Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 111

The second day.

  Wen Ruyun accompanied Ning Tianlang to the Golden Water Restaurant together.

  She knew that Wei Yingzhou was a vindictive villain, and no matter what, she didn't trust Ning Tianlang to go to the banquet alone.

  Ning Tianlang couldn't argue with his big sister, so he could only bring her along.

  At this time, in the vip Plum Blossom Pavilion box, it was already filled with a dozen or so expensively dressed men and women.

  Next to Wei Yingzhou, there was a woman dressed in sexy clothes, which was none other than Yuan Bingrui.

  After yesterday's second-rate family gathering, the two of them had stayed directly in the guest room of the Xin Rao Hotel.

  The Wen family knew it all too well, but they all dared to be angry.

  It wasn't easy enough to fall for Young Master Wei, how could they dare to expect the other party to be devoted to Wen Zixuan?

  After a night of flirting, their relationship had already made substantial progress.

  It was estimated that they even knew exactly how many nevus the other party had on his body!

  Wei Yingzhou put his hand on Yuan Bingrui's slender thigh and spoke loudly to the crowd:

  "Everyone here must have received the news that before tomorrow's bidding conference, the Kunlun Group's Personnel Department will notify us whether or not we will finally be selected.

  All of you are elites in various industries, I believe that we will be successful in the job! When we work together in the future, I still hope that we can help each other out!"

  "That's for sure!" A man with glasses nodded his head and said, "But Young Mr. Wei, what exactly is it that you've gathered us together for today?"

  Wei Yingzhou's eyes flashed with a touch of sinister venom:

  "There's a little son of a bitch who doesn't know the depths of the world, who arrogantly claimed that he took out five invitations from the Kunlun Group! I've invited everyone here today to clean up this kid who dares to discredit the Kunlun Group!"

  The moment these words came out, the crowd all showed annoyance.

  Although they hadn't joined the company yet, they all already considered themselves as part of the Kunlun Group.

  At this moment, when they heard that someone dared to wave the name of the Kunlun Group, they couldn't help but feel angry!

  One of the burly men spoke out, "What kind of person is it that dares to be so bold?!"

  "His name is Ning Tian Lang, an orphan who specializes in relying on women!"

  As soon as Wei Yingzhou's words left his mouth, the burly man's face instantly turned iron blue as he angrily shouted, "Crap! Surprisingly, it's that brat!"

  This man was Ning Tianlang's third sister Ling Xuanzhi's martial arts school classmate, Gao Guangyao. At the last class reunion, he had first had his face swollen by Ning Tianlang at the shopping mall, and then later on, he had been whipped with a belt by the crowd.

  At that time, he didn't dare to resist in fear of Butcher Sheep, but in his heart, he couldn't wait to tear Ning Tianlang into pieces!

  "It's so damn narrow!" Gao Guangyao gritted his teeth and said.

  "His big sister Wen Ruyun dismissed me from Rhyme Court Department Store, and he had someone beat me to a pulp! I must avenge that day's humiliation today!"

  At this time, a person next to him suddenly spoke out sorrowfully, "Manager Gao, my experience is very similar to yours! Only I resigned from Rhyme Court Department Store on my own initiative!"

  The person who spoke was Zhao Binghua, who had previously worked at Rhyme Court Department Store.

  Zhao Binghua's gaze was grim as he said, "I've seen that kid too, he killed my good brother Gu Quan in front of me!"

  "Gu Quan? The legal department manager of Rhyme Court Department Store? He's dead?"

  Gao Guangyao's mouth opened wide in surprise.

  At that time, when Wen Zixu brought people to usurp the power of Rhyme Ting Department Store, he had already been sacked, so he hadn't heard of this incident.

  "Then why did you resign, Manager Zhao? How nice to stay at Rhyme Court Department Store to avenge Manager Gu!"

  "Damn, mentioning this matter makes me angry!" Zhao Binghua pounded the desktop heavily.

  "That Wen Ruyun got hundreds of luxury cars to reward her employees, even the security guards got a Volkswagen cc, but I didn't even get a single hair!"

  He gritted his back teeth and continued:

  "She held a grudge and gave me small shoes because of my previous defection! I saw that there was no future in Rhyme Court Department Store! So I simply took the initiative to resign and came to Kunlun Group to fight for my future!"

  Listening to their words of resentment, Wei Yingzhou was very pleased: "It's a good thing that both of you left that shitty department store, so you have the opportunity to join the Kunlun Group!"

  The rest of the crowd chimed in:

  "That's right, it's a blessing in disguise, you two are going to be lucky!"

  "There are so many colleagues here today, so let's avenge the two managers together! Let's humiliate that Ning!"

  Gao Guangyao and Zhao Binghua both had shaded eyes and said viciously, "Good! When that brat arrives, I'll have to make him beg for his life and beg for his death!"

  "Hahahahaha ......" Wei Yingzhou laughed freely, "I can't wait to trample him under my feet and ravage him!"

  Just then, the box door was slowly pushed open ......



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