Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 33

She took two steps and stopped.

Feng Xie was leaning under the big tree, he stepped on a few fresh leaves, with a fresh green grass in his mouth, his body was wrapped in gauze, exuding a quiet and decadent look.

There was still some distance between the two, but she could feel his gaze.

Tangyue just paused for a moment, then walked towards Feng Xie. He was wearing a loose white shirt today, and only buttoned the bottom button, leaving the top open.

She raised a virtuous smile, and handed over all the things she had prepared: "Feng Xie, here is the food, and here is the mung bean cake."

The hot dishes and pastries are served separately, otherwise the hot dishes will heat up the pastries, which will not taste good at that time.

The man didn't pick up the bag, but grabbed her hand and pulled her over.

Tangyue froze for a moment, then hurriedly protected the food.

When she got close, Feng Xie could see her pure white earrings as soon as she lowered her head. She didn't have pierced ears, and her ears were clean, small and soft.

The hot breath sprayed on her ears: "You want to leave after delivering the things?"

She looked like she was about to leave after handing him the food, so he might as well call a delivery guy.

Tangyue's face was gentle, and she moved her body calmly: "I thought you didn't want me to stay here, so I delivered the meal, so I won't disturb your meal."

She thought for a while and then said: "You have to eat well, so that your injury can heal quickly."


Feng Xie glanced at the bag, there were two meals in it.

Everyone knows Sima Zhao's heart that he said not to disturb, but prepared two meals.

He picked up the two meals inside and played with the taste: "What is this?"

Tangyue: "...."

I almost forgot that old lady Feng also prepared a copy for her.

Her face was complicated, and she didn't know how to answer for a while.

Feng Xie stared at her for a while, and seemed to be in a better mood. He pulled her over to the stone table on the side, and sat on the wooden bench recklessly: "I do good deeds every day, so you don't have to leave today."

No, thanks.

Tangyue lowered her eyebrows and said obediently, "Okay."

She also sat down and began to eat, her meal was the same as Feng Xie's, they all focused on light dishes.

One of them is a wounded person and one is a pregnant woman, and there are many taboos about eating.

Tangyue's throat is very small, she has to chew a lot of food every time she eats, and then swallow it, it seems that it is difficult to swallow.

Feng Xie took a few more glances at her before being influenced by her, and he also slowed down.

After eating for a while, Feng Xie's phone rang.

The bell rang over and over again, but he didn't answer.

Tangyue thought that when she called him earlier, he answered it almost instantly, probably when she met him at a convenient time.

Feng Xie swallowed the food in his mouth, the phone was still ringing, he pressed the connect button, and a cold voice came from the other side: "It took so long to answer the phone, dead?"

"Yes, do you want to buy me a cemetery?"

Feng Zhen seemed very angry: "The Su family recently launched Anshen Pills, which is another step forward in the medical field. It just so happens that Su Kebi, the fourth lady of the Su family, will recognize her as a member of the clan tomorrow. Remember to prepare a big gift. Our two families have a good relationship. You also show up and often treat her to dinner or something."

Feng Xie smiled mockingly: "I'm not interested."

Feng Zhen said angrily: "Su Kebi just came back from studying in City B, she has looks and talent, why do you not like her?"

"It's not just an illegitimate daughter."

A daughter suddenly appeared in the Su family, and a banquet was held. To put it bluntly, it was the seed left by Su's father outside.

Feng Xie turned his hand, carelessly playing with a piece of green grass, he clicked his tongue: "I'm going to see her, isn't it true that all the illegitimate children have gathered together?"

"You have to go." Feng Zhen gasped for a few moments, obviously on the verge of anger: "Don't forget your mother..."

There was a snap.

Feng Xie hung up the phone with an extremely gloomy expression.

Tangyue no longer had the desire to eat.

Wu Ma told her back then that Feng Zhen loved Feng Xie's mother very much, and also cared about Feng Xie, but it seems that was not the case.

Feng Zhen clearly felt that the Su family was developing well, and wanted Feng Xie to marry the fourth young lady of the Su family in order to strengthen the relationship between the two families.

He knew that Feng Xie was married to her, but he didn't care, and wanted to take advantage of Feng Xie's value.

The most important thing for a wealthy family is blood relationship. As far as Tangyue knows, the Su family also has a second lady who is currently single and is the apple of the eye of the Su family. If Feng Zhen really values Feng Xie, he should also choose this second lady. Not an illegitimate daughter.

No wonder Feng Xie refused to tell Feng's family even though he was kidnapped and nearly died.

If Feng Zhen took him back and let him go, he might have given up on him a long time ago, and when the right opportunity comes, just use him as a marriage tool.

He was so cruel to his son, how could he have truly loved Feng Xie's mother back then?

The water of the rich is really deep.

Tangyue frowned, feeling uncomfortable: "Are you going tomorrow?"

After Feng Xie quickly finished his meal, he looked at the box of mung bean cakes again, and took a bite. The sweet and greasy taste was not good, but it made him a little addicted.

His face was still ugly. Hearing this, a gleam of light flashed in his eyes: "What? Are you jealous?"

Tangyue: "...."

Well, she was talking too much.

She bit her lips and lowered her voice: "I'm just worried about you. Your injuries are serious and you are not suitable for this kind of banquet."

"Take care of me?"

Feng Xie stared at her expressionlessly, he threw away the grass in his hands, and caressed her face, his eyes filled with strange affection.

Tangyue knew that this was all an illusion.

She could smell the aroma of grass and tobacco on his fingers mixed together into a strange smell.

"No, you can go if you want. I won't take care of your personal affairs. Although I like you, I know I'm not good enough for you. The Feng family doesn't take this marriage seriously. If you meet Suitable girl, I hope you will be happy too."

Tangyue expressed her attitude, she touched her stomach again, and added: "Anyway, I will leave after I give birth to a child. If there is someone by your side to accompany you, I will rest assured."

Her words almost moved her, but Feng Xie's face became darker and darker.

Suddenly, her face was pinched, the man's face was gloomy, and his voice was charming and cold: "You are really good, why didn't I know you could be so magnanimous?"

Generous enough to push him to other women.


Tangyue felt that after she was pregnant, her body became more sensitive. Her face was red from being pinched, and her eyes were covered with a layer of physiological tears.


A duplicity woman, who is obviously in such pain, still wants to say such things.

Feng Xie curled his lips, and his face cleared up a little: "Since you are interested in this banquet, let's attend together."

Thinking of that scene, Tangyue frowned.

The Feng family didn't recognize their relationship at all, and only wanted her to leave after giving birth. If they attended this kind of public banquet together, it would definitely not work.

They can only pretend not to know each other outside.

Seeing that she was silent, Feng Xie's expression changed from sunny to cloudy: "Why are you hesitating? You don't want to reveal it to me?"


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