Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 155

If Huo Mou Shen is attracted to women, he's just not capable of much, let's just say that someone who detached himself from the Huo family to start a company on his own, what kind of ability can he have?

Besides, they had asked around.

M & R seems to have a great reputation in Huacheng, but in reality, it is not as good as the Yan family has been entrenched for many years, the company is not much money at all, and even Mrs. Huo's mother's family, the old man needs money, did not give to take it out, and even more no money.

But it is just a male son!

Right now, it's still at the mercy of their AK!

When the time comes to cooperate, AK can take back all the profits in various ways!

A snowstorm of shame!

Su Xue Ning was baffled by the roar in front of the crowd, her face simply could not hang on, she wanted to wave her hands and pounce towards Song Zhi, her heart roaring madly: "Song Zhi! What makes you inferior to me to get Huo Mou Shen, I'm not convinced!"

In Su Xue Ning's eyes, Song Zhi is a lowly junior who destroys people's families, a junior who destroys her and Huo Mushan's feelings!

However, Su Xue Ning's segment is much higher than Song Yanran's, and with her ability and talent, she quickly collects back her angry sight and calmly retreats to the side, putting on a subdued demeanor.

Su Xue Ning wanted to go out in front of the AK and the M & R president, just one sentence was ruined by Huo Mou Shen!

In the long silence of more than ten seconds, the door only lightly pry a gap, white blinding sunlight first flowed out from it.

Then the door was completely pushed open, the man wearing a black suit, white shirt, stepping on the graceful pace slowly welcomed the sunshine out, reserved and arrogant eyebrows light pressure cold air, the lingering line of sight swept through the presence of all people, forcing them to be low in an aura.

Su Xue Ning's gaze froze, looking toward Huo Mou Shen with fascination.


The man quickly closes the door, blocking everyone from looking at the exquisite scenery inside the room, but many of the executives reveal a 'you get it, I get it' look.

The only one who blanched miserably was Su Xue Ning!

What did they just do in the office?

Su Xue Ning's fingers curled up, a feeling of betrayal rushing from the bottom of her throat to her mind!

Huo Mou Shen's face is ironic: "AK's people don't negotiate in the conference hall, what are they doing in front of my office?"

Lu Ziyan's lazy gait comes along with a teasingly sarcastic voice: "I've said that negotiations aren't here, and that our president's office isn't open to the public for visits, so even if you guys want to visit it, you should go to the E-Star department!"

AK: "......"?

They came up and were scolded, their hearts were itching with hatred, and they directly shot their dissatisfied gazes at Su Xue Ning.

It was all because Su Xue Ning brought them up!

"Vice President Su, didn't you say that the meeting would be held here?"

Su Xue Ning is accused, her face quickly adjusts from mourning white to indifference, with a business-like tone, "I only said to come up here to negotiate with Mr. Huo in person, I didn't ask you guys to follow along, you guys go along with Mr. Huo to negotiate!"

Vice President Su?

Song Zhi listens to AK's address to Su Xue Ning, her heart gets colder, snatching her husband all the way to her doorstep!

AK's people listening to Su Xue Ning's words didn't dare to say anything more, after all, they are the vice president!

Lu Zi Yan but interrupted: "Su vice president so harsh to do what, we are all people, should be treated with kindness!"

After a pause, seemingly smiling non-smile added: "After all, all beings are equal, right?"

Su Xue Ning's corner of her eye drew cold, pursed her lips, did not give him a step down.

"I teach my employees a lesson, Vice President Lu seems to have no qualifications to intervene!"

In an instant, the smiles of everyone present stiffened.

"It's nothing qualified to intervene, then Vice President Su, take your time to teach your lesson." Lu Ziyan snorted coldly, inserted one hand into the pocket of his suit pants, and turned around to leave in a calm and collected manner.

AK's eyes grew darker and darker with dissatisfaction.

But, Su Xue Ning had always been used to being eye-candy, in her eyes, only her certified, the rest of all the people dwarfed her at every turn!

"What are you all looking at! Still don't hurry to negotiate!"

The crowd glanced a few times and left.

Su Xue Ning stood at the end, waiting right at the door.

And Song Zhi did not know, about a few minutes passed before he pushed open the door from the president's office and prepared to go back to the department.

At the door, however, stood the roadblocker.

Su Xue Ning coldly scorned her, "Song Zhi, I order you to leave Huo Mou Shen, now immediately get out of M&R immediately!"

Hearing such words, Song Zhi wanted to laugh.

In fact, she did laugh, only coldly.

"What are you laughing at?"

"I'm laughing at the fact that you still don't know yourself! How come you weren't abused enough in the morning, and now you're coming in front of me to seek abuse?"

Song Zhe's eyes looked at Su Xue Ning grimly.

Su Xue Ning's heart sank for no reason: "In the morning, you had Huo Mou Shen protecting you, but look at you now, which bit of you is worthy of Huo Mou Shen! Not afraid to tell you, if it's not because you don't know how to be shameless and have to marry Huo Mou Shen, you think Huo Mou Shen can marry you ......"


The nonchalant attitude makes Su Xue Ning's eyelids jump, "What kind of attitude is this!"

"It's the attitude you see!"

Song Zhi was so stoic that he didn't even want to ignore her, bypassing her and preparing to continue back to work!

Su Xue Ning sternly yelled, "Huo Mu Shen doesn't love you at all, so hurry up and sign the divorce! People like you are half as good as me, in terms of education I was at the same university as Huo Mou Shen, in terms of seniority and ability I am better than you, you are still so dependent on an identity that does not belong to you, but also a disgrace!"

"I'm not suitable, then who do you think is suitable!"

"Of course it's me!"

Su Xue Ning coldly said.

"Su Xue Ning, I realized that your face skin is really thick to a certain point!" Song Zhe couldn't help but 'slap' his hands, his voice cold: "Where did you get the confidence to think that you're better than me?

And let me tell you, even if I can't be Mrs. Huo, you can't either!

Of course this assumption will never exist with me!"

Song Zhi really doesn't care for a barking mad dog!

As Mrs. Huo, keep Mr. Huo's words in mind and just be careful to send it to your husband to fight, lest you dirty your hands!

"Song Ru, Huo Mu Shen and I are the ones who are in the same category, and you're not destined to walk with us! Besides, if it weren't for the ridiculous doll's marriage between you in place, Huo Mou Shen would have married me long ago."

"Then why hasn't he married you yet?" Song Zhu asked rhetorically.

Su Xue Ning was half dead from anger again, you you you didn't say half a word for a long time.

Song Zhi's dislike of people is not small, since childhood, he has fought in group fights, quarreled with classmates, and choked with teachers, what else has he been afraid of!

"Your Song family is shameless, you have to hold onto Huo Mu Shen!" Su Xue Ning coldly huffed and puffed, several mouthfuls before calming down, resisting the urge to roar wildly again.

"Why don't you say you're shameless! For the first time ever, I heard of a young lady rushing to someone's doorstep to be a mistress? Do your parents know about this! If they don't know, I can begrudgingly help them teach this unfilial daughter of yours a good lesson!"


Su Xue Ning gritted her teeth.

Song Zhe coldly glanced twice: "Looks like I was right."

Su Xue Ning takes a few deep breaths and suddenly guffaws, "Song Zhi, I'm just reminding you now so as not to make you too humiliated at that time, you don't have to show off as you please just because you're Mrs. Huo!"


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