie hate mung bean cake? I still found it unpalatable last time, why did I specify to bring it this time.

The old lady Feng seemed very happy: "He will still feel sorry for others. Feng Xie has always hated eating sweets. He must have known that you like mung bean cakes, so he asked you to take them to eat with him."

"It shouldn't be like this." Tang Yue honestly said.

Feng Xie would not treat her so well.

The old lady Feng didn't take it seriously: "Sit down for a while, I'll let the kitchen prepare the meals now, Feng Xie is a good feeder, he's never picky about food, he just doesn't like sweets."

Tang Yue nodded.


"About the second young lady, she has a lot of doubts about her. After she came to the ward, she let you be kidnapped without defense. This shows that this matter is related to her."

"And her driving skills are very good, and her mind is also very smart. It's strange that such a person would be bullied in the Tang family."

"However, this doesn't mean that the kidnapping case has something to do with her. After all, she not only helped you heal your injuries, but also saved your life. For her, kidnapping you doesn't do any good."

Qin Zheng reported the news he found these days in detail.

Feng Xie was holding a gold-plated lighter in his hand. With a snap, he put it on the table, flicked it lightly, and the lighter spun around quickly before slowly stopping.

He took a deep breath of the cigarette, his eyes darkened: "Who said there is no benefit?"

Qin Zheng was stunned for a moment, and said cautiously: "I don't have any evidence to prove that this matter was instigated by the Second Young Madam."

Feng Xie didn't speak, his expression was indifferent, and he couldn't see any joy or anger.

Qin Zheng had no choice but to continue to express his opinion: "In this matter, the second young lady did not seek your money or your life, so I think she is innocent."

Everything needs to be logical. He felt that the Second Young Madam had no reason for committing the crime, so it had nothing to do with her.

"Besides, even if the second young lady wants someone to kidnap you, she doesn't need to accompany you. It's very risky."

He felt that his analysis was perfect. The second young lady is a weak woman. I really don't know why the second young lady insisted on asking him to investigate her.

Feng Xie shook the table slightly, with an unpredictable look on his face, he said quietly, "What if you want to plot me?"

What's the meaning?

Qin Zheng looked up in astonishment.

The man's gaze became deeper and deeper. If Tangyue wanted to gain her own love, she would have directed and acted in the kidnapping scene, and even used herself as a bait to increase the authenticity of the incident. She plays a role that never leaves, attracts her attention, and then everything will work out.

She is suspected, and the suspicion is great.

Qin Zheng thought for a while according to Feng Xie's train of thought, and then he understood what he meant, and he was speechless for a moment.

Second Young Master doesn't understand himself at all.

How could the second young lady seduce him in such an outrageous way?

This is not the thinking of normal people.

He coughed: "Second Young Master, I don't think this is possible, and we have no evidence..."

He couldn't continue, he was about to freeze to death from the cold air released by the man.

Qin Zheng had no choice but to change the subject: "Guan You escaped, but we caught his brother. This is also a key person. Do you want to meet Er Shao?"

Feng Xie leaned on the bed, squinted his eyes, and didn't reply.

Qin Zheng immediately led a man over. The man was trembling, his face was swollen into a pig's head, he couldn't see his face clearly for a long time, his clothes were torn, and his exposed body was covered with welt marks.

Seeing Feng Xie, he knelt down on the ground with a slap.

"Young Master Feng, please forgive me. I really don't know anything. The boss is responsible for everything. I will do whatever he says. I really didn't know that you were the one he kidnapped."

The man had already been tortured, his legs were shaking, and he was crying.

Feng Xie threw the cigarette away. He lowered his eyes and glanced at the man: "Raise your head."

The man immediately raised his swollen face like a pig's head obediently, not daring to disobey in the slightest.

"You have beautiful eyes."

Hearing this, the man's body trembled again: "No, no, I look very ordinary, Young Master Feng, if you want to recruit me, I agree, and I will obey you in the future."

"You think the second young master collects junk, what's the use of recruiting trash like you."

Qin Zheng looked at him contemptuously. At least Er Shao was surrounded by capable people like him, who would dare to compete with him for a job.

Feng Xie had a half-smile, and his tone revealed appreciation: "It's like a black gem, it will look really good if you dig it out."

Hearing this, the man almost fainted, his face turned pale immediately: "Young Master Feng, please, I was really wrong, I still have a wife and children at home."

"By the way, I thought about it. I have a good relationship with Guan You. I can pretend to contact him and help you catch him."

Feng Xie stared at him for a while, then curled his lips. He walked over and patted the man's face, and said in a low voice, "What's the hurry? I'm just complimenting you."

How can there be such a boast.

The man was so frightened that he almost lost control.

"Just do what he says," he ordered.

"Yes." Qin Zheng understood and took him down.


Tangyue came to the hospital again this time with a cloth bag containing a lunch box, and the old lady Feng asked someone to prepare a special meal for two people to eat together.


You don't have to.


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