Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 157

Mrs. Huo doesn't care who's present at all, and doesn't give half face to Vice President Su!

Both Huo Mushen and Lu Ziyan noticed that Song Zhi was different, with a different aura, vaguely exuding a frigid aura!

Song Zhi walked over to the empty seat next to Huo Mushen and sat down, staring coldly at Su Xue Ning.

Su Xue Ning doesn't dare to show weakness either.

"Since Mrs. Huo is the person in charge of the AK project, then Mrs. Huo knows that the purpose of our visit is to see if you're qualified enough to design the program for AK!" Su Xue Ning said.

"Vice President Su, I'm only working for M&R, not designing programs for AK, don't mix it up." Song Zhe disliked back nonchalantly.

Su Xue Ning's cheeks were hot, and it was as if she could hear the sound of 'snapping' in her ears.

She tried to calm down, "Mrs. Huo let's start, we at AK have designed a few procedures for you, you'll only be qualified to design for the project if you can design them all."

Song Zhi had known that it would be a test, she had briefly prepared for it.

About AK homework she had done, she had read and understood a large number of documents when she stole them for Lu Huaike, and the Lu family was using her name to secretly cooperate with AK at that time, all of which were also programs that Song Ru had done.

AK such an examination, Song Ru was attended once!

Su Xue Ning did not understand computers, and purposely favored the insider who brought it.

The man who is also a programmer tunes out the computer and calls up AK's most difficult program, his low cold mocking voice resounds in the office, "Mrs. Huo, this is AK's assessment of the partner, the content is very simple, it's just to destroy AK's firewall, as long as you can invade it successfully, it's considered a win for you."


Everyone present was shocked.

Who didn't know that AK was renowned abroad for its firewall toughness, when they, M&R, were fools?

Lu Ziyan was now looking at Su Xue Ning similar to looking at a little bitch!

In his heart, he slandered, ''Damn, how could he think Su Xue Ning would be kind enough to help them in the morning? This woman is a white lotus who doesn't have any profit!"

He was about to open his mouth when Song Zhi stopped him ...... "Okay, I'll respond."

"Mrs. Huo don't answer so dryly, if you can't pass the test, then ten percent of the profit will be returned to us!"

Su Xue Ning raised her eyebrows.

She and Song Zhi confront each other face to face, snaking out a silent battlefield between them.

In an instant, the atmosphere condensed.

Everyone was staring intently at Song Zhi, especially AK, who couldn't wait for Song Zhi to hurry up and answer!

Lu Ziyan silently begged in his heart, "Third Sister-in-law, you mustn't walk into the trap designed by Su Xue Ning, AK are a bunch of little bitches!"

"If I pass the test and you AK can give me another ten percent profit I'll bet with you!"

Song Zhe was not stupid or impulsive, she knew Su Xue Ning was stimulating her, so she might as well have another big bet!

AK's man was dumbfounded and blurted out, "Mrs. Huo, if you want another ten percent, then your M&R will be eighty percent, that's not fair to AK!"

Song Ru threw an eyeroll over, "Then I have to return ten percent of my shares if I don't pass this test, do you think that's fair!"

"This ......"

Seeing that the other party stammered and couldn't say anything, Song Zhi directly sat down and softly leaned back in his chair, "Since you yourself don't think it's fair, what's fair to talk to me about!"

"You ......"

"Mrs. Huo, fairness doesn't exist in the mall in the first place." Su Xue Ning looks at her with amusement.

"Right, there's nothing fair in the mall, so are you reminding me that if I win, I can take ninety percent of the shares!" Song Zhi said with a lion's mouth.

"Mrs. Huo if you keep this up, we won't be able to work together." Su Xue Ning bites her tongue, not believing that Song Zhu dares to destroy the E Star project, no matter from which level, Su Xue Ning's status is one level higher than Song Zhu.

Naturally, she thought that she was also a higher class than Song Zhi!

Song Zhe narrowed her eyes, knowing that Su Xue Ning was forcing her to bow down!

She held her head high and would definitely not bow down!


The piercing sound of a pen tip cut into their ears.

The crowd followed the sound and saw that the fountain pen that had originally been played with between the man's fingers had been inserted into the sandalwood table, deeply, and stood straight up in the eyes of the crowd, as if it had been inserted into their eyes!

"No cooperation, then."

A certain big brother said easily.

Huo Mu sank his eyes cold and hard lips hooked up a smile like a smile: "M & R non-AK a can cooperate."

Lu Ziyan followed suit, "AK is so difficult for us, that M&R can't afford to supply you with this big Buddha, you might as well cooperate with someone else!"

"Suddenly discontinuing the cooperation is to compensate double the money." Su Xue Ning reminded.

Destroy if you can't get it!

Su Xue Ning had always acted this way from before to now, and she didn't mind at all to bring M&R down, and then make M&R beg to marry her!

As for Song Ru, it was also destroyed ......

Huo Mou Shen abruptly looked up and raised his eyebrows a bit mockingly, "You're threatening me?"

In the conference hall.

Huo Mushen's long legs fearfully moved back a big step, the whole person even with the chair are measuring the size of the distance and all the people, as if the bystander outside the cold eyes watching everyone, and finally the eyes fell on the equally indifferent Song Ru.

For a moment, no one around them existed, and there was only room for Song Zhi.

Su Xue Ning smiles stoically and says, "How dare I threaten Mr. Huo? Mr. Huo, do you know how much this sum of money really is, sky-high compensation, for a Mrs. Huo, it's not worth it."

"Whether it's worth it or not, I'll say so!" Huo Muchen's words are addressed to Su Xue Ning, but his gaze is looking at Song Zhi recklessly.

Song Zhi was in fear, fuming, and indignant.

The object of her hatred was Su Xue Ning!

Although Huo Mou Shen didn't really know what was going on, there was one thing that he knew better than anyone else!

The person is his family's, and there's no reason to endure it when she's wronged!

Su Xue Ning made his wife unhappy, and there was no need for him to make them unhappy!

"Mr. Huo, this is not good for the development of M & R. M & R wants to develop the overseas market, nowadays cooperation with AK is the most rapid, and if you terminate the cooperation just for the sake of Song Ru, and you find another family to cooperate with, all may not be able to be more rapid as AK."

"What are you to lecture me!"

Huo Mu Shen's voice line is overpowering.

The temperature in the room plummeted, and mixed with the cold air emanating from Song Zhi's body, the two couples were practically freezing them to death!

Lu Ziyan could see that they were both husband and wife abusing scum ah!

Huo Moushen opens the cigarette case, twists out a cigarette with his fingertips, and lights up the tiger's lighter.

The greenish-white smoke then filled the conference hall ......

"Stay if you can cooperate, get out if you can't!" Huo Mou Shen's eyes were chilly, and his voice was stern: "M & R is not afraid of sky-high compensation, and there is plenty of time to spend with you ......"

The tone was impetuous, not putting anyone in his eyes!

Lu Zi Yan in his heart to the third brother is simply admired, looking at that group of expression stagnant partners, just want to laugh.

He concurred, "But AK, you guys need to know one thing."

"What is it?"


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