Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 48

In fact, Tangyue needs a lot of precious medicinal materials to make Qinghe pills, among which century-old ginseng is one of the hard-to-find ginseng.

She sighed: "I heard that the land in Qingyang District is very suitable for the growth of ginseng. Occasionally, wild 100-year-old ginseng will be found. Next time I will go and have a look. I don't know if I can meet luck."

In fact, she has been inquiring about these medicinal materials all the time, besides ginseng, there are other medicinal materials, but she has not received any news, and she does not know when she will be able to get them together.

"It's just a ginseng, what's the problem?"

Feng Xie said indifferently.

Tangyue wanted to find ginseng to make medicine with him, but he didn't need ginseng at all.

"It's not that easy either."

Tang Yue said in a low voice, these medicinal materials are rare, even the Feng family may not be able to find them for her.

Feng Xie squinted his eyes. He glanced at the medicine that was still cooking, and a trace of disgust flashed in his eyes: "Tang Yue."

"What's wrong?"

Tangyue turned her head to look at him, looking at him very seriously, her eyes were bent, like crescent moons in the sky, beautiful and pure, the breeze gently blowing over her veil, a feeling of affection appeared on her face.

Feng Xie suddenly felt a little thirsty, and swallowed back the words that came to his lips. He covered Tang Yue's eyes with his hand, and said through gritted teeth, "Don't look at me like that?"

Tang Yue: "?"

The man's throat rolled, and he said viciously: "Forget it this time, I'll just drink it, and don't take such a bitter medicine again next time."

Tangyue blinked her eyes, her eyelashes brushed against the palm of his hand, a little itchy, he quickly withdrew his hand, went back to the room without looking at her again.



She didn't want to boil medicine with Feng Xie.


After this day, Feng Xie would come back once a week, although the frequency was relatively small, it was much more frequent than before.

Tangyue lived peacefully only when he was not around. Every time he came back, Tangyue had to spend some time thinking. Fortunately, he didn't find fault, and Tangyue coped with it effortlessly.

Jiang Wenling invited her to dinner, but Tangyue refused every time on the grounds that she was not feeling well. She rarely went out to socialize, and the reason she asked for was appropriate, with the intention of always being an invisible person in the Feng family. The days passed like this day after day.

She spent the most time in Wangyuezhai. The last time Tang Siyao found someone to make trouble, not only did it not affect Wangyuezhai, but also made everyone trust Wangyuezhai. Therefore, Wangyuezhai had a steady stream of customers. By the end of the month, they Not only has it returned its capital, but it has also made a lot of money.

Although it is still far behind the Tang family's former Qinghetang, it is still a good harvest.

One day, Ding Fu called her and said excitedly, "Miss, someone found a century-old ginseng in Qingyang District, and it's still wild."

Tangyue's eyes widened slightly: "Really?"

"It's true. It's my good friend in Qingyang District. He used to be a neighbor. He said he found it when he went up the mountain. The climate and humidity in Qingyang District are very suitable for the growth of ginseng. We also found it on the mountain before." Ding Fu Said.

It is actually okay to use artificially cultivated ginseng instead of Qinghe Wan, but the failure rate is high, and wild ginseng is the best.

If there is one in Qingyang District, she must go.

"Uncle Fu, let's go now." Tang Yue said.

Ding Fu hesitated for a moment: "I also want to go there now, but it will take a while. The store is too busy. I can't see it without it."

Tang Yue said: "If you go late, the ginseng will probably be poached by others. Give me your friend's contact information, and I will go there myself."

Ding Fu said: "But whether your body will be inconvenient, you'd better wait for me."

"No problem."

Tangyue rubbed her stomach, her voice was calm. She had a good life, so she didn't suffer from the torment of pregnancy: "I'll just go and have a look first, ginseng may not be qualified either."

Ding Fu thought about it for a while, and said, "I'll let him pick you up, so that you don't have to go there yourself."


On the same day, a simple-looking man drove over in a van. He smiled kindly: "Miss Tang, Ding Fu asked me to come here. My name is Kang Wu."

He and Ding Fu belonged to the same generation, so Tang Yue politely called out: "Uncle Wu."

Kang Wu said with a smile: "I found ginseng on the mountain. It looks like a good product, even if it is not a hundred years old, it is decades old."

Tang Yue nodded slightly: "Didn't you dig out the ginseng?"

If Kang Wu had dug out the ginseng, he would have brought it here, and he didn't need to go there himself.

"No, the place where the ginseng grows is a little remote, and it will not be discovered for the time being. I put a mark on it. If you don't want it, I plan to let it grow for a while, and the price will be higher then."

Kang Wu said while driving, his expression was always gentle, and he seemed to be in a good mood.

After that, the two did not have any more conversations.

After all, before seeing the ginseng, no matter how much you talk, it is useless. Only when you see the real thing can you continue talking.

Tangyue has already decided that as long as the goods are good, she will buy them, and the Su family will trade with them. In addition to the money Wang Yuezhai earned during this period, she is not short of money at all.

The car slowly left the bustling streets of Haicheng and drove into Qingyang District.


Kang Wu said, and parked the car at the foot of the mountain.

Tangyue got off the car, it was getting late now, the setting sun in the distance coated the mountain with a layer of gold.

Kang Wudao: "Miss Tang, the ginseng is on the mountain, the road is a bit steep, we can walk slowly."

"Okay." Tangyue walked a few steps, and found that the mountain was full of weeds, the road was very uneven, and few people walked: "There are very few people going in on the mountain."

"That's right. Qingyang Mountain was originally a wild mountain. The development here can't keep up. It hasn't been developed into a tourist area, so it has been abandoned. Because of this, there are many treasures in this mountain."

"There are a lot of snakes, insects, rats and ants in the mountains. You have to be careful. It is said that there are wild boars in the mountains."

When Kang Wu said this, he still had a smile on his face.

Tangyue frowned, looking at the mountain, she suddenly felt a little unsafe.

Kang Wu immediately reacted, and then said with a smile: "But it's all inside the deep mountain, don't worry, the outer part of the mountain is still very safe."

"Ginseng is just ahead, not very far away."

Tangyue nodded, since it was not very far away, of course she had to be serious when she came.

Kang Wu took good care of her, and walked very slowly along the way, but it took almost half an hour to walk, and the road in front of him became more and more deserted, but he still couldn't reach the place.

Tangyue observed the surrounding plants, a trace of doubt flashed in her eyes.

The road that Kang Wu walked, the land is not very good, and even some weeds are not growing well. Will there really be ginseng?

"Is it almost there?" Tangyue asked, wiping the sweat off her forehead.

"Hurry up, it's right there." Kang Wu pointed to the front.

Tangyue took a look at the place he was pointing at. There was still a little distance there, and there was a stone bump raised up. She had to turn around to see the situation over there.

She stopped and took a step back calmly.

How could ginseng grow in such a place.

Because it was the person introduced by Ding Fu, Tang Yue trusted her preconceivedly, but now she couldn't believe it.

Generally speaking, in places where ginseng can grow for a century, the surrounding plants must also grow well, and it is absolutely impossible to look like this.

"Miss Tang, why don't you leave? We'll be there in a few more steps."

Seeing that she was not leaving, Kang Wu also stopped.

Tang Yue said: "I suddenly have a stomachache and want to take a rest."

"Okay, then you can take a rest first, we will leave later." Kang Wu's face was still gentle.

Tangyue was a little undecided, she took out her mobile phone to make a call with Ding Fu, but the sunlight in front of her was suddenly blocked.

Kang Wu stood in front of her, his expression became complicated: "Miss Tang, you haven't seen the ginseng yet, are you going to call Ding Fu?"

"Well, I'd like to ask his opinion."

Kang Wu's face darkened a little. He suddenly reached out and pressed Tangyue's cell phone, and said expressionlessly: "Miss Tang, let's look at the goods first. I don't understand now, tell me, do you?"

He looked at Tangyue and took her phone away forcefully.

Tangyue's phone number has not been dialed yet, but he has already cut it off.

She had an ominous premonition in her heart, so she turned around and ran, but she was pregnant, her steps were heavy, and she seldom climbed mountains, so Kang Wu quickly caught up.

He easily grasped Tang Yue's shoulders, the gentleness on his face had long since disappeared, with his back facing the direction of the setting sun, a dark shadow was cast in his eyes, and his voice was somewhat hoarse: "Miss Tang, Don't run away."


In the dark basement.

Several men were injured all over their bodies. They shrank on the ground and shivered. Their faces were bruised and swollen.

They are all key members of the Black Gate.

Although the Heimen is not the biggest gang in Shanghai, it is quite famous. Unexpectedly, Feng Xie arrested them in a short period of time, and the whole Heimen was also wiped out.

Qin Zheng held a red-hot brand in his hand and was about to brand them on their bodies. Before he started, he felt pain just looking at the brand.


The brand was branded on the body of the first man, a burning smell filled the air, and the rest of them were trembling.

They are not actually afraid of death, but they are afraid of being tortured like this.

Feng Xie is a devil.

If it falls into his hands, even if you die, you will not get peace.

The first man had passed out, and the others looked desperate when they saw this.

Finally, a man couldn't stand the torture anymore, and he said loudly: "I say it, I say it all!"

"Young Master Feng, let me go. I will say whatever you want to ask."


Feng Xie was sitting on the chair in front of him. He casually crossed his legs, rolled his eyelids lazily, and tapped his fingers on the chair a few times.

The man crawled towards him like a dog, and said eagerly and hastily: "Young Master Feng, I am a senior executive of the Heimen, and I know the entire operation of the Heimen. If you want to ask these questions, I can tell you everything. I really don't know about You's whereabouts, even if he is the leader of the sect, it is impossible for him to tell me his whereabouts."

"After the destruction of the Black Gate, he ran away alone. He never contacted us, and we have no way to contact him."

The man's eyes were full of fear, and his legs were shaking constantly.

Feng Xie had no expression on his face, he beckoned, as if calling a dog: "Come here."

The man moved his body tremblingly until he reached Feng Xie's feet.

Feng Xie grabbed his neck and said calmly, "How do you want to die?"

The man was about to be unable to breathe, and the whites of his eyes were about to roll out, at this moment, Feng Xie let go of his hand.

He lay on the ground panting loudly.

"Young Master Feng, should he drain his blood, or chop off his limbs to make a human pig."

Qin Zheng said slowly, he didn't know where he took an ax and walked over, his eyes were dark.

The huge ax was on top of the man's head, and he was so frightened that he almost fainted: "I really know, if I knew, I would definitely say it now.

After speaking, he rolled his eyes and really fainted under the pressure.

Qin Zheng looked at Feng Xie and asked, "Young Master Feng, he has fainted now, what should we do? Will the trial be another day?"

This man is not only a high-level executive at the Black Gate, but also has the best relationship with Guan You. They have never been able to live in Guan You. This man must be the key.

"Wash him awake with water."


The dungeon was full of torture tools, and he brought a basin of ice water with ice scum in it, and it was bone-piercing ice that drenched his body.

The man woke up, he was trembling even more, his teeth were chattering: "What are you going to do?"

Qin Zheng ignored him, he took a rope and tied him up, and then fell upside down.

"Of course it's your blood."

He cut the man's forehead with an axe: "You are here, waiting for your blood to be drained slowly until you die."

The man's eyes are full of fear.

Feng Xie finally stood up. He kicked the chair back and walked to the man's side. There was no joy or anger in his voice: "The wound has opened a little smaller."

The voice seemed to come from hell, and it made people feel cold all over.

Tears flowed from the man's eyes: "Young Master Feng..."

Feng Xie took the ax and said in a gloomy voice, "I don't like torturing people, so I'll give you a pleasure and cut off your head."

He twisted the man's head and cut it off.

"Ah! I said, Guan You is hiding in Qingyang District!"

The man's psychological defense was completely defeated, and he screamed out, only to realize that he was still alive.

Hair was scattered all over the ground, it turned out that Feng Xie just cut off his hair.

He was still in shock and completely dumbfounded.

Qin Zheng put him down.

By now, the man could only confess all of them, he betrayed Guan You thoroughly.

"After Guan You escaped, he has been hiding in Qingyang District, living in the house of a man named Kang Wu. He was going to run away, but your people have been looking for him, and he can't leave. He must still be there now. "

Qin Zheng said: "If you dare to lie to us, then you know the consequences."

The man smiled wryly and said, "I'm telling the truth."

"Let's go to Qingyang District." Feng Xie said lightly.


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