Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 34

"I don't want to." Tangyue stared at him and said.

If she really made it public with Feng Xie, the Feng family would not let her go.

Her situation in the Feng family is like walking on thin ice. The reason why she can maintain peace now is because she has a sense of humor. Once she takes the initiative to break this balance, her ending will not be good.

Feng Zhen introduced the woman directly to Feng Xie, which shows that he didn't take her daughter-in-law seriously at all.

Feng Xie stared at her intently, his lips were a little cold from the wind: "Didn't you say you like me? This is the attitude you like."

Tangyue said seriously: "Liking you has nothing to do with going to a public banquet with you. I don't want to be a stain on your life."

In front of outsiders, she is an orphan girl with both parents dead, her appearance is completely ruined, she is not worthy of Feng Xie at all.

Feng Xie relaxed his strength, but his palms were still pressed against her face, and his warmth was continuously conveyed.

She lowered her voice: "Rather than let you face bad gossip and be questioned by others. I would rather be a light on your life path, which can illuminate you and let you move forward. After you leave, I will still Still in place, and you start a new journey."

"I can't be with you forever? Can I? You need to find someone else to accompany you on the road ahead."

She will leave and start a different life with Feng Xie.

Feng Xie put down his hand, grabbed a strand of her hair and played with it again: "When did I say I need someone to accompany me? Huh?"

"Isn't it good to have someone to accompany you? It's too lonely to be alone in the world. If you have nothing to worry about, you won't be able to go far," she said.

Feng Xie looked at her for a long time, and smiled softly: "Then how did you walk alone? Both parents are dead, and you have no one to rely on. Aren't you tired of walking in this world? Tangyue, you now leave everyone behind. Push it out, so what are you left with?"

There were very few people in the hospital. Occasionally someone helped the patient pass by, and there was a smell of disinfectant. Other times, it was very quiet.

Only the sound of the wind blowing was heard.

Tangyue's eyelashes trembled. Although she didn't have many things left, she still had some.

There is Ding Fu, Qinghetang, Wangyuezhai, and a bunch of employees...

These are all hopes, but she cannot tell Feng Xie.

From the very beginning, she never included Feng Xie in her life.

Feng Xie narrowed his eyes dangerously. He stared at Tangyue, who was as calm as a Buddha, inexplicably wanting to see other lusts on her face.

If she is a blank sheet of paper, he wants to dye it in other colors.

He breathed on Tangyue, and there was a sweet and greasy fragrance in his mouth, which was the smell of the mung bean cake he just ate: "If you disclose the identity of the second young lady of the Feng family, all roads will be smooth, you can be domineering, squander, and enjoy the wealth .”

His voice is bewitching, tempting to sink: "Even if you are disfigured, they will still respect you on the surface, isn't this what you want?"

As for her fear of affecting her reputation, what reputation could he have?

Under the temptation of fame and fortune, her love for herself is as light as dust.

"Do you want to stand above the rights and let those who look down on you respect you, they can't understand you, but they can't kill you."

His voice suddenly became excited, and a dark shadow occupied his eyes.

That voice was very magnetic, and it was easy for people to fall into it, but Tangyue's eyes suddenly became clear, and she said firmly, "I don't want to."

Feng Xie withdrew her hand, her eyes darkened: "You don't want to?"

There are still people who don't love power, fame and wealth, and she has no other purpose in coming to the Feng family?

Because, with this kind of unrecognized marriage, if she dared to use the Feng family for profit, the old lady Feng probably wouldn't be able to keep her.

Tangyue's words went through her mind again: "Fame and fortune may be more moving, but I still have someone to protect."

The man's smile has been put away, his brows are tightly wrinkled, and his eyes are full of puzzlement.

The oppressive feeling on her body disappeared, and Tangyue showed a faint smile: "Feng Xie, I hope that when I am by your side, I will not be entangled with any interests, and I can protect you well."

Feng Xie was silent for a while, almost thinking he heard it wrong: "You said you want to protect me? With your small body, how can you protect me?"

Tang Yue said: "Guardian means that no matter what happens, I will stand by your side, even if I bear a bad name, I am willing. I hope that when I am here, our relationship is pure."

She is as gentle as water: "If possible, I hope I can be a pampas grass protecting a big tree."

Feng Xie put away all his expressions, and he returned to his previous calm.

Then, he stood up without looking back: "Let's go."

It's ridiculous to guard something...

He doesn't need this kind of thing.

"Okay, then I'll go back first."

Tangyue watched his back, her bent eyes were like soft crescent moons, and after confirming that he had disappeared, her expression became almost flat.


Feng Xie was trying to test her attitude just now, if she said a wrong word, he would probably go crazy and end up like Zhao Jian.

This man is a lunatic at all. He behaves chaotically, acts recklessly, and is sensitive and suspicious. Every time he gets along with him, he experiences disasters.


After Tangyue returned to Feng's house this time, she slept for a long day because she was exhausted.

The next afternoon, Jiang Wenling brought her servants to the door in person, and she gently held Tang Yue's hand: "You have been in the Tang family for so long, and I haven't prepared any gifts for you. This is what I chose for you." Dress, try it on."

The servant unfolded the skirt.

It was a moon-white long dress with suspenders. The fabric was luxurious and soft. The waist was not deliberately narrowed, but the waist was elastic, which not only allowed room for room, but also showed the waist.

There is also a matching quilted jacket.

It is very beautiful and does not affect the movement of pregnant women.

Jiang Wenling was really worried.

Tangyue's face showed panic: "Ma'am, I am usually in the room, so I don't need to wear such nice clothes."

Jiang Wenling held her hand: "We're going to a banquet together later, how come you don't have any clothes."

"Banquet?" Tangyue was taken aback.

Jiang Wenling smiled and said: "Yes, the Feng family and the Su family are aristocratic families for many years. This time the fourth lady of the Su family came back from studying abroad, and the Su family organized a grand banquet with her. We must all go."

Tangyue: "...."

Feng Zhen also wanted Feng Xie to attend the banquet, to match him and Miss Su Si.

Jiang Wenling must have other bad intentions in inviting her at this time.

Tangyue didn't want to go.

She said the same thing: "Ma'am, it doesn't matter whether I go to this kind of banquet or not."

Jiang Wenling forced the dress into her hands, and her tone was a little harsher: "Why don't you go, everyone in the Feng family will go there, this is basic etiquette."

Tangyue didn't speak.

At this moment, Feng Yujie walked over wearing high heels, she dismissed it and said: "Tang Yue, it is your honor to be able to attend such a high-end banquet, the dress my mother kindly chose for you , why do you refuse?"

Jiang Wenling reprimanded falsely: "Speak well."

But she took Tang Yue's hand: "She is just spoiled by me, don't argue with her."

The two of them sang the red face and the other sang the bad face. It seemed that she couldn't escape this time.

Anyway, when she went to the banquet, it was a process. When the banquet came, she would only eat and not participate in any disputes.


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