Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 42

When Tangyue saw the surveillance video, her heart skipped a beat.

The waiter had obviously been prepared for a long time. He was familiar with the blind spot of the hotel's surveillance, so in the surveillance footage, Tang Yue walked in front and he followed behind. The surveillance also captured his expression, a little nervous and cautious, On the contrary, Tangyue was very calm.

Feng Xie looked at the surveillance screen expressionlessly.

Judging from the video alone, it really looks like Tangyue is walking out with a waiter.

Tangyue frowned: "The surveillance doesn't explain my relationship with him. I didn't have any conversations or eye contact with him."

"You deliberately went to the blind spot of surveillance. Of course, you didn't capture much, but you can see that his eyes are evasive, and you are obviously doing something bad."

Su Kebi said.

Tang Yue glanced at her, her tone was very calm: "Miss Su is right, you said it was his eyes dodging, not me, why bother to draw the fire on me."

Su Kebi pretended to be angry: "You are making unreasonable words, he has already said that he and you are on the same team, and you conspired to kill my third brother, if you were not found out, it would mean that my third brother would be in trouble. "

Su Ling frowned when she heard her talking about the third brother, feeling a little uncomfortable.

Feng Xie didn't say a word, he watched the monitor carefully.

The surveillance was only for a short period, Tangyue was almost absent, only the waiter behind was clearly photographed, and the panic on his face was just right, a bit like it was staged, but not sure.

Every time he looked at it, he felt very uncomfortable.

"What do you have to say?"

Feng Xie looked at Tang Yue, his slender eyes were full of chills.

"I have something to ask him." Tang Yue said calmly.

She walked up to the waiter and stared at him calmly: "You just said that I ordered you to do it, so please explain the matter clearly. When did I order you, when did I send you the money, and how I told you where to buy medicine, and the time and place are clearly stated."

The waiter didn't expect Tangyue to be so calm, so she froze for a moment.

"Say." Tangyue said coldly.

The waiter frowned, and said, "It's today, you found me, gave me money, and asked me to prescribe medicine to Third Young Master Su. I became a little greedy and agreed."

"Where did I ask you to buy the medicine?" Tangyue asked.

The waiter immediately said: "You gave me the medicine."

"What about the medicine?"

The waiter took out a small packet of medicine from his pocket, which was a banned drug he sold on the website, and it would kill people if one packet was dropped, so he only put a little.

"This is the package of medicine, you handed it to me yourself." The waiter said.

Tang Yue: "Are you sure I handed you this pack of medicine directly with my hands?"

The waiter thought for a while, but didn't find any problem with his words, and he confirmed: "Yes."

"Okay, I'm applying for fingerprint identification. If there is no fingerprint on it, then this matter has nothing to do with me, but you are setting me up."

Tangyue stretched out her hand and looked at her own. Maybe it was because the food she ate during her pregnancy was so nutritious that her fingers got a little fatter.

When the waiter heard this, his face immediately became tense.

"Qin Zheng, go for fingerprint identification."

Feng Xie ordered coldly.

"She was wearing gloves when she handed it to me. There must be no fingerprints on it," the waiter argued.

If you can't do an appraisal, it will prove Tangyue's innocence, so she will be responsible for everything.

Tangyue's eyes were very cold: "I asked you earlier, you said that I handed you this pack of medicine directly with my hand, so is your testimony just child's play?"

"As for the gloves you mentioned, it's March now, who would come to the hotel wearing gloves, and if you searched all over the hotel and couldn't find the gloves, then how can you justify it?"

"This is the end of your lie."

The waiter couldn't argue with anything.

Su Ling's expression turned ugly: "It turns out that you hurt me. I have already called the police. If you want to explain, you should go to the police."

Su Zhixiang originally didn't want the police to intervene in this matter, but Su Ling made a decision in advance, so there's nothing he can do about it.

Soon, two policemen came to the door and took the waiter away.

The waiter's face was ashen. After Tangyue exposed his lie, he remained silent and did not reveal who was behind the scenes.

Although he didn't catch the instigator behind it, at least this matter is over.

Tangyue breathed a sigh of relief. She was about to leave when a gust of wind swept over her, her wrists were tightly clasped, and a pain came over her: "Feng Xie."

Feng Xie turned his head and gave her a cold and heartless look.

Tangyue was taken aback for a moment, after such a hesitation, she was dragged away by Feng Xie.

The two went all the way outside, and there was an orange Maserati parked at the door.

"Feng Xie, let me go, it hurts me." Tangyue said in a low voice.

The man let go of his hand a little, but then exerted a lot of force. He opened the co-pilot's door and pushed Tangyue in.

With a snap, the door was locked.

"Fasten your seat belt, I don't want to hurt you."

His voice was hoarse and seemed to contain intense emotion, but he didn't speak, his eyes just staring at the front of the car window.

The atmosphere in the car was very oppressive, Tangyue could feel the violence emanating from him, she carefully pulled the seat belt to fasten it on the car.

It was raining heavily outside, the weather was bad, and the road was slippery.

Suddenly, he stepped on the accelerator to the bottom, the tires rolled over the ground, the water splashed, and the wind outside the window slashed across his face, like a knife cutting.

Feng Xie didn't seem to feel anything, he was speeding in the dark night, his eyes were full of darkness and indifference.

In the silence, Tangyue heard her own heartbeat.

This is a desperate drag racing. In this kind of weather, at this speed, you will... be unable to stop the car.

She felt the familiar fear. In the dark night, one car after another slid past her. Every time, she felt that the car would hit her.

Her body was also thrown out at a fast speed.

"Feng Xie, stop quickly, please stop."

Tangyue grabbed the back of the chair and tried hard to control her figure.

Feng Xie acted as if he didn't hear her voice, he turned the steering wheel sharply, his dark eyes seemed to be burning with fire, becoming more and more terrifying.

The car rushed to the beach, which was the biggest sea in Haicheng, and it was close at hand, but Feng Xie's speed not only did not slow down, but also got faster and faster.

"don't want!"

There was the whistling of sea water in her ears, as if she would fall into the water in the next second, Tangyue cried out involuntarily, she held Feng Xie's hand to stop him from driving forward, her face was full of despair.

The man's expression was cold and gloomy, and his past words echoed in her ears.

He really wanted to take her to commit suicide.


There was a violent brake sound, and the tires in front of the car had sunk into the sea water. Tang Yue's face was stiff, and warm tears ran across her face.

She breathed heavily, like a fish just landed.


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