Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 36

Jiang Wenling tried every means to get her to come to this banquet, she just wanted to use this incident to sow discord.

She hoped that she could make a big fuss and disturb this matter.

Because she didn't want Feng Xie to have contact with Su Kebi.

This is also normal, even if Su Kebi is an illegitimate daughter, after all, she has already recognized her ancestors. For a big family like the Su family, Feng Xie's marriage to her will be a great help.

After all, Su Kebi is much more useful than her.

Jiang Wenling would rather hope that Feng Xie's wife is her and cannot provide Feng Xie with any help, nor does she hope that Feng Xie can have an excellent wife.

"You are also a pain in the ass. I also understand Feng Xie. He has been used to being perverse since he was a child, and he doesn't pay attention to anyone. He will definitely not tell you these things."

Jiang Wenling patted her on the shoulder and said.

Tangyue whispered: "No, ma'am, Feng Xie told me about this."

Jiang Wenling wants to lure her into the pirate ship, and it is best to oppose Su Kebi, but she cannot agree.

"Feng Xie and I have talked about this matter long ago, and it has already been settled. Madam may not know, Feng Xie doesn't like me, and the Feng family didn't hold a wedding with me. Sooner or later, Feng Xie and I will divorce. So it doesn't matter who Feng Xie wants to marry, I can't control it."

Her voice is light, not fighting or grabbing.

After hearing her words, Jiang Wenling's face suddenly became ugly.

"Thank you Madam for your concern, but I'm really powerless and have no time to take care of these things."

Jiang Wenling has never seen such a weak woman, she is now helpless, as long as she can hold the Feng family, even if the Feng family does not admit it, so what? Still no one dared to touch her.

She just wants to let her husband out gently. This kind of behavior is really contemptuous.

In this way, her subsequent plans cannot be carried out.

Jiang Wenling's face turned cold, she stroked the diamond ring in her hand, and said, "Tang Yue, you have to know that the only thing you can rely on now is the Feng family. Although Feng Xie's actions are absurd, he is also the young master of the Feng family. You just need to be safe and sound." Being his wife, you can also enjoy the glory and wealth, but if you lose this status, you will roll directly from the clouds to the mud."

After saying this, she showed a look of thinking about Tangyue again: "Your life in the Tang family is not easy. If you go back, you will repeat the tragic fate. Can you really bear that kind of life? You She looks so good-looking, so she should live like a princess."

Tang Yue was silent. She actually had a way to leave the Tang family back then, but Tang Guodong controlled Qinghetang, so she had no choice but to stay in the Tang family and endure their abuse.

After all, her parents are dead, she can't even keep her last thoughts.

"But I like you very much. As long as you stay in the Feng family, I will help you. You are just a young lady of the Su family. You are much more likable than her. As long as she cannot marry Feng Xie, it will be fine. You are Feng Xie's real card Wife, don't be afraid of anything."

Jiang Wenling is good at seduction, as long as Tangyue's heart is moved, she can provoke a fight between Tangyue and Su Kebi. When things get serious, the Su family said that they may not hate Fengxie.

This is what she wanted.

Young Master Feng is not Feng Zhen's biological son, so she doesn't have to worry, what she worries about is that Feng Xie will get most of the property of the Feng family in the future, so she has to plan for her son.

However, Tang Yue pretended to think about it, but shook her head: "Madam, I understand what you mean, but it's very difficult to hear, I can't do this kind of thing."

Her eyes glanced around: "I'm going to eat something."

So he left without hesitation.

Jiang Wenling looked at her back in disbelief, with a gloomy expression.


Stupid as a pig.

She actually wasted time on Tangyue. After talking to her so much, she only knew how to eat!

After drinking half a tour.

Su Zhixiang and Feng Zhen chatted more and more speculatively, and Su Kebi looked outside from time to time, with disappointment in her eyes.

She had a good impression of Feng Xie, even though she heard some rumors about Feng Xie after returning to China, she still felt that it was not a big problem, she had been living in country A, country A was open, and everyone was welcome.

Isn't Feng Xie a bit more surly?

She likes his appearance very much, and she is also confident that Feng Xie will fall under her pomegranate skirt.

Su Zhixiang couldn't help asking, "Why hasn't Feng Xie come yet?"

Feng Zhen took a sip of his wine and said meaningfully: "He's coming soon."

No one can disobey his decision, as long as Feng Xie still cares about his mother, then he must come over.

Hearing this, Su Zhixiang looked very satisfied: "It's good if you can come, or the matter between our two families can be finalized like this. In fact, I have long wanted to be in-laws with you. Anyway, Kebi also loves Feng Xie. It was love at first sight, the two of them are just a perfect fit."

Feng Zhen smiled and said, "I agree too, but Ke Bi is beautiful, and I like her very much."

"If you like her, you might as well marry her."

The low and hoarse voice revealed a strangeness and a trace of laziness.

Tangyue's heart skipped a beat, and she looked outside the door.

A figure appeared at the door of the banquet hall. He was wearing a white shirt with the top two buttons undone. His lower body was a pair of smoky gray trousers. The hem of the trousers was rolled up to reveal his ankles, showing a bit of wildness.

He walked over with a lazy posture, a handsome face hidden by black hair, a cynical smile on his thin lips, with a three-point evil spirit and seven-point arrogance.

On such an occasion today, all the guests present were well-dressed, only he was wearing ordinary clothes, casual and natural, as if he was visiting a vegetable market.

Feng Zhen's face immediately changed, and he scolded angrily: "Feng Xie, what nonsense are you talking about?"

"Nonsense?" The corner of Feng Xie's mouth raised an unpredictable smile, he narrowed his eyes, extremely frivolous: "Didn't you say you like her? I think you are quite suitable."

Su Kebi poured a glass of wine and handed it to Feng Xie, with a decent smile on her face: "Feng Xie, I'm toasting you."

The moment she saw Feng Xie, her breath was caught.

This man is simply too charming, even more shockingly handsome than in the photo, when he appeared, she was already completely fascinated.

Feng Xie didn't answer, and he didn't even move.

When Feng Zhen saw him, he didn't have a good face: "Miss Su personally toasted you, don't you know how to drink? How about your gentlemanly demeanor?"

Su Kebi said with a good temper: "Uncle, it's okay."

Feng Xie picked up his lips and smiled, a little wickedly: "Gentleman demeanor, what you said is very funny, I have been doing absurd and bad habits all the time, when did I put the words "gentleman demeanor" on my body? If you have a bad memory and get Alzheimer’s in advance, you can go to the hospital for a checkup.”


The wine glass hit the ground, and Feng Zhen's face showed obvious anger. He pointed to the waiter beside him and said, "Ridiculous! Do you want to drink this glass of wine?"

Seeing that he was about to lose his temper, Su Kebi withdrew the wine and said softly: "Uncle Feng, don't be angry, it's just that Feng Xie doesn't want to drink."

It's not about the alcohol anymore, it's about Feng Zhen's face.

With a sullen expression, he asked the waiter to bring over the wine, and snorted coldly: "I don't believe today that I can't control you anymore. If you drink this glass of wine, you should make an apology to Miss Su."

There was a glass of wine on the table in front of him, it was poured to the brim, it was still white wine, it was very strong at first sight.

Tang Yue frowned and looked at this side.

Feng Xie was injured, and it was still seriously injured. If he drank alcohol, the injury would definitely recur.


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