Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 156

Song Zhi laughed disdainfully and walked around her.

Her shoulder was suddenly hit hard, Su Xue Ning gritted her teeth and used all her strength, "You're nothing but a plaything for Huo Mou Shen, otherwise you wouldn't have been able to shamelessly seduce Huo Mou Shen in front of everyone just now!"

Song Zhi saw Su Xue Ning's bloodshot eyes, which were filled with jealousy and hatred to eat her.

It was this kind of look that caused her to go into a trance for a moment!

Her body was creeped out!

Even every pore had heavy hatred written in it!

These eyes, she had seen them before!

This kind of eyes, also seen before!

Abruptly, Song Zhi condensed his face and tensed his body, and soon the contempt under his eyes coalesced into a cold and ghostly mass of air that smashed straight at Su Xue Ning.

Su Xue Ning did not expect Song Zhi to suddenly go cold, her spine trembled for a second, then quickly calmed down: "Why do you need to do this? Being the Huo family's third youngest milk wife, you can't even meet half of the standards, sooner or later, you're going to be divorced! Instead of being in a mess and getting out, you might as well take the initiative to leave in style and still have a good reputation!"

Leave your sister's good reputation!

The corner of Song Zhe's lips curved up in a slight shallow arc.

In her previous life when she was caught in the small black room, when she was beaten into a semi-consciousness, she had seen this pair of eyes in her blurred vision, full of grudges, but those kind of eyes were simply more sinister than Song Yanran!

It turned ...... out to be so!

Su Xue Ning had known about her long ago, so in fact, she had been subjected to so much suffering and inhuman torture in prison at that time, all caused by Su Xue Ning!

"I will not leave how! What can you do to me!" Song Zu proudly swung her head arrogantly, she used her shoulder to ruthlessly ram back, "The one who should get out is you! The E-Star project will soon be over!

Su Xue Ning, don't provoke me again or I will take your life! I'm not moving you right now simply because my husband said that he's the one who does all the hitting and doesn't want me to dirty my hands!"

Su Xue Ning was staggered by the impact, originally she just wanted to teach a lesson to force Song Zhi to show her jealous and crazy face, but Song Zhi didn't get on board at all and even humiliated her!

She covered her pain-ridden shoulder, "Then we'll see in the mall!"

Tang City and Su were neck and neck, but the Song family was clearly inferior to the Su family nowadays!

She would let the Su family screw the Song family!


Song Zhe sneered before stepping on her high heels and leaving, disappearing at the end of the corridor.

"Serving someone with color, you won't have a good ending!

The woman beside Huo Mou Shen must be capable, Song Zhe I will definitely win you over!"

Su Xue Ning looked at her departing back, her taut and chilled spine loosened and warmed back up, just now, for a moment, she almost felt like she was going to be dragged to hell by Song Zhi!

She shook her head and raised her hand to press down on her throbbing brows.

On the other end, Song Zhi's calm heart wave was suddenly crashed by a stone, no longer calm, until back to the office, a few employees saw her face pale as paper, they could not help but come over and ask: "Director Song, is your body okay, is it going to be okay?"

Song Zhi was ice cold, raised her head, her eyes were so cold that they were scared to take a step back!

"Superintendent Song."

They levitated a handful of times.

Song rhetorically slowly extracted his thoughts from the inhuman abuse in his previous life, my voice that exited were cold and gloomy: "How are all the programs written!"

One of them directly slapped the table, full of complaints, "Director Song, AK also wants to put forward higher requirements on this basis, and just now AK's people came over and wanted to poach the developer of the core program."

Want to poach Mrs. Huo, delusional!

Song Zhu's eyes sank, "They won't be poached! You guys do a good job, the profit of the E-Star program is more than ten times higher than every company in the market, as long as you guys do a good job, I'll mention the salary to Mr. Huo."

With Mrs. Huo's golden mouth, the crowd can stay up and sit down even if it's tough.

Now that there are two people gone from the department, it seems that there is a shortage of manpower.

Someone proposes, "Director Song, Zhou Xiaotao had someone hand over her resignation letter today, should I approve it?"

If Song Ru nodded, it meant that the Personnel Department had to approve it.

"No approval, let the person come back to work." Song Ru said in a deep voice.

She knocked on the code, trying her best to calm her mind, tried a few times to end in failure, and finally she slapped the table hard, staring at the screen without slanting her eyes, and reddened her eyes.

Next to the atmosphere do not dare to come out, only a few people carefully try to ask: "Song director, Zhou Xiaotao this matter you do not feel too bad, she has applied for resignation."

"It's not because of this matter, all of you go back to work." Song Ru held his breath and walked away, to the door and paused, "Let Zhou Xiaotao come back to work, this is my order.The E-Star department can't afford to lose every elite, she is the only one who is familiar with the whole process of this part of the program.

All of you should not just look at the surface of people, her ability to work is above all of you!"

With that, he slammed the door and left!

Song Zhi walked to the balcony and pushed open the glass window to place herself in the cold wind.

Favoring the hot and irritating weather today, Song Zhi's breath was tight, and he remained silent for a moment before exhaling two long breaths.

Thud, thud, thud!

She covered her stomach, her nerves were torn to the extreme, every nerve in every direction of her body was dug deep, all the piercing emotions were hidden in the depths of her dark as ink pupils.

But the face is very calm, so calm that almost can not afford a ripple, pain and sorrow, are not glimpsed by all.

The woman's face is very calm, cold eyes looking out over the entire city of China, from behind the rolling out of the intense darkness.

Half a day.

"The original ......"

"Superintendent Song, someone from the Personnel Department is asking you to come over."

A tentative voice flowed in lightly from the doorway.

"Okay, I'll be right there."

Song Zhi walked into the restroom to slightly tidy up his appearance, looked into the mirror at the silent as ice-cold face without the slightest emotion, slowly narrowed his eyes, and walked out of the office after a few seconds.

The general manager of the personnel department couldn't help but be appalled when he saw Song Zhi's solemn face, but he just made a 'please' gesture and led the way in front of him.

He didn't dare to turn around, but he could feel a cloud of cold air behind him, chilling his neck.

With great difficulty, he managed to reach the door, and tremblingly retreated to open the door handle: "Superintendent Song, it's just inside."

Song Zhi nodded his head and stepped in, the moment his figure appeared in front of the crowd, it surprised everyone present!

Su Xue Ning stood up violently, "Why is it you!"

"Disappointed to see me?"

Song Zhe sneered.

She stared tightly at Su Xue Ning, silently biting her words, "Su Xue Ning, I won't let you go! All the pain you put on me in my previous life, I'll return it to you in one stroke!"

"It's just very unexpected. Mrs. Huo is able to design drawings as well as have people write programs to open people's eyes!" Su Xue Ning sneers, not believing at all that Song Zhi would be that much, just wanting to brush up on her presence here.

"Then Vice President Su's eyesight is really too small." Song Zhi's gaze stepped in with his feet and pushed right into her, "Not only can I do all of this, but I can also beat up bitches and specialize in tearing that mouth of bad people!"

AK: "......"

Su Xue Ning: "......"


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