Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 45

His eyes flickered, filled with various emotions.

Tangyue was afraid that he would hurt her child, so she lay down on the bed and said softly, "No, the doctor said, you can't have intercourse for the first three months, or you will hurt the child."

Feng Xie snorted softly, pressed his tongue against his cheek, and said displeasedly, "You still make me wait until three months later?"

Tangyue: "...."

No, not even after three months, she is just looking for an excuse now.

She lowered her eyes and said shyly, "Yes."

Feng Xie gritted his teeth: "Your face is really big, why should I wait for you, this is your last chance."

Tangyue didn't speak.

The man stared at her for a while, seeing that she still didn't respond, he got out of bed angrily, and went to take a cold shower.

Tangyue was still very nervous when she heard the rattling sound coming from the bathroom.

Fortunately, after Feng Xie took a shower, he left directly.

He didn't come back all night, and Tangyue had a good rest for the whole day.

These days, she is also busy, because Wangyuezhai is about to open soon. Wangyuezhai cooperated with the Su family before, and gained fame through the Su family's reputation. Therefore, there must be many high-class people on the opening day Come join us.

After all, the medicinal materials sold by Wangyuezhai tend to be high-quality products, and the target customers are also high-end consumers.

At noon that day, Old Madam Feng invited her to drink tea again.

There were only the two of them in the huge courtyard, and there was a piece of Shenmu incense on the table, which was slowly burning. Tangyue knew that this kind of incense cost several thousand yuan a piece, and it could relax people's nerves.

The old lady Feng took a sip of tea and said bluntly: "I heard that you have found a position in Wangyuezhai, and you often go to Wangyuezhai to get busy recently. You are Feng Xie's wife, as long as you live in Feng's house, how much is better?" Just spend some thought on Feng Xie, the Feng family will never be short of you. You are pregnant with a child and go to work yourself, it is too hard, what if it affects the baby in your stomach?"

It was still found.

But this was also within Tangyue's expectation, she couldn't have kept it a secret.

"I just go over to have a look every day, it's not hard." Tangyue said.

"Going every day would be a lot of trouble."

The old lady Feng glanced at her, and said seriously: "You are the second young lady of the Feng family, you are working outside in public, what are you talking about, if you let others know, you think the Feng family can't afford you, hurry up and put your work away." I resigned."

This is already an admonition.

Tang Yue pursed her lips and said firmly, "But no one knows that I am the second young lady of the Feng family."

The old lady Feng frowned: "I will always know."

Tang Yue shook her head: "Grandma, I heard that the Feng family is helping Feng Xie find a marriage partner recently?"

Old Madam Feng froze, her face darkened: "What did you say?"

For some things, everyone pretended to be confused and didn't want to explain things clearly. Tangyue could continue to pretend to be confused, but at this point, she had to speak up.

She couldn't let the Feng family hinder her.

Tang Yue said slowly: "Su Kebi, the daughter of the Su family, has been recognized, President Feng intends to marry the two families."

"I was originally a dispensable existence in the Feng family. No one recognized my identity. I will leave after this child is born. This identity will not be made public from the beginning to the end. Since So, how could anyone know that I am Feng Xie's wife."

The old lady Feng opened her mouth, but she didn't make any sound.

She said word by word: "The Feng family has already helped Feng Xie pick a partner with great fanfare, and they have not paid me the slightest attention. The reason why I can still live in the Feng family should be your grandma, you think about it?" If I give birth to this child, in order to let the child be justified, I will marry Feng Xie."

"But Feng Xie and I have never had a wedding, and no one knows me, so after I divorce Feng Xie, no one will know that Feng Xie was married."

"At that time, the Feng family can just help him find a wealthy daughter to marry him."

Tangyue is very aware of her current situation, the reason why the Feng family can tolerate her is because she keeps herself safe.

If she dared to reveal her relationship with the Feng family outside, the illusion of whitewashing peace would disappear immediately.

The Feng family is so big, she doesn't have any threatening power, raising her is like raising a kitten, so she can tolerate her giving birth to children, but if there are more, it won't work.

"You... know all about it."

Old Madam Feng's voice was a little hoarse, she was kind to Tangyue, and it was a bit hypocritical, otherwise Tangyue would not have been allowed to sign the contract.

Tangyue was young and innocent. She thought that if she treated her better, she would be able to coax her into giving birth to a child happily. She didn't expect her to be so transparent.

"Grandma, I also attended that banquet."

When she said this, her voice was calm, her emotions were calm, her back was straight, like a green pine: "I will not violate the rules after I sign the contract, and I will leave after giving birth."

"Wangyuezhai is a good place. It is still in the development period and has a bright future. Most importantly, I like the atmosphere there very much. After the divorce, I will still work in Wangyuezhai. I hope my grandma can see me there. Pretend you don't know me."

"The Feng family doesn't know me anyway, does it?"

Shock appeared on the old lady Feng's face, and her voice was hoarse: "Actually, if Feng Xie fell in love with you during this time..."

"That doesn't change anything."

Tangyue firmly interrupted her: "The Feng family will not want a disfigured daughter-in-law, let alone a worthless daughter-in-law. Grandma is actually not satisfied with my background either."

The old lady was speechless.

A faint smile appeared on Tangyue's face, her brows and eyes were slightly curved, and those eyes seemed to see too much.

Old Madam Feng closed her eyes. She realized that she had lived half her life, but she still hadn't seen through Tang Yue. After she learned that Tang Yue was pregnant with Feng Xie's child, she investigated Tang Yue.

Tangyue's family background is clean, and she was very good in the past. If she hadn't suffered a major change, she might not have looked down on Feng Xie at all. Because of this, she wanted Tangyue to give birth to a child in her womb. Her genes are good, and the child must be too. very smart.

After Tangyue lived in Feng's house, she didn't fight or rob, she was calm and safe. The old lady who was used to the disputes of rich and powerful families actually liked her somewhat sincerely.

"If you want to work, go there. Although the Feng family can't protect you, I can take care of you while you are still in the Feng family."

The old lady Feng sighed, and finally compromised.

Tangyue stood up and bowed sincerely: "Thank you grandma."


Seeing her back gradually disappear, Old Madam Feng pursed her lips.


Finally came the opening day of Wangyue Zhai.

The day was full of joy, and two rows of flower baskets were placed at the door. After the sound of a string of firecrackers, the atmosphere was brought to a climax.

Ding Fuxi delivered a speech happily: "Wangyuezhai opened today, thank you for your support. Today we not only sell Anshen Pills, but also many other medicinal materials to choose from. Now that you sign up for membership, there are more discounts..."

Tangyue stood in the yard, she saw many customers outside, all of them were rich people, it can be seen that the reputation of Anshen Pill has attracted many people.

In the future, these people will often visit Wangyuezhai, and she can use the Su's family to smooth this road to prosperity.

A smile appeared on her face, and suddenly she saw a familiar person in the crowd.

Su Ling swaggered in front, and he said with a smile: "Ding Fu, it's finally opened, I heard that you are now implementing


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