Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 151

Su Xue Ning's eyelids pulled down, her eyes vaguely dancing with fire.

Lu Ziyan added, "In case it's a fake, won't M&R waste a job slot."

Su Xue Ning looked at Lu Zi Yan who was lazily leaning in the corner of the sofa, and said in a deep voice, "You guys can verify part of it first, I don't just have AK, I also have more overseas resources, isn't this enough to serve as my passport into M&R?"

"AK's information, M & R has already grasped most of it when they were working together, what you've given is wasted if it doesn't have any commercial utilization value." Lu Ziyan's thin lips hooked.

Su Xue Ning sure more things, she is the use of the handle to pinch M & R but M & R has always been not easy to pinch, not to mention, the third brother is not the kind of person who can be threatened!

"I guarantee that the information given is all internal, no one will get hold of the market trends anymore. if M & R doesn't understand the AK market trends, then it will be hard to have a concrete understanding of the overseas market, so that means I'm confident enough."

"You're selling trade secrets."

Huo Mushen, who had been pursing his lips, looked at Su Xue Ning's incomparably confident face and sneered disdainfully.

Su Xue Ning's face goes deathly white.

Her lips shivered, "That's how the tactics in the mall are supposed to be, Huo Shao, I also learned it from you in college, or you personally said the words to me. You told me that there are only eternal interests."

Su Xue Ning still remembers the afternoon when she approached her professor to ask what the law of keeping in the mall was, and when the professor didn't have time for her, he asked Huo Mushen to explain it to her.

Huo Moushen was wearing a clean white shirt and simple black ironed suit pants, as cool and ascetic as the flower of the high ridge, he looked at her and said with no temperature on his words, "There are only eternal interests."

At that time, she decided that Huo Muchen was the only man who could match her!

The schoolgirl, who has always been so high and mighty, lowered her stature and status to carefully approach a man, and then she realized that Huo Mou Shen is also a person from Huacheng, but a person who has been rooted in Huacheng for a hundred years, and she felt more and more that Huo Mou Shen is the one who is the most compatible with her!

She wanted a man so unconditionally, only to hear that Huo Mushan actually had a fiancée a long time ago.

She was so angry.

Su Xue Ning orders someone to check and learns that his fiancée is nothing more than an arrogant illegitimate daughter who can't come up to the surface and is uneducated, so she simply puts it in her mind!

"What position do you want?" Huo Mo Shen's thin lips suppress the coldness.

"The secretary by your side!" Su Xue Ning raises her head with incomparable confidence, "The specialty I studied is the most suitable to assist you by your side, I know AK better than anyone else, and there's no one in Cooperative E-Star who can be more suitable than me."

"Most suitable?" Huo Mou Shen slightly opens his thin lips.

Su Xue Ning spoke heavily, "Yes!"

"How did you get the AK information." Huo Mushen lifted his eyelids and lazily swept away a glance.

"AK is also hiring me, I got an offer from AK after I graduated, but I haven't said yes yet, I'm waiting for you to give me an idea." Su Xue Ning sees that Huo Mou Shen is willing to strike up a conversation, so she feels her heart rejoice and takes it a step further with him.

When he's around Huo Mu Shen for a long time, he'll naturally know who's more suitable for him.

Lu Ziyan heard this and it really doesn't feel good!

How does this seem to say, "I'm giving you a chance, don't give your face away, remember to grasp it yourself!"

He was saying, "So, she's coming to M&R, or is it a handout?"

Huo Mou Shen's cold hard brow bones lightly shrugged, thin lips lightly tensed, a pair of eyes like a hibernating beast in the dark night, penetrating a dangerous light: "An incoming employee can betray the company, if incoming M & R, is it not the same for the interests of the betrayal of M & R?"

"I also agree with Third Brother's statement." Lu Zi Yan's eyes were full of wariness towards Su Xue Ning, "Who knows if you, Ms. Su, will use the same method to betray M & R?"

"I won't, you know I'm interested in you ......"

Knock knock knock!

Suddenly a knock comes from outside the door, interrupting Su Xue Ning's off-the-cuff 'confession'!

Without half a second of hesitation, Huo Mou Shen gets up from the sofa and walks towards the door, his eyes containing a smile.

What could make Huo Mou Shen personally get up?

Su Xue Ning stares unblinkingly at every single change in Huo Moushen, and is directly stung.

She thought ......

She thought that Huo Mou Shen was born cold and chilly, no matter who he was to, he had a cold and icy demeanor, and never thought that there would be gentleness in his eyes, and that the kind of coddling ...... was not even for her!

With his long legs crossing in, Su Xue Ning looks to the glass door to push open the slit, and a petite figure appears in front of her.

"Husband ~"

The sweet and soft voice was like a piercing knife sticking into Su Xue Ning's eardrums!

Song Zhi!

It was Song Zhi!

She stared straight at Song Zhi's enviable and jealous cheeks, her fists clenched in anger.

Song Zhi naturally didn't ignore the two straight-eyed knives in the crowd, the cat in her husband's arms for a split second, looking askance and provoking back!

Think she's a vegetarian?

Huo Mou Shen pressed her head back into his chest, "Come over and negotiate with me, haven't you always wanted to be a personal secretary by my side?"

Su Xue Ning's suppressed anger bubbles up!

She said she wanted to be a personal secretary, and Huo Mushen gave Song Zhi his personal secretary, what does this mean!

What else could it mean?

Of course it's to tell you to get the hell out as far away as possible!

Su Xue Ning watched as Huo Moushen naturally wrapped his arm around Song Zhi's waist and slowly sat down in front of them, her eyes twitching for a few moments, her voice choking, "Huo Shao, this is?"

Pretending to be confused?

Without waiting for her to open her mouth, Huo Mushen tosses out, "My wife, Song Ru."

Su Xue Ning's eyelids flutter as she looks towards Song Zhe, "Miss Song is good, I am Su Xue Ning."

"Miss Su is still better off calling me Mrs. Huo, after all, I've already married, so it's time to take on Huo Mushan's surname." Song Zhe smiled shallowly, not moving to dislike Su Xue Ning back.

Su Xue Ning can only bite her teeth and change her words, "Mrs. Huo!"

With Huo Mushan here, she can't get angry or even say anything!

Huo Mushan is pleasured by a few words, hooking his long arm he rolls Song Zhi into his arms, "Come here, come to my side."

Favored tone and have 'Cold Yan Wang' title

Song Zhi sat down next to him, frankly facing Su Xue Ning's nonchalant eyes, and said meaningfully, "Why should Miss Su act like she doesn't know, you even called me this morning, I didn't expect you to send me to the door so soon?"

"Third sister-in-law, you know her?" Lu Zi Yan frowned and turned his cold and ghostly gaze on Su Xue Ning, sneering in his heart, "Su Xue Ning has been so blatant as to directly provoke Song Zhi, and she's actually pretending not to recognize her?

Third Sister-in-law is also really powerful, even saving on politeness!"

"Recognize, how can I not recognize?" Song Ru smiled faintly, "I just don't know what Miss Su is doing here today?"

"Miss Su is here to apply for the M&R position."

Lu Ziyan and Song Zhi responded in unison.

Song Ru nodded and tilted her head to look at Huo Mushen, "Is our company still short of employees?"


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