Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 47

After solving this matter, Tangyue smiled slightly, and her brows and eyes softened a little.

A bunch of probing eyes fell on her, and she turned her head to see Feng Xie staring at her unabashedly, with some meaning in his eyes.

He has a pair of impressive eyes, like a black pool, the end of the eyes is slightly raised, showing a bit of evil, the face is sharp and angular, the jaw line is particularly outstanding, the creator is very partial to him, and almost poured all his heart and soul into his face superior.

Below is the pair of sexy collarbones, like the wings of a butterfly, which seems to be able to fly away at any time.

Tangyue exchanged glances with him, then looked away, and fixed her eyes on his collarbone: "I was at home this morning, I didn't do anything, and then I came to Wangyuezhai."

Her tone was relaxed: "I like Wangyuezhai very much. I applied for an administrative position some time ago, but my time is very free. I don't need to work long hours every day. I just need to come and have a look once in a while."

"Wangyue Zhai has a lot of good Chinese medicines, especially Anshen Pills, which sell very well. Although this place is not big, it has a lot of room for development."

She did not forget to praise Wang Yuezhai at the end.

Feng Xie saw her constantly opening and closing her lips. Her lips were pinkish in color, without any lipstick on, but it was as if they were stained with peach blossoms, making people want to kiss her.

He hooked his lips, in a good mood, and said casually, "What are you talking about to me?"

Tangyue said with a good temper: "I said that I will report to you every day what I have done, so you can trust me."

It would be fine if Feng Xie wasn't there, since he was by the side, Tangyue also reported the matter by the way.

Seeing that the two were having a lively conversation, Su Ling seized the opportunity, and hurriedly separated Tang Yue. He said courteously, "Brother Xie, you haven't eaten yet, you should go out to eat with Miss Tang."

He took the word "eating" very seriously.

For some reason, Tangyue heard the meaning of obscenity from the word eating.

She was a little speechless, and looked at Feng Xie with a smile: "Have you not eaten yet?"

"Yeah, brother Xie's appetite is not very good, he didn't eat breakfast today, you should take him out quickly."

Su Ling spoke first, and he looked at Ding Fu again: "Boss Ding, let's help Miss Tang take a vacation today, and it will be on my shoulders, with paid vacation."

Ding Fu glanced at Tangyue worriedly, and said hesitantly, "But the store has just opened, and there are still many things to do."

"It doesn't matter, Miss Tang is not alone anyway." Su Ling waved her hand indifferently.

Tangyue: "...."

She wanted to refuse, but she saw Feng Xie looking at her indifferently, his deep eyes contained no emotion.

He slowly rolled up his sleeves, revealing the expensive watch on his wrist, staring at the time quietly.


Tang Yue couldn't help but glance at the time.


It was indeed time for lunch.

Is Feng Xie hinting at her?

Tangyue wasn't sure either, she asked tentatively, "Do you want to go out for dinner with me?"

The man chuckled inexplicably, then put down his sleeves, and walked in front of Tangyue.

Tangyue: "...."

She followed helplessly.

After the two walked out of Wangyue Zhai, Tangyue looked around and asked, "What do you want to eat?"


A stretched Rolls Royce was parked at the door, Feng Xie's car was different every time.

Tangyue resigned to her fate and sat inside.

The car drove very smoothly.

In the end, they arrived at the old house of the Feng family.

A slight surprise flashed in her eyes, but Wang Yuezhai was indeed the closest to the Feng family.

After the two came back, the kitchen began to get busy.

Feng Xie entered the bedroom, and sat lazily on the bed: "You look surprised, you are so poor that you go to work, and you can invite me to a nice place for dinner?"

She never thought of inviting Feng Xie to dinner, it was because Su Ling was busy.

But the truth cannot be told, Tang Yue said gently: "The Feng family's kitchen is delicious and healthy, the weather is nice today, let's eat in the yard."

The bedroom is connected to a yard, which covers a wide area, and the sun shines in the yard, making it very warm and comfortable.

Soon, the servant came in with the food.

Tang Yue directed the servants to bring the food to the yard.

There is a table made of bamboo in the yard, which is simple and elegant, and two wicker chairs are placed beside the table.

Tangyue sat on the wicker chair, the sunlight passed over one end of the table, but it didn't shine on anyone, it was just right.

The dishes prepared in the kitchen are very careful. There are several light meals for pregnant women, stewed pork ribs with yam, steamed egg custard, crucian carp tofu, and a red and spicy boiled beef slice.

It should be specially prepared for Feng Xie.

Tangyue was hungry. She picked up the meal and was about to eat when she remembered that Feng Xie hadn't sat down yet. She said softly, "Come and eat."

The sunlight cast on the tree, and shone through the cracks in Feng Xie's hair, coating his hair with a light golden yellow.

He narrowed his eyes, and a destructive desire flashed in his eyes.

He doesn't like sunlight.

A trace of hostility flashed in his eyes, Feng Xie said coldly: "You bought the chair?"

Tangyue was stunned for a moment, and said softly: "Yeah, when I went out with Wu Ma last time, I happened to see that these two chairs were pretty good, and they matched the yard very well, so I bought them back. If you don't like them, I won't let them go." Here it is."

As soon as the words fell, the sun in the distance faded a little, and the light spots on the table disappeared.

Feng Xie walked over with a sullen expression.

The rattan chair still has the heat of the sun, it's not hot, but it's very warm. Sitting on it, my bones become lazy.

The whole room was very strange to him at first, but now it was slowly filled with traces of another person.

This feeling is very strange.

He looked at Tangyue quietly, without moving his chopsticks for a long time, until a piece of boiled beef was caught in the bowl.

The woman on the opposite side bent her eyes, then lifted her veil, and began to eat quietly again.

His eyes suddenly became complicated, like a lion living alone, suddenly a rabbit broke into its territory, and then the rabbit didn't leave, and left its own life footprints.

After eating, the servant came in and put away the dishes.

Tangyue walked slowly along the yard. When she finished eating, she came back and found Feng Xie was still sitting on the rattan chair. He was wearing earphones, and his whole posture was still languid. On the clothes, shoes, and collarbone, it looks like a beautiful oil painting.

Regardless of his personal temperament, his appearance is too good.

She couldn't help but get closer, and then stood opposite him. When he closed his eyes and slept, his face was less sharp than before, the edges and corners were softer, and his eyelashes were long and thick.

Slept peacefully.

"Feng Xie..."

Tangyue called out softly.

no respond.

Tangyue went into the room and took out a thin blanket to cover him. When she bent down, she accidentally touched the corner of his clothes, and an earphone slipped from his ear.

She bent down to pick up the earphones. The music wasn't turned on very loudly, but because the surrounding environment was too quiet, the tunes inside flowed out.

She didn't catch it.

By coincidence, she lowered her head and brought the earphones to her ear, wondering what song Feng Xie was listening to.

What song made him sleep so peacefully?

Unexpectedly, it is not a pop song, nor is it a fierce rock song, but a lullaby.

Tangyue was very familiar with it, she had sung this song with Feng Xie before.

Did he like this kind of song?

That's right, Tangyue heard that he didn't sleep very well, so it's normal to like this kind of hypnotic music.

She carefully placed the earphones in Feng Xie's ears, barely within reach.

A gust of wind blew over, lifting Tang Yue's hair, and a few strands of hair swayed on Feng Xie's face.

The man suddenly opened his eyes, and a hint of danger flashed across his eyes.

At the same time, a force clasped Tangyue's waist, her body lost balance, and she fell into Feng Xie's arms all of a sudden.

Tangyue lost her usual calmness, raised her head in a panic, and met a pair of dark eyes.

Feng Xie seemed to have just woken up, there was no hostility on his face before, and there seemed to be hooks in his deep eyes, which kept making people fall.

"do what?"

The deep male voice also has a hint of hoarse magnetism.

Tangyue looked at him and smiled: "I saw that your earphones fell off, and I want to pick them up."

"Then listen to what song is in it?"

Tangyue was stunned, his eyes were obviously closed, how could he know her movements.

She could only smile slightly: "I just feel curious."

Feng Xie raised his eyebrows, and smiled ambiguously on her face, "Is that why you're so curious about me?"


she didn't.

The distance between the two is very close, Feng Xie can even see the tiny fluff on her face, as long as they get closer, the two can touch each other.

"Are you thirsty, I'll get you a glass of water."

Tangyue turned her face to the side, a little unnaturally, she quickly broke away from his arms, she ran fast, only leaving Feng Xie a back view.

Feng Xie looked at her leaving back and didn't speak.


Su family.

Although Su Kebi moved in, the Su family was not very enthusiastic about her. She sat in front of the dressing cabinet to put on makeup, and the servant she personally selected chatted endlessly: "Second Young Master Feng rejected our invitation. I don't want to see you, let alone the marriage between the two of you, I also heard something today, Tangyue went home with Feng Ershao."

"During Wangyue Zhai, what many people saw was that Master Su Ling took the initiative to facilitate this matter. Could Second Young Master Feng really like that ugly Tangyue?"

Su Kebi's hands trembled, and the eyebrow line was crooked. She said with an ugly face, "Are they still going home? Didn't they say that Feng Xie has never brought a woman in?"

The servant said: "That's right, this Tangyue is the number one person, that's why people hate her. Feng Xie has no interest in other women, but she has his heart set on her."

Su Kebi sneered: "So what, it's just a daughter of a down-and-out family, can the Feng family like it?"

"Of course they don't like it, but Second Young Master Feng is notoriously rebellious. He might disobey the family's wishes, otherwise, he wouldn't show you face in public."

Su Kebi's face turned completely dark.

The servant didn't care about her change of face, so she said what she thought: "You've only come back to the Su family now, and you need to gain a foothold. The best way is to get engaged to Second Young Master Feng, and the Su family will take you back. It also means that if the marriage fails, you may be sent out of Haicheng."

Su Kebi gritted her teeth: "I will never go back."

In fact, she is not that good. It is not easy to get along in a foreign university. Since she came to the Su family, she knows how good it is here.

Therefore, she must stay here.

"But if Second Young Master Feng likes this woman, he will keep rejecting you." The maid said worriedly.

There was a snap.

Su Kebi closed the makeup box. Today she was wearing a bright yellow business suit with a wrapped skirt on her lower body. She was very sexy when she walked.

She looked ruthless: "If that's the case, then let her disappear into this world. What else can she use to rob me?"


3 grams of angelica, 3 grams of licorice, 5 grams of woody...

Tangyue put the medicinal materials into the pot of boiling traditional Chinese medicine according to the recipe in memory, and Yubai started to stir with a pair of bamboo chopsticks in his hand.

Even if she boiled medicine, she did it like flowing water, which was pleasing to the eye.

After a while, there was a smell of medicine in the yard.

Because Feng Xie didn't have a private kitchen, Tangyue boiled medicine in the kitchen at first, but she boiled medicine too frequently, now she simply set up a stove in the yard.

A shadow suddenly appeared in front of him.

Tangyue didn't notice, she was still concentrating on making the medicine.

"So obsessed?"

A trace of displeasure flitted across Feng Xie's eyebrows.

Tangyue just realized that Feng Xie was coming, she put down her chopsticks: "I'm making a tranquilizer."


Feng Xie looked at the dark medicine in the jar: "I cooked it for me? You went to Wangyue Zhai to learn this?"

It's well known that he doesn't sleep well, and this woman is auctioning off tranquilizing pills with him and making tranquilizing pills with him.

Really love him.

Tangyue: "...."

Denying it at this time seems to be too deliberate, she said with a light smile: "It will take another three hours."

"so long."

Feng Xie casually said something, then stared at Tang Yue and said, "By the way, last time you gave Su Ling acupuncture, are your medical skills good?"

Hearing this, Tangyue seemed a little nervous.

It's not surprising that she is good at medicine. After all, she is from the Tang family, but she doesn't want to cause trouble. If Tang Guodong and others know that she has good medical skills, they will doubt the formula.

But she will still cook medicine in the future, and Feng Xie will see it whenever she comes back, so she can only say half and half: "I know a little bit of medical skills, but I don't have enough talent, so I only know a little bit, not proficient."

The fire was burning very vigorously, and the air in the medicine jar was slowly rising upwards, making a rumbling sound.

Feng Xie leaned against the wall on one side, and said in a low voice, "If you know medicine, have you ever thought about using traditional Chinese medicine to treat your face?"

Tang Yue's heart skipped a beat, and she touched her veil.

"Healed, but I missed the best treatment period."

The medicine in the air became heavier. She didn't want to bring up the topic again, so she shifted it: "In fact, it would be great if there were ginseng more than a hundred years old. Ginseng is a good medicinal material for invigorating qi and nourishing yin. .”

During the natural growth of ginseng, the medicinal ingredients contained in it will gradually increase as the years grow.

It's a pity that let alone century-old ginseng, even decades-old ginseng is very rare.


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