Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 46

Tang Yue frowned and walked out.

A middle-aged man in his thirties pointed angrily at the boy on the ground, his eyes were red: "Wangyuezhai, this name sounds irregular. It turned out to be a seller of counterfeit medicine. After my son took your medicine, something happened now." Now, if he has something good or bad, I won't let you go."

The boy on the ground curled up, convulsed, breathing hard.

"Quick, call the ambulance, he's dying."

Seeing this, the expressions of the others changed after seeing the medicine in their hands, and they clamored for a refund.

Refunding is a trivial matter, but if it becomes a big deal, Wangyue Zhai may be closed, and what's more, Ding Fu will be imprisoned.

There was a lot of noise around, and there were a lot of curse words mixed in, which showed that everyone's mood was not very good.

At this time, Tangyue heard someone laughing in the crowd.

Tang Xinyao mixed in the crowd, proudly watching everyone making noise, when she saw Tang Yue, she walked up to her without any hesitation: "Sister, you work here, but unfortunately you are not very lucky, I will visit Yue Zhai It’s closing down, and your job is almost gone.”

"Wangyuezhai managed to get into the big tree of the Su family. He thought he would be successful, but he sold fake medicines at his own risk. Now that he's done, he got himself into it."

Su Ling didn't have a good face. He admired Ding Fu's ability at first, but this kind of thing happened in the end.

In fact, it has nothing to do with him whether Wangyuezhai goes bankrupt or not, but now Wangyuezhai is also selling Anshen Pills. Everyone knows that the Anshen Pills of the Su family are ordered from Wangyuezhai. implicated.

Moreover, the batch of Anshen Pills that the Su family ordered from Ding Fu earlier had been delivered last week, and the Su family had already sold the pills. Now Wangyuezhai is rumored to be selling fake medicines, which makes their faces go to hell. Where to put it.

Ding Fu was a little anxious, and he was forced to come out to respond to this matter: "I use my personality to guarantee that there will be absolutely no problems with my medicines. All the pills have been tested through formal channels. Your son is not feeling well now. Think about what else he ate before? Or he has a genetic disease."

"Damn, my son took your medicine today. He doesn't have any genetic diseases. You don't need to wash away your responsibility here. You sell fake medicines. I want to call the police and arrest you."

The middle-aged man seemed very excited. He rushed up and wanted to attack Ding Fu, but was stopped by the security guards.

Seeing this, Tang Xinyao walked over with a happy expression on her face: "Sir, you said your son took medicine, what kind of medicine is it, don't wrong the boss here."

Seeing this, Tang Yue lowered her eyes and glanced at her. It was impossible for Tang Xinyao to help Ding Fu. What exactly did she want to do when she went up.

"My son hasn't been sleeping well recently. I just bought Anshen Pills from him because I believed it too much, so I gave it to my son directly, and it turned out like this."

When everyone heard this, they were immediately angry.

Although Wangyuezhai had other pills, most of the people came for the Anshen Pill, and if there was an accident with the Anshen Pill, they yelled at the unscrupulous merchant.

"I also know medicinal materials, let me take a look." Tang Xinyao smiled confidently. She took the pill from the middle-aged man, and then sniffed it lightly: "I am Tang Xinyao, and the Tang family's ancestors are pharmaceuticals. I am from the Tang family, so everyone must know it, so you can trust me."

Suddenly, her expression changed: "No, why does this pill contain... cinnabar."

She took a little powder on the surface of the pill so that everyone could see the red color on her fingertips, and said sharply: "This is cinnabar. Cinnabar is poisonous. Its main component is mercury sulfide. It cannot be used as medicine easily. The dosage should be strictly controlled, and it is forbidden for pregnant women and those with liver and kidney insufficiency, otherwise it will cause mercury poisoning.”

"My preliminary estimate is that the cinnabar content in this pill has exceeded the standard, at least 7g. You are killing yourself."

As soon as this remark came out, everyone became even more excited, and some people said that they had bought Anshen Pills from the Su family before, and they did not know if they were the same batch of Anshen Pills.

Su Ling's face has become extremely ugly.

Tang Xinyao said at the right time: "You don't need to panic, since the Su family dared to cooperate with Wangyuezhai, they must have produced Anshen pills, and there must be no problem with the batch of goods delivered to the Su family, but when they sold the pills themselves, Just want to cut corners and cheat customers."

She just wanted to bring down Wangyue Zhai, but she didn't want to offend the Su family.

When Wangyuezhai closed down and Ding Fu was forced to have nowhere to go, they asked Ding Fu to hand over the formula of Anshen Wan, and then cooperated with the Su family instead of him.

This is her ultimate goal.

Ding Fu was so angry that his face turned red: "Nonsense, the amount of cinnabar added in Anshen Wan is very small, it is absolutely impossible to be poisoned."

"The ambulance is coming, hurry up, the doctor is here."

Two doctors walked up to the child and they started CPR on the child.

The middle-aged man hurriedly said: "Doctor, my son took a lot of cinnabar just now, is he poisoned?"

The emergency doctor took a look and asked, "Yes, his symptoms are very similar to mercury poisoning."

After speaking, he and another doctor carried the man into the ambulance.

The middle-aged man was going to follow, but he gave Ding Fu a hard look, and said angrily, "You go to the hospital with me, and you are responsible for my son."

Su Ling was very dissatisfied: "Boss Ding, I misunderstood you. To do business is to be honest. You actually did something unconscionable for the sake of a little profit. You ruined a good hand of cards."

Ding Fu couldn't argue, he picked up the man's pill and looked at it. Based on his many years of experience, the pill was indeed mixed with a lot of cinnabar: "He framed me, this is not a calming pill, we can't add so much cinnabar in it."

The others looked at the pills they bought and didn't believe Ding Fu's words at all.

"The pill in my hand is exactly the same as it. It is also so red. The cinnabar is red. If you eat it, you will definitely be poisoned."

"A profiteer, no, he is simply a black-hearted businessman. Fortunately, I haven't eaten yet, otherwise I would have ascended to heaven."

"Call the police, can this kind of store still be opened?"

"Now I am very worried that there is something wrong with the Anshen Wan sold to me by the Su family. If I had known earlier, I shouldn't have bought so many."

"The reason why our Anshen Pills are red is because safflower is added, it is definitely not cinnabar!"

Ding Fu said in a panic, "If you don't believe me, you can take out the pills for testing."

Tang Xinyao smiled: "People have already died, does it matter whether they are tested or not?"

"Uncle Fu, let's talk alone."

Tangyue came out at this moment, her voice was clear and indifferent, but it was very eye-catching under the current circumstances.

Ding Fu hurriedly said, "Okay."

Hearing this, the middle-aged man became angry: "What's the matter, you can't leave until the matter is resolved, and none of you can escape."

Tang Xinyao said in a strange way: "Sister, stop doing stupid things. Boss Ding should have paid the price for doing such things, so don't think about helping him get rid of the crime."

Others also surrounded them, not letting them leave.

Tangyue looked a little helpless, she said to the middle-aged man: "You said that your son just bought the Anshen Pill, and after taking one on the spot, he fell ill?"

"That's right, he didn't eat anything before, he just took Anshen Wan, which he bought from you!" The middle-aged man said with certainty.

"All right."

Tang Yue said: "Then you can check the monitoring."


The middle-aged man froze for a moment, then raised his head to observe. He was sure that there was no monitoring here.

Tangyue is in charge of the surveillance, she said lightly: "Wangyue Zhai has installed hundreds of surveillance cameras. In order to save space, pinhole cameras are used, which cannot be seen from the outside. However, each camera Employees have been notified of their location, which is not an invasion of privacy."

This is the result of her discussion with Ding Fu. Because of Huang Ping's incident, they are also afraid that there will be more problematic employees, so they will carefully monitor the behavior of employees in the early stage.

For this reason, Wangyue Zhai also specially prepared a monitoring room to keep all the monitoring.

After a group of people came to the monitoring room, Tangyue turned on the computer and began to operate. After a while, a middle-aged man appeared on the screen. He was holding his son and squeezed into the crowd, but he didn't buy Anshen Pill.

After a while, he and his son came to the door alone, looked around carefully, and after seeing no one, took out a red pill from the bag for his son to take.

All the truth came out.

Tang Xinyao frowned. There are so many surveillance cameras installed in this broken place, and the pictures are so clear. In order to make the effect realistic, she arranged for the child to actually eat cinnabar, but the amount was not so large that it would not be fatal.

The face of the middle-aged man was even paler, and his every move was actually photographed.

Tangyue glanced at the man, and questioned in her indifferent voice: "Sir, you didn't buy Anshen pills at Wangyuezhai at all. I don't know what kind of pills you took out, but you can buy them." I am sure that your son did not get sick after taking tranquilizing pills, and we will not be responsible for you."

"Besides, because you are suspected of extortion and framing, we will definitely investigate to the end."

The middle-aged man became annoyed and said, "You actually installed so many secret surveillance? Then why didn't you say it in the morning."

Seeing him perform here for so long?

Tangyue smiled faintly: "Because I'm not sure that you would really do this under surveillance. If you pretend to have bought the medicine and then go to a place where there is no surveillance to take the medicine, things will probably not go so smoothly."

The middle-aged man's eyes widened. The woman was mocking him for being stupid.

Tang Xinyao smiled bluntly: "Sister, you are really cautious in doing things. How can you install so many surveillance cameras in such a small place? The cost is too high."

"The value of Anshen Pill is worth it."

Tang Yue said calmly.

Tang Xinyao's face was extremely cold.

At this moment, several policemen came to the door. Tangyue briefly explained the matter, and then submitted the evidence to the policeman. The leading policeman glanced at the middle-aged man and said displeasedly: "Zhang Yuan, why are you It's you, you just came out of the detention center last time, and you committed another crime this time."

Everyone knew that this was a habitual offender.

When he saw Tang Xinyao, he said casually: "Miss Tang, you released him on bail last time. Since he is your friend, you should take good care of him and don't let him do bad things again."

Tang Xinyao was stunned.

The police took Zhang Yuan away, and everything happened in a flash, and the matter was resolved.

The atmosphere became harmonious again, and those who were clamoring to return the goods just now were a little embarrassed.

Tang Xinyao was about to leave when Tang Yue held her hand: "Sister, you and that liar just now are friends, right?"

She took the word liar very seriously.

Ding Fu also reacted, and said loudly: "Miss Tang, can you explain what's going on? You just helped that man speak, and you can't wait to splash dirty water on us."

"Last time you sent a person to insert into Wangyuezhai to make trouble, but this time you went into battle yourself. You colluded with that man to frame us. Is this your code of conduct?"

Su Ling was also very angry, and his face was full of anger: "Tang Xinyao, if you want to compete, you have to show your strength. What's the point of playing dirty?"

Everyone looked at Tang Xinyao with condemnation and contempt.

Where did Tang Xinyao go through this battle, she gritted her teeth and said, "I don't know anything, I have nothing to do with him."

"How can it be okay? The police say you know him."

Tang Xinyao's face flushed red: "I...he is an employee of my family. Last time I committed a crime, I went to fish him out, but what does this mean? I don't know anything about this matter at all. "

Su Ling was aggressive: "It turns out that the employees you employ all have this quality."

"We're going to fire him now."

After Tang Xinyao finished speaking, she quickly turned around and left, not daring to face so many eyes again.

She knew that her words were too unconvincing, and no one would believe her, but she had no choice, who made Zhang Yuan really succeed more than fail.

Ding Fu breathed a sigh of relief: "It was also our negligence to let the unruly people in today. To make up for you, we will give you 500 points in your membership card as compensation. You can use them to deduct any medicines."

500 points is not a lot of money, but it feels good to do so.

"Boss Ding, you are very polite."

Everyone said politely, but they felt very good. In fact, they didn't trust Wang Yuezhai at all just now, and they had some faults, but Ding Fu didn't care about it at all, and even gave him a gift.

They also had a little more trust in Wang Yuezhai.

Everyone started looking for medicine and buying medicine again, as if nothing had happened.

Ding Fu also directed the staff to continue working.

Everything returned to the previous peace.

Su Ling snorted softly: "The Tang family wants to fight against the Su family this time, and they're all set on this, so they must give them some color."

Ding Fu smiled kindly: "The one who cleans himself will clear himself. As long as I make medicine with my heart, I don't care what monsters and snakes frame me."

Su Ling praised: "You have done a good job. You have maintained the reputation of Anshen Pill, and let everyone know that my Su family has not misunderstood the person. I hope that our future cooperation will always be pleasant."


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