Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 112

"Whew! Isn't this the Gu family's golden son-in-law?!"

  Wei Yingzhou faced the door of the box and was the first to see Ning Tianlang who walked in.

  He was leaning on the back of his chair, with Yuan Bingrui in his arms, crossing his legs with a cocky look on his face.

  Upon hearing this, everyone looked sideways.

  They only saw Ning Tianlang standing in the doorway with an upright posture, with an imposing and dignified air!

  Those who hadn't seen him before couldn't help but have their pupils condense, and said in their hearts: look at this aura, it doesn't look like a penniless orphan ah......

  Even Gao Guangyao couldn't help but look tight, as if recalling that night's painful experience!

  But immediately afterward, he saw Wen Ru Yun behind Ning Tian Lang.

  The simultaneous appearance of two enemies made his eyes instantly fill with blood!

  Ning Tian Lang swept a circle of the people present and smiled faintly, "Quite a few people have come."

  Saying this, he directly brought Wen Ruyun to his seat.

  It was as if he was really here for a banquet and dinner!

  Wei Yingzhou's cold eyes narrowed slightly as he said in a deep voice, "Surname Ning, you even brought Wen Ruyun with you! Do you think I wouldn't dare to touch you with her present?"

  Yuan Bingrui beside him covered her mouth and laughed:

  "Hehe, really a piece of trash who specializes in relying on women to eat soft food! I think if he didn't have a woman as his backer, he wouldn't even dare to leave his house!"

  The crowd burst into laughter at these words!

  Wen Ruyun's pretty face sank slightly as she said in a cold voice:

  "Yuan Bingrui, you clearly know that Wei Yingzhou is already engaged to Wen Zixuan, and you're still so close to him? Don't you have any shame?"

  Yuan Bingrui's face changed, then she looked at Wei Yingzhou pitifully, watering as she delicately said, "Young Mr. Wei, she bullies people ......"

  "I say Wen Ruyun, aren't you minding too much?" Wei Yingzhou looked askance at Wen Ruyun, "Even Wen Zixuan can't fucking control me, who are you to talk too much?"

  "Wei Yingzhou I haven't asked you yet!"

  Wen Ru Yun pointed at the camera standing next to her and asked in a cold voice, "Wei Ying Zhou, what do you mean by this?"

  "Hahahahaha, can't you see this? I'm going to make this Ning kid personally admit that he's simply a piece of shit! Then record it as a video and send it to everyone!

  I'll make sure he can't hold his head up for the rest of his life! He'll have to cower in a dark corner and become a bottom-feeding piece of trash that everyone spits on! I want everyone to know that in front of me, he's nothing but a lowly dog! He can never make any waves!"

  Listening to Wei Yingzhou's rampant words, Wen Ruyun's face became ugly to the extreme.

  She knew that Wei Yingzhou had been robbed of the limelight at yesterday's second-rate family gathering, so he held a grudge against Ning Tianlang!

  He was planning to completely ruin all of Ning Tianlang's life!

  "Wei Yingzhou you ......"

  She was just about to say something else when she was interrupted by Zhao Binghua's sorrowful voice, "Wen Ruyun, do you still recognize me?"

  "Manager Zhao?"

  "Heh heh heh ...... I'm no longer the manager of your Rhyme Court Department Store!" Zhao Binghua sneered a few times, "I'll be joining the Kunlun Group soon!"

  He stuck out his tongue and licked his lips, his voice chilling, "Wen Ruyun, when you didn't give me face, today I'll let you know know what it means to repent!"

  Next to him, Gao Guangyao also gritted his teeth and said, "And me! Wen Ruyun, you took personal revenge and dismissed me for this little bastard! I will definitely make you regret it for the rest of your life!"

  Speaking of this, Gao Guangyao suddenly showed sarcasm, "However, if you hadn't dismissed me, I really wouldn't have dared to submit my resume to Kunlun Group! Speaking of which, I still have to thank you two!"

  "That's right!" Zhao Binghua also mocked, "When I was at Rhyme Ting Department Store, I only earned 10,000 a month from working hard every day! But now, I haven't even joined the company yet, and the Kunlun Group has already offered me a monthly salary of 120,000 dollars!"

  Upon hearing this, a person beside him looked at Wen Ruyun with contempt and said sarcastically:

  "Crap, this little bitch is too stingy, right? A managerial level monthly salary of only ten thousand dollars?"

  The others immediately followed in agreement:

  "Oh, a small ragged company, I heard that a while ago almost closed down!"

  "It's true that things come together in groups, stupid orphans and poor bitches, really a match made in heaven!"

  As soon as the words fell, a burst of rampant laughter erupted in this box!

  A hint of coldness flashed under Ning Tianlang's eyes as he faintly said, "Are you guys so sure that you'll be able to join the Kunlun Group tomorrow?"

  One sentence directly brought the laughter of the crowd to an abrupt halt!

  Wei Yingzhou a big mouth, contemptuously said, "What's the matter, you don't want to say, you can make us unable to get inducted, right?"



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