Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 159

Song Zhe laughed, smiling as she turned her head to hug Huo Muxian, silently saying in her heart, "As a matter of fact, I still want to get you killed, what do you say?"

But on her mouth she didn't say that!

Su Xue Ning harmed her so badly, and now it's just a little tiny bit of stimulation, how can she let her off so easily!

She tilted her head and looked at the man with one hand holding a cigarette, one hand firmly circled her waist, is smiling but not smiling tilted her head to look at her, eyelashes of the eyebrows through a few points of evil, swept all over the smoke mixed with the man's hormone breath toward her attack, straight into the heart of the song rhetorical wildly jumping does not stop.

Song Zhi cleared her throat and opened her mouth sweetly, "Husband, aren't you going shopping with me tonight and have time to accompany Ms. Su for dinner?"

"No time."

Huo Mou Shen favorably hooks his lips and follows her words.

When he spoils his wife, there is no lower limit at all!

Lu Ziyan is like an assistant, he can see that Song Zhi is not dealing with Su Xue Ning, he also follows Su Xue Ning's face to step on a few more feet: "That's right, what kind of stuff wants to have dinner with our Huo President, really think they are more beautiful than the third sister-in-law?"

"Vice President Lu, I'm the representative of AK, you guys saying this isn't isn't too much, I can sue you for defamation!" Su Xue Ning felt like she had lost in front of Song Zhi, and intense jealousy surged under her eyes.

Lu Zi Yan lifted his thin lips and let out a contemptuous sneer, "This is the first time I've heard that there are still picking up curses! Did I mention Vice President Su's name? If Vice President Su is willing to listen to curses, I don't mind giving you a few more curses!"


The discerning can see that M&R Lu vice president is scolding Su Xue Ning!

Su Xue Ning's face was livid, her sanity was completely tensed by Lu Zi Yan's stimulation, and then she splashed her cup of tea directly onto Lu Zi Yan's body.

In an instant, the boiling hot tea with tea stains flowed down Lu Ziyan's burgundy 'slutty' colored shirt.

There was no need to think, no need to know that the man must have been scalded.

The burgundy-colored shirt reeked of tea stains.

Out of this breath, Su Xue Ning was much more comfortable, "Sorry for the slippery hands!"

She smiled, the corner of her eye gave a triumphant smile, "The tea scalded Vice President Lu, I'm so sorry, I'll let my assistant compensate you for the medical expenses and mental damages."

Lu Zi Yan tugged his lips obliquely and cursed lowly, "Damn, when I'm a good bully, or a punching bag!"

"Then thanks to Vice President Su ......."

"Vice President Su."

The cold accent of Song Ru's exit directly interrupts Lu Ziyan's 'aggrieved' words as he takes a step back.

"Why, does Mrs. Huo still have something to say?" Su Xue Ning is out of breath, her body and mind are much happier, even the ends of her eyes are inexplicably arched, "Mrs. Huo, but I apologized and compensated."

Song Zhe smiles back in anger and looks at her, "No, I just want to say to Vice President Su that in order to prove that my work ability met AK's requirements just now, I also gave Vice President Su a big gift just now!"

"What big gift?"

Su Xue Ning asked suspiciously.

Ring ring ring!

The cell phone at hand suddenly rang non-stop!

Su Xue Ning didn't have the heart to pick it up, she just stared at Song Zhi with her eyes tightly, and heard Song Zhi say with a shallow smile, "I hacked all of AK's firewalls, and now ...... AK has been paralyzed, right?"

"What did you say!"

Su Xue Ning's eyes jaw wide, reached out and pressed through the connect button, quickly put the phone to the side of the ear.

"Su Xue Ning, the AK has been completely paralyzed, the signal is coming from the Huacheng side, what the hell have you done!" The technical executives on the other side questioned in a cold voice, "If you can't deal with it before Mr. Mo comes back, you're at the end of your tether as Vice President Su, wait to be sacked!"

Su Xue Ning's fingers shivered, and the cell phone crashed to the ground along her palm.

The white call screen instantly shattered into cobwebs.

"Song Zhi, you dared to hack all of AK's firewalls!"

Song Ru's gaze was cold, and with a 'pit you against me' face, she let out an 'uh-huh' from her throat.

"How can you ......"

Hacking a company across the ocean and making AK completely paralyzed, Song Zhi was simply terrifying.

"What do you want?"

"Apologize, apologize to Vice President Lu of M&R!" Song Li firmly said.

Upon hearing this, Lu Ziyan looked up in shock, he thought Song Ru would ask for any more profits, in his heart, although there was a kind of excitement of being cared for, but more than that, it was a bit of a pity, if an apology was worth so much money, he was a bit too much to pay for the medical expenses of this burn.

Lu Zi Yan is full of heart and eyes are thinking about M & R.

"I've already lost money, why should I apologize?"

Su Xue Ning that tone seems to say: "I just spend money to buy a happy, you can put me how?"

What else can you do to you, of course it's to kill you!

"You must apologize."

"I refuse."

Su Xue Ning rebuffed word for word, especially when she saw Song Zhi's face showing no pain, she was purposely pained, her face restraining the pleasure of revenge.


Suddenly, a cold and contemptuous sound came from behind.

The man licked the back teeth groove, the hands of the cigarette stubs extinguished, and then thrown into the trash can, legs folded, reserved lazy recline in the chair, the ghost hummed: "Splash back."

Splash ...... splash back?

Simply arrogant to the extreme words!

Huo Mou Shen thin lips hooked up, lightly patted Song Zhi because of the angry shrugged shoulders, do not mind repeating once again: "Zi Yan, splash back!"

Almost words of command, Lu Zi Yan turns back to Huo Mou Shen's taut and gloomy face, his brows furrowed, a pair of eyes darkening instead, one hand clenching the body of the cup tightly.

"I don't want to say the same sentence three times."

From childhood to adulthood, it's all about what Huo Muchen says, and Lu Ziyan never defies it, all unconditionally.

"Third brother ......."

Lu Ziyan suddenly opened his mouth, his voice sounding like it had been polished in his throat a few times, somewhat mute and straight, barely undulating.

It was also a few breaths of effort, Lu Ziyan picked up the teacup in his hand, got up and walked slowly towards Su Xue Ning.

Su Xue Ning's face went white with fear, backed up a few steps, and her hind legs knocked down the stool hard.

"Vice President Lu is so graceless and still wants to make a move on a woman?"

"Third brother ordered this, is Vice President Su not saying that third brother has no manners?" Lu Ziyan asked rhetorically, but he didn't expect Huo Mushan to add a stab in the back, "I don't have much poise."

Su Xue Ning was unable to retreat, so she raised her head and stared in Song Zhi's direction.

Huo Mushen was clearly trying to please Song Zhe!

"Shen, do you have to do this to me?"

As the words fell, the hall was permeated with a shadowy and treacherous atmosphere.

Su Xue Ning turned out to know Mr. Huo, and the two of them even called him so intimately, what exactly is their relationship?

That Mrs. Huo is ...... the one they can no longer imagine going on, they can only coldly watch from the wall.

"What are you calling! My third brother do not recognize you are that onion, and you do not call my third brother name, hard to hear and pulled the voice of the duck as hard to hear!" Lu Ziyan directly poured the hot tea from his teacup towards Su Xue Ning.

With only a few seconds of effort, Su Xue Ning quickly pulled up the body of a nearby senior to block in front of her.

The boiling tea only scalded her arm, which quickly became red and swollen.

That face was considered to be saved!


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