Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 158

Lu Ziyan was silent for two seconds, pursed his thin, philippic lips, and said disdainfully, "Huacheng is the Huo family's half of the country, and if you miss out on cooperating with M&R, you'll never again be able to almost cooperate with Huacheng!

M & R doesn't mind blocking AK in various ways, so that AK can never appear in Huacheng again in this lifetime."

Opponent: "......"

Su Xue Ning lowers her eyebrows, she closes her eyelashes tightly and then opens them again, her thoughts drooping like a defeated flower peacock as she turns them around in her mind, putting away all her proud tails.

"If Mrs. Huo fails the test and resigns from M&R, there will be no more appearances in the ranks of programmers!"

She said what she thought was a step back.


"I disagree!"

Two voices disliked each other at the same time!

Su Xue Ning was practically driven mad by the two!

What is Huo Mou Shen trying to do, for the sake of a Song Ru is he going to crush it to death?

What right did Song Zhi have to be complacent, a nothing contraption was spreading wildness in front of her!

"Then what do you want!"

She couldn't stand it anymore!

The ladylike image was also not wanted!

"It's just a test, why make it awkward for everyone." The senior of one of the AKs said, accusing both parties in his tone.

Lu Ziyan's gaze went cold, tugging at the corner of his evil sycophantic lips, "Who made it awkward, don't BB there and pretend to be a good person!"


They lifted another two slaps thrown into their faces!

Su Xue Ning couldn't bear it anymore, the bottom of her eyes were full of gloom and harshness, seemingly to spit out fire, her hands suddenly slapped onto the table board, 'bang' propped up on the drooping body, "Said enough or not!"

She had to endure, endure again, she couldn't let Song Zhi have his way!

"It's not enough, I've only said so many words, Vice President Su can't stand it anymore, then I really don't know how Vice President Su has read so many years of business management." Lu Zi Yan's sarcastic skill was also first class, not giving Su Xue Ning any face at all.

Su Xue Ning raised her head to Song Zhi and coldly pulled, "You're provoking me."

"It's you who are forcing me."

Song Zhi gave a cold laugh, "I'm just treating others the way they treat me.

Don't blame anyone if Vice President Su's mental capacity is too small."

"Mrs. Huo," she really underestimated Song Zhu, "You test it, if you don't pass the test, you'll replace someone else to do the project, is this request reasonable enough?"

Song Zhi lazily leans against the soft chair and looks diagonally at Huo Muxian, the cold rise from just now is collected in an instant, and there is only a calm and introspective look left that can't be seen, "Husband, what do you think?"

"It's good if your wife decides."

Huo Mou Shen coaxes Song Zhi, completely trusting all of Song Zhi's decisions.

"Good, then I shall."

Song Zhu didn't go on the trap designed by Su Xue Ning, but sat down and started testing.

AK's people reminded, "Mrs. Huo, no one has been able to crack AK's firewall so far, we'll give you two hours, after all, each other's time is precious, we can't waste too much of it."

This request was reasonable, Song Zhi smiled politely, a far cry from the woman who looked like a rakshasa possessed a moment ago, making the person who reminded her a bit flattered.

Song Ru sat in front of the computer and accepted the test.

Time officially started, Song Zhi opened the mission, she was incomparably familiar with the operation, making the programmer standing behind her face gradually turn pale.

Song Ru had completed this task before, and in her last life, she was the one who helped Lu Huaike steal files from AK, so nowadays it was just a matter of minutes for her to crack a firewall.

The program in the back smacks his lips, looks down at his wristwatch, and blurts out, "Mrs. Huo only used five minutes to break our first firewall!"

AK's people are all surprised as well.

Huo Mushen smoked a cigarette with one hand, his eyes gloomy.

His little speech ...... was a mystery.

His brows twisted into a 'Chuan' character, his black eyes coldly looking at her, but he didn't say anything.

Song Ru endured all the gazes measuring, scrutinizing, disbelief, jealousy, and hatred, but there was only one gaze that was the most intense and hot.

She put all her energy into cracking the firewall, although the hand operation is the last life skilled content, but full of brain drifting through is how she was in the last life to steal the file, and how in prison was dragged to the small dark room subjected to inhuman torture, and even in the ...... last moment, they did not allow her to see Huo Mou Shen the last side!

She just opened her eyes and watched Huo Mou Shen in front of her, only to be tricked away!

Everyone wanted her to leave Huo Mou Shen!

They were too cruel!

Song Zhi tapped on the code, her pupils scarlet, biting her lower lip.

Loneliness, bloodlust, loneliness, radiated from her in an instant ......

Huo Mou Shen stared at her, and his chest grew more and more irritated, his black eyes fierce.

What had she gone through to be so desperate?

AK people pay more attention to the speed of operation in the song word, at first they thought that the song word fluke, but later they saw the programmer's face mourning white, and the song word bloodless face expressionless staring at the screen, eyes screech all of them fluke.

Su Xue Ning's gaze was always fixed on Huo Mo Shen's face, but she never saw him glance back at her!

She frowned, her breath drawing up harshly, and turned to look at Song Zhi, her stern gaze itching for Song Zhi to be scorched with a million holes!


With the last character, the computer rang out with the 'firewall has been breached, danger danger danger!' The signal!

Song Zhi pushed the computer, the body learns Huo Muchen like a lazy backward leaning, gaze provocative seem to shoot over, straight through Su Xue Ning spine: "I've already cracked it."

Su Xue Ning gritted his teeth: "With how much time?"

"More than twenty ...... minutes."

It only took more than twenty minutes to make AK's firewall that had worked hard for a year fall apart, if such a person didn't pass the test, then wouldn't all their people be trash?

The corner of Song Zhe's lips tugged up, admiring her colorful face, "Can you pass the test?"

"Can, to."

Su Xue Ning subconsciously stared at Song Zhi's loathsome face, glanced twice at the boiling tea in her hand, subconsciously gripping the cup, her breathing slightly stagnant.

Lu Ziyan sensed the beginnings of things and gritted his gums, "Vice President Su, you've forgotten that you're standing on M&R's turf! If you move our people, you're afraid to walk out sideways, or you can choose to be chopped up and fed to the dogs!"

At these words, Su Xue Ning's finger bones whitened, and she managed to let go of the scalding hot teacup, her white palm was scalded red, but she couldn't feel any pain, so she could only feel her breath suffocating.

Afterwards, she looked at Huo Muchen and said, "Mr. Huo, Mrs. Huo has cleared the customs, the cooperation can continue, the subsequent requirements we AK will send over, why don't we have a meal at the top in the evening."

Song Zhi hears Su Xue Ning using official business to seduce her husband, lazily gets up from the soft chair and walks over to Huo Mushen, directly blocking him to death.

"Vice President Su, mixing business and private matters, is this the quality of your AK?"

"It's just dinner, Mrs. Huo you've already won, the wind is out of your sails, what more do you want?" Su Xue Ning's tone was a bit agitated when she said this.


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