Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 113

As soon as Wei Yingzhou's words fell, everyone revealed a look of mockery.

  A mere orphan could interfere with Kunlun Group's recruitment?

  It was simply a slip of the tongue!

  "Heh heh heh ......," Gao Guangyao sneered disdainfully.

  "Young Wei, you are really looking down on him! There are no women at the top of the Kunlun Group! He definitely can't extend his hand that far!"

  The implication was that Ning Tianlang could only rely on women to play the game!

  "Yes, without women, he's useless!" Wei Yingzhou laughed wildly.

  "Hahaha, come on, let's not waste time with this soft rice man! Let's tie him up and record the video!"

  With a command, the crowd led by Gao Guangyao immediately began to rub their fists!

  "You guys dare to make a move!" Wen Ruyun's pretty face was icy cold, "You guys dare to try touching him! I definitely won't be able to spare you guys!"

  "Hehe, how do you want to spare us?" Wei Yingzhou scoffed, "You're so fucking vulnerable, how dare you clamor with us?!"

  Wen Ruyun's eyebrows knitted slightly, "Can't protect yourself? What do you mean?"

  Wei Yingzhou waved his hand arrogantly:

  "These people here will all be the backbone of the Kunlun Group in the future! You don't know the strength of the Kunlun Group, do you? Wanting to kill a small department store of yours is just like playing!"

  "You ......"

  Wen Ruyun's face suddenly changed!

  She knew that Wei Yingzhou was right.

  If Kunlun Group wanted to deal with Rhyming Court Department Store, it would be no trouble at all!

  Gao Guangyao clasped his two arms with a cocky face:

  "Wen Ruyun I'm telling you, as long as I become the middle management of the Kunlun Group, I'll make sure you feel the painful taste of having your career destroyed!"

  Looking at Wen Ruyun's pretty face that had turned a little pale, Ning Tianlang gently held her hand and said softly:

  "Big sister, you don't have to worry. With me here, no one will be able to do anything unfavorable to Yun Ting's department store!"

  Hearing his words, the surrounding crowd immediately let out a snort of laughter.

  "It's this time of the year, and you still don't forget to act like a bully?" Wei Yingzhou craned his neck and lifted his chin.

  "You're just a fucking orphan, who gave you the courage to be so confident?

  Surname Ning, I'm warning you, if you don't want to see Wen Ruyun's company go down the drain because of you, you'd better fucking behave yourself!"

  Ning Tian Lang's eyes were cold, "If I do what you say, you won't touch my big sister's company?"

  "That's for sure!" A hint of triumph flashed across Wei Yingzhou's face.

  "All you have to do is explain to the camera that the Gu family's invitation has nothing to do with you, and I'll be merciful and let you two off the hook!"

  "Good." Ning Tianlang slowly stood up, "I promise you." He didn't want to start a fight in front of his big sister, so he planned to let these people be arrogant for a while longer first.

  When he went to the Kunlun Group tomorrow, he would clean them up all together!

  "Tian Lang ......," Wen Ru Yun's eyes reddened.

  "You don't have to commit yourself for me, big sister isn't afraid of their threats! The big deal is that I don't want the Rhyming Court Department Store! I don't want to see you being bullied by them either!"

  "Big sister, this isn't commiserating." Ning Tianlang smiled faintly.

  "You know, people always jump higher and fall harder. Letting them jump around freely now, it's only when they fall at my feet that they'll fall with broken bones!"

  "But ......"

  Wen Ruyun wanted to say something else, but Ning Tianlang gently patted her arm, "Big sister, trust me."

  "Surname Ning, what are you dawdling about!" Wei Yingzhou shouted, "Hurry the fuck up and confess everything to the camera!"

  Ning Tianlang came in front of the camera and said with a bland expression, "I admit that the Gu family's invitation has nothing to do with me."

  After saying that, he turned his head to look at Wei Yingzhou, "Alright?"

  Given his status, the adoration or contempt of those second-rate families couldn't have any effect on him.

  Moreover, he had originally given the Gu family an invitation just to do Gu Ningyu a favor.

  It was enough as long as the Gu family knew the truth.

  As for what the other families thought, it wasn't even within his consideration.

  Even more than Wei Yingzhou, he wanted those people to see the video.

  After all, he didn't want unrelated people to know that he was related to the Kunlun Group.

  Hearing Ning Tianlang personally admit that those invitations weren't given to the Gu family by him, Wei Yingzhou laughed with a hideous smile.

  "Damn! Dare to steal my thunder! This is what you'll get!"

  He drained his cup in one gulp and said freely, "Come on, go on! Say that you're a punk orphan who only knows how to eat soft food!"

  A hint of grimness crossed Ning Tianlang's eyes, "Wei Yingzhou, I advise you to take it as it comes!"

  "Hehe, don't say it, right?"

  Wei Yingzhou violently picked up a bowl of soup on the table and splashed it directly towards Wen Ruyun!


  A bowl of expensive seafood soup splashed all over Wen Ruyun's white shirt!

  Luckily, the food was served early, and the soup was no longer so hot.

  Otherwise, the skin on Wen Ru Yun's chest would have been extensively burned!

  Almost at the same time, Zhao Binghua immediately rushed over with an obscene expression and ripped off Wen Ruyun's shirt!

  "This shirt is dirty, take it off and brother will wash it for you!"

  There was a "hiss"!

  The buttons on Wen Ruyun's chest all fell off!



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