Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 37

Su Zhixiang quickly drank a large glass of wine, and found a way for Feng Xie: "Feng Xie, just drink a little, and let's go through the motions."

Everyone stared at him.

That scene was forcing him to drink.

Tang Yueguang felt extremely suffocated just by looking at it.

She returned to the sofa with the plate, looked at the food in front of her, but lost her appetite long ago.

Feng Yujie saw the situation over there, and walked to Tangyue's side dissatisfied. She said arrogantly: "Do you think the second brother will drink that glass of wine? After he drinks it, it means bowing to Miss Su. But If he doesn't drink, then the Su family will be completely offended."

"I don't think he can drink. The second brother is not something ordinary people can guess. He is different from people in the world."

"Feng Xie came here from the hospital just because he was sick, so he can't drink now," Tangyue said.

Feng Yujie sneered: "You know a lot, so why don't you go? You put so much effort into entering the Feng family's door, but you didn't expect to be so cowardly. You just suffer in silence when other women rob your husband." .”

Tang Yue didn't speak.

Feng Yujie snorted softly: "Don't think too much, I don't recognize your identity, you are not worthy of the Feng family at all, and of course, that illegitimate daughter who came out of nowhere is even more unworthy."

"It's really ridiculous to think that Feng's family is some kind of shelter. It's ridiculous to think that all cats and dogs want to come in."

Tang Yue glanced at Feng Yujie with some surprise, she thought that Feng Yujie's purpose was the same as her mother Jiang Wenling's, but she didn't expect that she just simply looked down on Su Kebi.

The atmosphere over there had become dull, Feng Xie didn't move, and the others followed suit, very tense.

Feng Zhen's face became more and more ugly, seeing that he was on the verge of breaking out, Xu Shi still thought that this was at another banquet, so he didn't say anything.

Su Kebi took the initiative to smooth things over: "Uncle Feng, forget it, I really don't care, don't push Feng Xie like this."

Jiang Wenling was very satisfied with this situation, she came over with a glass of wine: "Kebi, you don't need to persuade, Feng Xie has indeed gone too far, forget it at home, how can you be so rude outside."

"He has disobeyed his father this time, and he doesn't know what he will do in the future. It should be a lesson for him from this incident."

The people around stretched their ears, but they didn't dare to say a word.

They dare not eat the Feng family's melons, and they dare not talk about Feng Xie's matter.

But everyone has heard a little about what happened to Feng Xie recently.

He beat Zhao Jian so badly that he was still lying in the hospital. Also, he ran into Tang Siyao with his car, scaring Tang Siyao so much that he almost lost control.

There are countless pieces of piles.

Everyone's eyes couldn't help but focus on this side, but they didn't dare to look at it openly.

After Jiang Wenling said these words, Feng Zhen also remembered the evil deeds that Feng Xie had done, and he said in a deep voice: "Since you came home, you have been hanging out with your friends all day long. There will be changes, and you will become more and more absurd as a result."

He looked at Feng Xie indifferently, not like looking at his own son, but like looking at an enemy: "I think if you continue to let you go, you are afraid that the sky will be turned upside down."

Tangyue felt a little funny when she heard their accusations.

Jiang Wenling is not Feng Xie's biological mother, so she is not qualified to control Feng Xie at all. When she blows a few words, Feng Zhen scolds Feng Xie along with her. It is true that if you have a stepmother, you will have a stepdad.

They probably never put themselves in Feng Xie's shoes, so after taking Feng Xie back, they only used various words and actions to suppress him.

No wonder Feng Xie didn't have any feelings for them.

Jiang Wenling sighed: "Feng Xie, we are all for your own good, so don't be willful..."

They were the ones who forced Feng Xie, but under the guise of doing him good.

A trance flashed before Tangyue's eyes, and some words appeared in her mind, which gradually overlapped with the picture in front of her.

"Yueyue, we are all for your own good. Where did you put your mother's formula? Tell me quickly, don't be willful..."


She put down the pastry and stood up.

Feng Yujie said angrily: "I'm still talking to you, Tangyue, where are you going?"

Tang Yue walked in front of Feng Zhen this time, she looked up at Feng Zhen, and said without humility: "Mr Feng, you didn't do it for Feng Xie's good, you let him drink, did you know that he was kidnapped before, and his body With serious injuries, he almost didn't make it through."

"He just took cephalosporin, and now he can't drink at all, otherwise the situation will get worse."

It is a taboo to take cephalosporin and wine together, and clinical death may occur in severe cases.

As soon as the voice fell, the surrounding area became quiet.

Su Kebi stared at Tangyue for a while, a trace of displeasure flashed in her eyes.

Feng Zhen's face was completely gloomy, he stared at Tang Yue, and released the oppressive feeling on his body, "Who are you?"

Tangyue was slender, a whole head shorter than him, but her back was as straight as a green pine. She said word by word: "I am Tangyue."

Feng Zhen's face was as deep as water, obviously he knew her identity, his eyes were sharp, with a hint of warning.


Feng Xie chuckled and looked at Tang Yue playfully.

He took cephalosporin, why didn't he know?

Tangyue let out a breath, walked up to Feng Xie, frowned and said, "You have such serious injuries, why did you still come to the banquet?"

"I heard that the old man fell in love with another girl, so I thought he was looking for my little mother." Feng Xie looked at Feng Zhen with great interest.


Feng Zhen was annoyed by his attitude, he patted the table, and the liquid in the cup overflowed and spilled on the table.

"I don't care if you take cephalosporin or not. If you don't drink to apologize today, then don't even think about going out from here."

Jiang Wenling was very satisfied with Feng Xie's death. A slight smile flashed in her eyes, and she patted Feng Zhen's chest: "The child must be disciplined, don't be angry."

"Can a person in his twenties be called a child?"

Feng Xie put away the smile on his face, flattened the corners of his lips, and a trace of hostility flashed in his eyes.

Can't watch anymore.

Tangyue turned her head, feeling oppressed, she was the apple of the eye since she was a child, her parents only had her as a daughter, so they always loved her very much, even if she did something wrong, they would not blame her.

This was the first time she had experienced the family atmosphere of the Feng family.

She feels very uncomfortable.

Even if he knew that Feng Xie had taken cephalosporin, Feng Zhen wanted him to drink. Didn't he know that mixing cephalosporin and wine would kill people?

Of course he does.

It's just that in his mind, face and business are more important.

Feng Xie looked at the white wine on the table, he suddenly grabbed the wine glass, picked up the glass of white wine, and hooked his thin lips: "Since you guys like drinking so much, let's drink together."

After finishing speaking, he directly smashed the wine glass over.

The glass was shattered and the wine was poured forward.


Jiang Wenling's reaction was a step slower, her clothes were heavily splashed, and Su Kebi's skirt beside her was also wet.


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