Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 160

However, she was pulled to block the top level in front of her body was scalded to the point that she screamed out with an 'ow'.

He was too busy to tear away his collar from Su Xue Ning's hands, and his eyes hid a few moments of indignation glaring at Su Xue Ning.

Su Xue Ning's face was completely devoid of any sense of guilt, but before she could take a breath of relief, she heard a stern and cold voice coming from behind Lu Zi Yan.

"Splash again!"

And then ...... splash again?

Huo Mou Shen's eyes were chilly, and he was determined to return it!

"Vice President Lu bullying a woman, aren't you afraid to tell outsiders and ruin your reputation!" Su Xue Ning can feel the fiery pain on her arm, but she can only hold back.

"Has Lao Zi ever had a reputation that thing? Besides, have I ever been afraid of what others say?" Lu Zi Yan gangster from the birth, close to take a cup of tea, this time accurately splashed to Su Xue Ning just splashed his place.

The way of his people, but also to cure his own body!

Lu Ziyan sighed in his heart: "Fuck, too damn cool!

The original taste of hitting your face, it's so fucking painful!"

Su Xue Ning's shoulder blades were splashed by the tea stains, her wavy black hair curled around the tea stains, it was as messy as it could be!

"And don't talk to me about not hitting women that way, piss me off, I don't care if you're a man or a woman, I'll beat you up!" Lu Zi Yan's gums ground out an excited pleasure, a kind of pain from the inside out!

The unpleasantness from earlier was all swept away!

Third Brother and Third Sister-in-law were practically made for each other!

Su Xue Ning gritted her teeth and coldly asked, "Now count it as even."

AK's people also think it's enough, but they also think Su Xue Ning deserves it, nothing to actively provoke the horror duo, provoking Mrs. Huo, seducing Mr. Huo, and provoking the 'inhumane' Vice President Lu, if they don't beat her up, who will they beat up?

AK's people have a completely unconcerned attitude, only praying that the flames of war won't reach them.


Following ...... continue?

Su Xue Ning's face was bereft.

Huo Mou Shen didn't let Lu Ziyan continue, but instead glanced his ghostly cold gaze at a group of AK executives.

The AK people were each stared at in such a way that they couldn't wait to bury their heads in the ground.

"Mr. Huo, what do you mean by this?"

Su Xue Ning was on the verge of collapsing, really on the verge of collapsing.

"I said ...... continue." Huo Mou Shen didn't pay attention to Su Xue Ning's words, but looked at one of them, his fingertips pointing at the man who had just been used as a wall of meat, and his impetuous and grim words hovered and resounded in the conference hall, "You come."

"I ...... come?" He did not dare ah!

Huo Mou Shen looked into his eyes, pressing close.

That man was originally angry in his heart, but in the way of Su Xue Ning being the vice president, he completely dared to be angry.

Now Huo Mou Shen let him take revenge back, his heart is still very relieved, so a little bit of nonsense did not say more, directly towards Su Xue Ning's face ruthlessly splashed the past, but could not help the fear in his heart is approaching, so just splashed part, but coincidentally all splashed Su Xue Ning like flowers like jade on the small face.

In a flash, the makeup on Su Xue Ning's face was completely spent!

"Ah! How dare you!"

Things only happened for a few seconds before Su Xue Ning covered her face and grabbed the door.

That person froze for a second, then winced back to his senses, his lips trembling as he said, "Mr. Huo, it's already splashed."

Huo Mou Shen lazily drew back a grimly amused smile, not heavy or light voice ringing in his ears, "En ...... Xiao Ru, Zi Yan go."

He gets up, his long legs cross in, and without looking back he walks away with Song Zhi interlocking his fingers.

The man was startled before he returned to his senses and rang out what he had just done, fiercely chasing after him, "Mr. Huo, you ......"

"Stop! What does this have to do with our M&R?" Lu Zi Yan has always been responsible for breaking the back, nonchalant dislike: "Just now I splashed Su Xue Ning but is to return, medical expenses will not have to compensate you, but you splash your own leadership, off M & R ass!"

"Not you guys ......"

"Who heard?"


The crowd was dumbfounded.

Although they still thought in their hearts that Huo Mou Shen didn't have any skills and was relying on women, they were still intimidated by the aura on Huo Mou Shen.

Lu Ziyan slowly pulls his wallet out of his pocket, opens it up and pulls out a hundred-dollar bill, and flings it in his face.

"Go out and walk yourself to medicine, hang up a number to buy a burn cream to go back and wipe on the line." Lu Zi Yan hush: "Although this matter and M & R has nothing to do, but after all, it is happening in the M & R turf, M & R also want to do the landlord's honor, the rest of the money as a spiritual loss to you, do not have to look for it."

Hear, hear this!

AK only felt that the face they hadn't lost in their lives had been lost all at once at M&R.

Lu Zi Yan stood there, coldly smiled his voice, and pushed the door to leave.

When he goes out, Huo Mou Shen hits Song Zhi still waiting for him at the door, somewhat overjoyed, and lifts his feet to follow him, leaving behind a crowd of AKs who are all messed up in the wind.

There's Chu Huaibei in charge of handling the reception, so there's no need for them to worry!

"Third brother."

"Follow me into the office."

Huo Mushen said coldly, his tone chilly.

Lu Ziyan sensed that he was angry, and there were two sides to this anger, one of which actually came from him.

Although his height of a meter eight or so was on par with Huo Moushen, his aura was shorter by more than a number of heads!

Huo Mushan turns around and takes Song Zhi and Lu Ziyan back to his office.

Song Zhi's pent-up anger that was blocking her chest just now has dissipated, and she's also a bit scared, and when she's about to step through the 'door of death', she pauses for a step and tugs at the corner of her lips, "Husband, I still have things to do, can I not go in, I'll go straight back to my office to work!"

"I'll deal with your problem later, stay honest!"

Huo Mou Shen suddenly clutches her wrist and pulls the person and pushes her directly onto the sofa.

Lu Ziyan shivered.

"Close the door."

Huo Mushen said.

Lu Ziyan then honestly closed the door.

Before he could remember to turn back, his knee was kicked hard and he fell straight down.

Lu Ziyan clenched his teeth and half-kneeled on the ground, facing Huo Muk Shen's anger, he just furrowed his brows and didn't cry out in pain.

"Third brother hasn't punched me in a long time."

"Do you remember what I punched you?" Huo Muchen stood in front of him, his brows wrinkled up and the bottom of his eyes grew colder and colder.

Lu Ziyan smiles bitterly, tilts his head straight to meet his biting gaze, and says expressionlessly, "I remember, the last time Third Brother really meaning to beat me up was the day I sneaked up on you and stole your money for dinner, and you beat me half to death."

"Good memory."

"Of course I remember, Third Brother didn't dislike me instead he begged Aunt Jing to adopt me, letting me, a little asshole who was a muckraker in a cabaret hall, learn from you and receive the same education and training."

"So you became a big asshole?"

Although there was a bit of humor in the words, there was no semblance of humor to be heard.

Lu Zi Yan tilted his head, his shoulders aching with pain, and his eyes were horribly red, "Yes! Third Brother, whatever you say is what you say."

"So you fucking let people bully you in front of me!"


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