Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 43

After a long time, Tangyue slowly raised her eyes. Looking at the man in front of her, her heart was about to jump out.

The aura on Feng Xie's body was bitter, he reached out and pinched Tangyue's chin, his handsome face was filled with coldness, mixed with the salty sea breeze outside the window.

The rain poured down.

The atmosphere was extremely depressed.

A fine layer of sweat came out of Tangyue's back, sticking to her clothes, making her uncomfortable. She was very tired and sleepy, but now she didn't dare to feel sleepy.

The man looked down at her, and his face slowly approached her. The distance between the two was getting closer, and she could smell the smell of blood and tobacco mixed with him: "You lied to me."

Instead of interrogative sentences, he used declarative sentences.

Tangyue's breathing stagnated.

Feng Xie didn't believe her, this cognition made her mind confused.

"You entered Su Ling's room on purpose, and you took the initiative to give him acupuncture."

Feng Xie stared at her with ice-cold gaze.

Tangyue's stomach regurgitated one after another, maybe the baby also felt her nervousness, so he kicked her stomach hard.

She clutched her stomach in discomfort, and replied directly: "It's not like that."

"When you entered the room, I saw that your expression was very calm."

Feng Xie increased his strength, his deep eyes were filled with coldness: "You and Jiang Wenling attended the banquet together, why?"

After hearing this, Tangyue opened her eyes wide.

Jiang Wenling started to target Feng Xie this time. It is probably not the first time that this kind of thing happened. In order to pave the way for her son, she must have done a lot of things that are not good for Feng Xie.

But now that she is with Jiang Wenling, Feng Xie must have misunderstood.

This incident is somewhat difficult to explain.

A smile appeared on the corner of Feng Xie's mouth: "The clothes on your body were given by Jiang Wenling, she told you something."

Tangyue opened her mouth, and before she could speak, Feng Xie put her index finger on her lips: "Let me guess, did she say that she asked you to go to the banquet to set up obstacles with me."

"But Jiang Wenling didn't expect that you also have your own thoughts, and you want to use this banquet to catch up with the Su family."

Tang Yue's body froze: "No."

Feng Xie was too smart, he analyzed the matter similarly, but there was a little difference, she did not agree to Jiang Wenling's request.

The man twisted her chin, his eyes were like poisonous snakes, he was tall and almost enveloped Tangyue, Tangyue could only feel his aura around him.

"I saw your expression on the surveillance camera. You don't seem to be surprised to see Su Ling. Everything seems to be planned in advance."

Tangyue stared at the coldness on his lips, and her whole heart cooled down inch by inch.

"I know how someone would take the initiative to say that they like me. It's not without purpose, but just waiting for the opportunity."

His tone was affectionate, as if he was treating his lover: "You finally betrayed me."

The roof of the car was suddenly opened, and the scene in front of him became clear. The black sea water was like a huge monster with a mouth, trying to swallow everything.

The torrential rain hit the two of them.

Feng Xie seemed to have no feeling at all, he smiled evilly: "This is the biggest sea in Haicheng, Tangyue, sinking into the bottom of the sea, it is said that souls will be imprisoned here."

Tangyue clutched the hem of her skirt uneasily.

Because of this incident, Feng Xie wanted to kill her.

She tried her best to maintain her composure: "I went to the room because someone said you wanted to call me. There was no other reason. As for me and Mrs. Jiang..."

"You and Jiang Wenling came to the banquet together, naturally because you reached an agreement to kill me together." Feng Xie sneered.

Tangyue: "...."

What kind of ghostly place is the Feng family?

She took a deep breath, without any concealment, and spoke clearly: "She came to me and said that she would deal with you, but I didn't agree to her. I couldn't refuse the dress and the banquet. We live in Feng's house and we meet each other anytime."

"That's right." Feng Xie clapped his hands: "It's a pity that even if you get rid of the relationship, it's useless, because you appeared in the room."

Tang Yue closed her eyes.

No matter how she explained, Feng Xie didn't trust her.

She said wearily: "I thought you pulled me out because you saw that this matter had nothing to do with me, but you don't believe me."

"Then go ahead, I won't stop you."

The expression on Feng Xie's face paused, he stared at Tang Yue for a while, and said in a cold voice, "I don't trust anyone."

"If I trusted someone so credulously, I would have died countless times already."

Tang Yue frowned.

"You are very suspicious when you appear by my side. There is nothing in your body that is worthy of my trust, unless you can completely prove your innocence."

Tangyue suddenly remembered Feng Xie's life experience. After he was taken away by his mother, it is said that his mother passed away not long after. How did he survive during that time.

What kind of environment can cultivate his temperament.

The rain was getting heavier and heavier, Feng Xie's whole body was already soaked, his eyes were mixed with crazy paranoia, and it was easy to fall into it just by looking at it.

Looking at the front, Tangyue suddenly felt that lying in front of Feng Xie was not a good way. This man is not easy to deceive. His past caused him not to allow any betrayal, otherwise once it broke out, it would be out of control .

But the easier it is to tell lies, the more enjoyable it is, because lies are better than reality, but lies are like dominoes, telling a lie requires ten lies to complete, and in the end it is difficult to extricate yourself.

She has no choice now.

"But Feng Xie, an innocent person should not prove her innocence, but someone who framed her to prove it. The waiter was taken away by the police. The matter of his drugging has nothing to do with me. It has nothing to do with me. Since So, why would I have to prove myself."

She looked sad: "Have you heard of an experiment, when you suspect that a person is going to betray you, and you keep testing the bottom line, then the trust has collapsed.",

"You doubt me, you don't trust me, why should I bear it."

Feng Xie watched him quietly, his face getting colder and colder.

"I don't know Su Ling, and I don't care about him. When someone plotted against me this time, I always kept a distance from him. I was afraid that he would mistreat me, so I detoxified him with silver needles, otherwise I would suffer in the end. "

"Madam Jiang approached me, and I refused at first, but I was walking on thin ice in the Feng family, and I couldn't completely refuse her request, so I had no choice but to follow her to the banquet. I faced all these things alone. Nobody, anybody can help me."

"Feng Xie, you don't need to like me, but you can't deny my sincerity because of these things. I have already had a very difficult time in the Feng family. If you still don't believe me, I might really not be able to hold on."

Her eye sockets were slightly red.

She was also telling the truth. She had experienced too much in a short period of time, and her life was not easy, and her husband in name would drag her to death.


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